The Year In Review


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End of the year multimedia project. Ninth grade, New Media Tech Charter School, Philadelphia, H. Songhai, Instructor

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The Year In Review

  1. 1. Technology Seminar The year in review H. Songhai, Instructor
  2. 2. This is the end of the year assignment for my Technology Seminar
  3. 3. The assignment is to answer all of the questions in this presentation
  4. 4. It’s a multimedia project
  5. 5. You must produce this project in either jumpcut, eyespot iMovie or Movie Maker
  6. 6. Use all of the tools, apps, shortcut keys and computer tricks we’ve been working with since September to build it
  7. 7. Once you produce your project, upload it and send me the link so that I can view it
  8. 8. Assemble this project a n y way you wish just make sure you answer all of the questions
  9. 9. Ok a y, t h e n l e t ’ s g o !
  10. 10. In September you had many questions
  11. 11. You were Freshmen
  12. 12. In a new school
  13. 13. With new classmates
  14. 14. new teachers
  15. 15. and computers
  16. 16. How did that work out for you?
  17. 17. What have you learned since September?
  18. 18. What are your thoughts about the paperless classroom ?
  19. 19. Is it practical?
  20. 20. How have you used the following tools this year:
  21. 23.
  22. 33. Discuss several assignments that you produced this year
  23. 34. Which dictations or other classroom topics interested you the most?
  24. 35. Ka’Ba Feng Shui Senduit Cinco de Mayo James Brown Khadijah Boys of Baraka Second Life Is Hip Hop Dead? Snitchin’ Cyberbullying Don Imus YouTube Kiri Davis School Daze
  25. 36. What part or parts did you play in the Kehinde Wiley project?
  26. 37. Did you contribute researched information to the Kehinde Wiley wiki?
  27. 39. How did you do on the following assignments?
  28. 40. Ego Trippin’
  29. 41. For My People
  30. 42. The Ides of March
  31. 43. What part of this seminar just flat out put you to sleep?
  32. 44. What grade do you believe you’ve earned this semester?
  33. 45. Or does that even matter?
  34. 46. Movie Maker eyespot Jumpcut Audacity iMovie Blogger Survey Monkey pbwiki Skype Photo Credits
  35. 47. Sony voice recorder Cell phone
  36. 48. Music Classic Moods Disc 2 Gustav Mahler (Track 06)
  37. 49. H. Songhai, Instructor
  38. 50. H. Songhai, Instructor Technology Leadership Professional Development 21st Century Literacy
  39. 51. On the web at
  40. 52. E-mail [email_address]
  41. 53. All projects due by May 25
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