Music magazine survey results


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Music magazine survey results

  1. 1. I asked a range of people that were both female and male. The people that responded to my survey were mainly female. This shows that my magazine would be highly dominated my female which suggests they would read the music magazine more. I sent this questionnaire to the same amount of females and males and more females responded.
  2. 2. This question is about what genre the people I sent the surveys to listens to. The most popular answers were Pop which 27/32 people said they listen to. The second most popular answer was Rock which 19/32 people say they listen to Rock and the third most popular answer is Indie Pop which 16/32 said they listen to Indie Pop. This suggests that I need to include those genres in my music magazine to attract my target audience to read my music magazine and seem interested to read it.
  3. 3. Where Do You Download Your Music? 25% 44% 5% 7% 7% Itunes Spotify Amazon 12% SoundCloud Google Play Illegally This question is about where people that took this survey, downloaded their music from. The most popular answer is ITunes with 44%. This suggests that I should include information about music that can be downloaded from ITunes and that I could talk about recommendations on new music to download and artists to look at.
  4. 4. WHERE DO YOU FIND NEW MUSIC? YouTube SoundCloud Spotify Music Magazines Social Networking Sites Television Friends Radio 20% 27% 13% 19% 5% 4% 5% 7% This question is to find out where people find new music. I found out that people find a lot of new music from places such as YouTube which was the most popular answer. Radio was also one of the most popular answer from this question. This suggests to me that I should include information about YouTube because if people go onto YouTube to find new music, people would find it interesting if I included YouTube in my Music Magazine such as new undiscovered artists and recommendations to my target audience.
  5. 5. I asked this question because I wanted to find out how many people actually read music magazines. I found out that 47% of people don’t read music magazines. Only 19% of people read music magazines and 34% of people sometimes reads music magazines. This suggests that my music magazine needs to be interesting to try and get more people to read music magazines. Do You Read Music Magazines? 19% 34% 47% Yes No Sometimes
  6. 6. DO YOU LISTEN TO UNSIGNED MUSIC ARTISTS/BANDS? Yes No Sometimes 38% 50% 12% I asked people if they listened to unsigned artists because I came up with the idea that my music magazine can be about unsigned artists/bands and trying to get them recognised. I found out that half of the people that I asked said they listened to unsigned artists and that 38% of people sometimes listens to them.
  7. 7. Do You Think There Is A Gap In The Market For A Music Magazone For Unsigned Artists/Bands 13%0% 87% Yes No This question was asked to find out If people thought that there is a gap in the market for a magazine for unsigned artist music magazine. 87% of people agreed that there is a gap in the market for this. This helps conclude what I should do my music magazine on which is going to be a music magazine for unsigned artists/bands.
  8. 8. In this question, I asked people what they would like to see in a music magazine. The majority of the replies were about new updates, New artists, events and music charts. This has given me many ideas about what to include in my music magazine. These results tell me what people want to see in a music magazine so these answers show what I need to aim for to attract my target audience. However, a lot of people skipped this question so I didn’t get an answer from everyone who responded on this question.
  9. 9. DO YOU ENJOY GOING TO CONCERTS/GIGS? Yes No Sometimes 16% 7% 77% These results show that the majority of people enjoy going to gigs/concerts. However, some people like going to concerts but it depends. This suggests to me that I should include concerts that are coming up for people that are interested. It also suggests to me that I could do features that include interviews of bands/artists on tour.
  10. 10. HOW OFTEN DO YOU LISTEN TO MUSIC IN A WEEK? Everyday Every Other Day 6% 2-3 Days Once Never 0% 4% 90% This question was to find out how often people listen to music in a week. I found out that 90% of people listen to music everyday. This suggests to me that I could include recommendations of music in my magazine for people to listen to. It also suggests to me that I could create a playlist that with music that has been popular or people think will be a popular song with unsigned artists/bands. 49% of people listen to music every other day. Overall, this shows that people listen to music a lot so it would be good to give them recommendations as people today listen to a lot of music.