Internet of Things- Driving the Next Decade


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IDC estimates predict Internet of Things (IoT) market to grow to $8.9 trillion with over 212 billion connected things by 2020. With Internet of Things we are talking about internet enabled- connected, smart devices that can network and communicate with each other to manage our world intelligently.

The ‘things’ under IoT have embedded intelligence with the ability to collect, analyze data and share it via machine to machine (M2M) or in real-time with cloud-based solutions to provide new innovation in business and consumer services/applications like business process automation, home automation, medical device functionality, data center automation, security, building automation and the list goes on. In other words, combining hardware, software, technology mash-ups (mobile, cloud, WSN, analytics), robotics and much more, to improve the quality of our lives.

Key Takeaways:

1- What is IoT? Why is it significant?
2- Which market segments will be early adopters of IoT products/services?
3- What IoT holds for software services companies?
4- Who is providing leadership and governance of the IoT specification(s)?
5- What significant impacts will IoT have on cloud computing, big data and analytics?
6- What are the new solutions and businesses under development as a result of IoT?

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Internet of Things- Driving the Next Decade

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  7. 7. © Harbinger Systems | Wearable Health monitors Fitness Trackers Forest Fire Detection Air quality monitoring 40% Savings on waste collection in Finland Smart parking: Reduced CO2 emissions by 400 tonnes Why is it significant Dynamic control of industry and daily life Improves the resource utilization ratio Better relationship between human and nature Improving Quality of life
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  9. 9. © Harbinger Systems | Role of software services companies Enabling the features and capabilities required to build IoT. Enabling the underlying M2M interactions Ensuring that devices operate in a reliable and robust manner Bridge between networks and controllers. Develop Flexible, easy-to-use software that provides means for OEMs to differentiate their products from their competitors Enables each person to use the device and interface of their choice Ensure Full security along the entire path
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  16. 16. © Harbinger Systems | Summary/conclusion • With over 200+ billion connected devices, demand for IoT app development to skyrocket • Barriers/ Challenges – Managing and fostering rapid innovation is a challenge for governments – Privacy and security – Absence of governance – Interoperability • Connecting things is not the solution to all problems • Don’t come up with Dumb Smart Products – Egg Minder tray • Best idea is to Make Dumb Products Smart – Garbage bins
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