HSTC402<br />DEVICE-DRIVER COMPATIBILITY TESTING<br />www.harbinger-systems.com<br />
HARBINGER SYSTEMS<br />Overview<br />Harbinger Systems is a leading provider of software engineering services to some of t...
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Compatibility Testing of Devices with OS - A Case Study


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A leading Operating System vendor needed to generate compatibility impact data for third party device drivers for devices across various categories with an upcoming version of their operating system...

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Transcript of "Compatibility Testing of Devices with OS - A Case Study"

  1. 1. HSTC402<br />DEVICE-DRIVER COMPATIBILITY TESTING<br />www.harbinger-systems.com<br />
  2. 2. HARBINGER SYSTEMS<br />Overview<br />Harbinger Systems is a leading provider of software engineering services to some of the world's best product companies. Our services span solution consulting, software design, development, testing and test automation.<br />By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Harbinger Systems works with its customers as a partner in technology innovation.<br />Services<br /><ul><li>Software Product Development
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  13. 13. DEVICE-DRIVER COMPATIBILITY TESTING<br />Challenge<br />Compatibility testing to cover thousands of devices in a matter of few months<br />How could the company put in place scalable model to test devices with each new OS release in future?<br />Situation<br />A leading Operating System vendor with thousands of dependent third-party devices and device drivers<br />A new major OS release involving important internal changes coming up within months<br />Harbinger Solution<br />A representative sample of devices was short-listed in consultation with the company<br />A test laboratory of machines with an installed base of different hardware platforms and debuggers<br />Test design and execution strategy that covered different testing scenarios including:<br />Device and driver management<br />Basic and extended functionality<br />Power management<br />Applets and utilities<br />Benefits<br />Significant amount of actionable data generated through coverage of wide range of popular devices<br />Data provided valuable insights into changes that would break the new OS release functionality<br />Test strategy enabled better understanding of direction that further device compatibility testing should take<br />BOTTOM LINE<br />Company was able to reliably test multiple devices and put many more devices through the test execution plan for one of the most significant OS releases in its history<br />www.harbinger-systems.com<br />HSTC402<br />