Migration of Document Server to Aws for Real-time Scalability


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This case study 'Migration of Document Server to AWS for Real-time Scalability' explores the challenges involved and solution implemented by Harbinger Systems in migration of a legacy document management system to cloud.

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Migration of Document Server to Aws for Real-time Scalability

  1. 1. Case Study:Migration of Document Serverto AWS for Real-time Scalability
  2. 2. Migration of Document Server to AWS for Real-time ScalabilityThis case study explores the challenges involved and solution implemented by Harbinger Systems in migration ofa legacy document management system to cloud.SituationA leading provider of HR solutions with global corporate clientele wanted to migrate legacy documentmanagement system to cloud to achieve better scalability. This system is key part of their application suiteand is widely used by a large number of users. The user load on the system increases many folds duringcertain period of time during the year. There is a need for an efficient and cost effective solution to handlethis seasonal load.Key ChallengesEnable real-time scalability without significant increase in the costAnalyze architecture of the existing system which was evolved over years and recommend changesto facilitate migration to CloudImplement a new search mechanism and provide real-time synchronization of user commentsSolution ApproachHarbinger proposed migration of the document management system to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloudas it offers rapid scalability at an affordable price. The system design was enhanced to leverage followingAWS services:Amazon EC2 for main computing instances with an ability to auto scale up/downAmazon S3 for data storage and backup of document repositoryAmazon CloudWatch for monitoring the instancesOptimal use of Amazon IaaS to ensure minimal vendor lock-inFig: Revised Design of Document Management System2
  3. 3. Case StudyMigration of Document Serverto AWS for Real-time ScalabilityHarbinger suggested and implemented few changes to the architecture of the application in order to leveragetrue benefits of Cloud. The key aspects in the redesign were as below:Light weight application nodes based on MVC pattern with a REST service layer to facilitatecommunication between the nodes. With this, the computing resources could be provisioned easily andoptimally.A session state server was created using Memcached library on a separate node thereby creating astateless app server.To facilitate real time synchronization of user comments, a Node.js based server application wasimplemented that provided support to bi-directional HTTP.Apache Solr based Indexing system was implemented to provide search in documents.Secured file storage and access using signed URL.Automated build deployment over AWS EC2 and automated database backup.Technology StackBenefitsReal-time scalability without significant increase in the cost through automatic provisioning ofcomputing resources in Cloud just when needed.A modular and distributed architecture of the document server with an ability to efficiently handlerequests during peak load.New and efficient search system and real-time synchronization of user’s comments across sessionsthrough a dedicated sync server.Improved reliability through auto scaling and redundant standby servers in Cloud.Improved user experience because of reduced network latency, application was deployed in regionsclose to user locations.Amazon EC2 Linux CentOSNode.jsREST Web services MemcachedOAuthApache Web Server TomcatApp Server(s)MySQLGrailsContentRepositoryDB BackupsAmazon S3Amazon MachineImages3
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