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  • 2. OverviewPrinters are peripherals which connect tocomputers and are used for printing text andimages onto paper.The two most common and popular types ofprinters are inkjet and laser.Printers can come with scanning, photocopying,and fax functions.
  • 3. HistoryIn China and Korea, printing can be dated back to3000 BC.However, printing was popularized in the westernworld in the 16th century by Johannes Glutenberg.He invented the Glutenberg Press, which was ainnovative machine that revolutionized printing.Historical Printing Methods: linotype, teletypesetter,phototypesetting, and silk screening.
  • 4. What are the Four Main Types ofPrinters and how do They Work?
  • 5. Inkjet PrintersA type of printer thatreleases droplets of ink ontopaper to produce text andimages.Most common type ofprinter, can be found inplaces such as your home oreven large office buildings.Price Range: 50$ - 1000$.
  • 6. Laser PrintersA type of printer that uses alaser beam to transferimages onto paper.High end laser printers canprint up to 100 pages perminute.Instead of cartridges, laserprinters use toners.Price Range: $200 - $2000.
  • 7. Dot-Matrix PrintersA type of printer thatproduces text and images onpaper using a matrix of pinsthat strike an inked ribbon.Not very popular comparedthe previous types of printers,no longer available in themarket.Price Range: unavailable.
  • 8. Thermal PrintersA type of printer thatproduces a printed imageby applying heat tothermochromic paper.Commonly used in storesto print out receipts.Price Range: 200$ - $1000
  • 9. Laser Printer Components
  • 10. Connections to PCPrinters can connect to PC’s in many waysincluding: PRINTER CABLE ETHERNET CABLEWIRELESS CONNECTIVITY
  • 11. InformationProcessingPrinters receive information from computers, andthen process it on to paper.Information such as texts or images can betransferred to printers and then printed.For the printer to understand the information, itmust process it into its own language.Information is transferred through printer cables,ethernet cables, or wireless internet.
  • 12. Printer SpecificationsThings to consider when buying a Printer:Resolution: What is the maximum of dots a printercan display on a paper?Print Speeds: How many pages per minute can aprinter produce?Connectivity: How can the printer connect to yourPC? (wireless internet, etc..)Paper Handling: What types of paper does yourprinter handle? (thermochromic, photo, etc...)
  • 13. Future TrendsSpeed is a trend of the future for printers,companies are working on a printer that can print2 pages per second.It is also speculated that ink less printers arebeing developed.Toshiba is working on a printer that allows you toprint, erase, and re-print on a single sheet ofpaper.
  • 14. Leading Printer ManufacturersHewlett-PackardEpsonCanonLexmarkXeroxSamsung
  • 15. Bibligraphyhttp://inventors.about.com/od/pstartinventions/a/printing.htmhttp://www.historyworld.net/wrldhis/PlainTextHistories.asp?historyid=ab78http://www.cleverace.com/Printer_types.htmhttp://reviews.cnet.com/4520-7604_7-1016838-3.html