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GIS and Open Source
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GIS and Open Source


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Presentation given on 19th Jan. 2011 during Geospatial World Forum held from Jan. 18-21 in Hyderabad, India.

Presentation given on 19th Jan. 2011 during Geospatial World Forum held from Jan. 18-21 in Hyderabad, India.

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  • 1. GIS AND OPEN SOURCE H.S.Rai19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 2. Usagemanaging various:• natural resources• man-made resourcesGIS is every where, used by all19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 3. Geo-spatial Data• Government agencies• Companies• Community generated19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 4. Most maps you think of as free actuallyhave legal or technical restrictions ontheir use, holding back people from usingthem in creative, productive, orunexpected ways.19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 5. OpenStreetMap19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 6. OpenStreetMap creates and providesfree geographic data such as street mapsto anyone who wants them.19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 7. 1: Damaged building: Haiti EQ19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 8. 2: OSM map on GPS19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 9. Thanks"Many thanks Freddy. Very timely mapsof Haiti that sent me to the Garmin. I wentdown and installed the GPS in our searchand rescue teams. OSM undoubtedly bea great help to our response teams,especially those going to move to ruralareas." Colombian search and rescueoperators19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 10. been given coordinates that aremiles off the actual location, a real issuewhen street signs are missing, landmarksare destroyed and the city has a duskcurfew."This is where OpenStreetMap is agodsend" in How to Deploy Long-Distance WiFi in Haiti (2010-02-10) by19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 11. Inveneo, a NGO whose mission isconnecting those who need it most, onhow they were able to bring high-speedInternet access - critical communicationcapacity - to eleven relief agencylocations with minimal equipment andinstallation time.19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 12. Best of OSM Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 13. 3: Chennai19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 14. 4: Cubbon19 Jan 11 GWF-2011 Park - Bangalore
  • 15. 5: Coimbatore Golfcourse19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 16. 6: Golfcourse: Indian rendering19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 17. Software• OSGeo: 2005 The Mapserver Foundation, Feb 2006 The Open Source Geospatial Foundation• OS Geo India: Jan 200719 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 18. OSGeos Software Graduated1. GDAL/OGR2. GRASS GIS3. Mapbender19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 19. 4. MapGuide5. GeoTools6. MapServer7. OSSIM8. deegree9. geomajas10.OpenLayers19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 20. 11. Quantum GIS12.FDO19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 21. In Incubator13.GeoServer14.MapFish15.gvSIG19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 22. 16.GEOS17.MetaCRS18.PostGIS19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 23. Others19.TangoGPS20.SagaGIS21.Viking22.GPS Drive23.QlandkarteGT19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 24. 24.GPSCorrelate25.Navit26.GPSPrune27.GPXViewer28.GeoTranz29.GpsMid19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 25. TangoGPS• Mapping application for use with or without GPS• Works on an Linux powered device• Map data from the Openstreetmap, other repositories can be added• www.tangogps.org19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 26. 7: TangoGPS on mobile phone19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 27. 8: TangoGPS on Laptop19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 28. • The maps are automatically downloaded and cached for offline use while you drag or zoom the map.• If connected to a GPS your current position and track are shown on the map and you can log positional data for further processing.• Support for Zephyr HxM heart rate monitors19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 29. • Logging of your heart rate, fully synchronised with the GPS track• Geocoded images can be shown with the correct position on the map and you can mark your favourite locations and any points of interest on the map.• Find friends, you can exchange your position with them.19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 30. SAGA• System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses• GIS software• Designed for an easy and effective implementation of spatial algorithms19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 31. • Offers a comprehensive, growing set of geoscientific methods• Provides an easily approachable user interface with many visualisation options• Runs under Windows and Linux operating systems19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 32. 9: SAGA in19 Jan 11 GWF-2011 action on Linux
  • 33. 10: 11 GWF-201119 Jan GUI of SAGA
  • 34. • Simulation • Cellular Automata • Modelling the Human Impact on Nature • Fire Spreading Analysis • Hydrology19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 35. • Terrain Analysis • Channels • Compound Analyses • Hydrology • Lighting, Visibility • Morphometry • Profiles19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 36. Automation of complex work flows andthe routine processing of mass datathrough scripting.19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 37. NavitCar navigation system with routingengine.Its modular design is capable of usingvector maps of various formats for routingand rendering of the displayed map. Itseven possible to use multiple maps at atime.19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 38. 12: Navit11: 11 GWF-201119 Jan Navit: Bird View
  • 39. • User interface is designed to work well with touch screen displays. Points of Interest of various formats are displayed on the map.• The current vehicle position is either read from gpsd or directly from NMEA GPS sensors.• The routing engine not only calculates an optimal route to your destination,19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 40. but also generates directions and even speaks to you using speechd.• Supports 24 languages• Designed to be applied in everyday situations and by people that are not developers or technical people.• Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 41. gvSIGDesktop application GIS designed tosolve complex management and planningproblems.Known for having a user-friendly interfaceFeatures a wide range of tools (querytools, layout creation, geoprocessing,networks, etc.),19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 42. 13: 11 GWF-201119 Jan gvSIG in action
  • 43. 14: 11 GWF-201119 Jan gvSIG - Editing
  • 44. 15: gvSIG on mobile19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 45. Government funded project.In the year 2003, the Regional Council forInfrastructures and Transportation (CIT)of Spain, called for tender.Partnership of private company,Government and University (Jaume I ofCastellón).19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 46. Ideal tool for users working in the landrealm. gvSIG is known for:• integrating in the same view both local and remote data through OGC standards.• being available in several languages (Spanish, German, French, Italian,...) .• being platform independent19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 47. Features• Fully rich GIS desktop client• Interface translated into more than 10 languages• Modular: developed using independent modules adding scalability value.19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 48. • Standard compliant: Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)• Interoperable: able to work with most of the known data formats: • raster : ecw, ENVI hdr, ERDAS img, (Geo)TIFF, GRASS, ... • vector & CAD: shapefile, GML, KML, DGN, DXF, DWG19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 49. • databases: PostGIS, MySQL, Oracle, ArcSDE • remote: ECWP (Enhanced Compression Wavelet Protocol), ArcIMS• Its (Spatial Data Infrastructure) SDI client condition permits the connection, through the use of standard ADL, • WMS, WFS (and WFS-T)19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 50. • WCS, WMC• Discovery services client is also provided within gvSIG which can be use to localise data resources within an SDI (catalogue and gazeteer services) • Catalogs: Z3950, SRW, CSW (ISO/19115 and ebRIM) • Gazetteers: ADL, WFS, WFS-G19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 51. • Geoprocessing tools: • proximity: buffer, spatial join • overlay: clip, difference, intersect, union • other: convex hull, reproject, ...• Integrated advanced CAD tools: • functionality for vector data edition: modify, create and delete elements19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 52. • command console typical element in CAD software • tools like help tools, grid tools, command stack, complex element selections • tools for inserting elements like points, polygons, lines, ellipses, etc...19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 53. • tools to modify its rotation, symmetry,...• Integrated advanced raster tools: • georeferencing images, set image transparency, adjust bright and contrast, highlight, etc. • the SEXTANTE Extension of gvSIG is already available to download,19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 54. including functions oriented to morphology and hydrology fields,• Advanced functionalities like • Scripting support • Powerful reprojection engine (PROJ4 wrapper) • 3D visualization • Network analysis19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 55. • New raster analysis features like classification, rectification,... • gvSIG for mobile devices19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 56. gvSIG OA Digitial EditionOA DigitalParent company Oxford Archaeology[one of the largest independentarchaeology and heritage practices inEurop (UK and France)]19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 57. gaSIG is easy to learn, yet versatile andefficient enough for demanding GIStasks.we believe that gvSIG has matured into apowerful application that can be usedproductively in many workingenvironments, especially when used incombination with other open sourcesolutions such as GRASS GIS.19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 58. We have used the software in a numberof our own projects and made a numberof modifications to it that we feel couldalso benefit other users of gvSIG;including a restructuring of the programmenus, an easier installer that includeseverything needed in one package andintegrated GRASS GIS modules.19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 59. Portable GIS provide beginners with a ready-installed and configured stack of opensource GIS tools that would run inMSwindows.The current set of software includes:19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 60. • Desktop GIS packages QGIS (with GRASS plugin), uDIG and gvSIG,• FWTools (GDAL and OGR toolkit)• XAMPPlite (Apache2/MySQL5/Php5)• PostgreSQL / Postgis• Mapserver, OpenLayers, Tilecache, Featureserver, and Geoserver web applications.19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 61. mapfish19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 62. Rich web-mapping framework.• Extends geospatial-specific functionality of Pylons (Python web framework)• Provides specific tools for creating web services that allow querying and editing geographic objects.• MapFish also provides a complete RIA-oriented JavaScript toolbox, a19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 63. JavaScript testing environment, and tools for compressing JavaScript code.It uses• GeoAlchemy for reading/writing geographic objects from/to spatial databases,• Shapely for manipulating geometries,19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 64. • ExtjS, GeoExt and OpenLayers for creating UIs.SQLAlchemy database toolkit, the Makotemplate engine, the repoze.who andrepoze.what security frameworks.With MapFish, web-mapping applicationdevelopers combine general-purposeweb technologies with geospatial-oriented libraries in their applications; forexample, this makes it possible to19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 65. leverage general-purpose web securityframeworks to secure geographic featureweb services.19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 66. India: IT Super powerHow to accept it?What is the percentage of Indian softwareon our Computer?Be developers, not only users.19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 67. There are plenty of software in manyfields, including GIS, which can be usedto solve problems pertaining to respectivefields. If students are not exposingthemselves to OS, they are missing a bigopportunity to get excellent training.If any company is not using Opensource,then it is not taking a well informeddecision. Company is not getting value onhis return.19 Jan 11 GWF-2011
  • 68. Thanks Suggestions / Questions / Comments at: Jan 11 GWF-2011