Facebook Talk 4th July (V1)
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Facebook Talk 4th July (V1)



Very very basic instructions on how to do the most simple things on Facebook

Very very basic instructions on how to do the most simple things on Facebook



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    Facebook Talk 4th July (V1) Facebook Talk 4th July (V1) Presentation Transcript

    • Basics of Social Media Introduction to Facebook Tong Hsien-Hui Director, Corporate Affairs and New Media
    • Agenda • What is Online Social Media? • What is Facebook? • Facebook – Build your Presence • Facebook – Socializing • Facebook – Building Communities • Etiquette and Suggestions
    • What is Online Social Media? • Online community of people, companies, pets and/or anything • Discover, Read, Distribute (News, Information and Content) • Community bonds based on – Shared Social Experience – Shared interests or activities – Reflection of real world network • Consumer Generated Media (CGM) vs Industrial or Traditional Media
    • What is Online Social Media? Chart Source: Businessweek June 11 2007
    • What is Online Social Media? Chart Source: Forrester Research Dec 2008
    • What is Facebook?
    • What is Facebook? • The largest Online Social Media Platform (200 Million users) • Founded by Mark Zuckerberg, another Harvard Dropout • Allows users to interact by linking up with friends and exchanging news, images, links, videos, etc… • Allows the creation and management of groups and fan pages • Integrated with blogging and microblog sites (like Twitter) • Customized privacy settings • Available in more than 70 languages • Platform for simple MMPORG (Massively MultiPlayer Online Role-playing Games) like Pet Society and Mafia Wars
    • Who is Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg Dustin Chris Moskovitz Hughes 2003 - 2005 www.facebook.com www.thefacebook.com $200,000
    • Facebook – Build Your Presence • Signing Up • Fill in Profile Information • Find Friends • Group Friends • Set Privacy Limits
    • Know Thy Cursor Pointers – No Function Hand – Clickable Link Text – Add Text
    • http://www.facebook.com Sign up with just an email account That’s all we need to sign up. BUT you need to be above 13 years of age
    • You need to confirm Using an Audio you are a real human playback being! Either visually or……….
    • Write only what you want others to see
    • Edit your Profile And Add New Functions The Famous Facebook Wall. Upload Photo or Update your thoughts, links Edit Profile. to share, photos, videos, Also to add a short etc… blurb about yourself Links to your photo album, videos, groups, etc…
    • No friends yet, so this column is all advertisements Now to find your friends!
    • You can search your email account for friends already on Facebook (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) You can look at who Facebook suggests to you as possible friends Or find them by name, email, association, etc…
    • Change Search Criteria 1. Click on Add as Friend 2. Box with pops up confirming you want to add him/her 3. Click on Add a personal message 4. Box expands to allow you to type a message 5. Click Send Request 6. Type Text in Box for the Security Check You now need to wait for him/her to confirm you as a friend. You will be notified by email once he/she has confirmed you as a friend.
    • You are here now at HOME For new members, Facebook keeps this box up here Your Personal Status Update These are suggested friends Relates to Friends’ Activities, Not Yours This is news on what your Friends are doing This indicates you have a new notification. You will be notified if there is any important news relating to you
    • You are here now at PROFILE These Tabs relate to Your stuff List of changes made to your personal profile on Facebook such as change in info, change of status, provide a link, post pictures, etc…. List of Friends
    • You are here now at PROFILE Customize what news is posted on your wall as well as what news is posted to your friends wall
    • You are here now at INBOX Facebook’s internal email system. Only to other Facebook members Facebook’s internal messaging system. You can only message with your friends
    • You are here now at FRIENDS Group your friends in logical or relational clusters Friends who have not accepted your request are also shown as Pending The name of Lists you create will appear here
    • Put in a Name for the List 1. Click to select members of list from Friends 2. Make sure you Click Create List at the bottom of the box to confirm
    • You can add any of your friends to a list you created
    • Allows you to make changes to your account
    • You are here now at SETTINGS You can decide which actions are emailed to you by Facebook
    • Facebook – Socializing • Update Status • Sharing Links, Photos, Video • Writing on Walls • What Friends are Doing and Commenting
    • You are here now at HOME Your Friend has Posted a Remark and uploaded a Picture All Friends You can choose to interact by making a Comment, Liking the post or Sharing it
    • You are here now at HOME Stuff your friends are doing Just the Group
    • This community moves and reacts very fast!
    • You are here now at PROFILE
    • You are still in your own Facebook Account But you can view all your friend’s profile, information, wall feeds, etc….. Unless they set privacy limits on what you can see.
    • Facebook – Building Communities • Facebook Pages • Facebook Groups – Similar to Personal Info – Similar to Personal Info – Can generate events – Can generate events – Can link photos, videos, web links – Can link photos, videos, web links – Mini-Feed – Mini-Feed – Indexed on Google – Indexed on Google – Unlimited number of “Fans” – Unlimited number of “Fans” – Unlimited number of Updates to – Unlimited number of Updates to fans fans – Cannot invite friends – Cannot invite friends – Does not show in feed – Does not show in feed
    • To create a new page, click on Pages Click on Facebook Ads and Pages to get to this page
    • The Name used in the Electronic Signature must match the account name
    • 6 1. 2. Fill in basic information Upload a picture 2 3. Add other Admins 4. Write something about the Page 5. Share it by posting it on 3 your profile 6. Add pictures or video 4 or discussion tab 1 7. Add events 7 5
    • To create a new Group Groups your friends Groups you belong to, recently joined and recently updated Click on Groups
    • Once you save, if you publish, it goes to your wall and your friends are notified too One major difference is the ability to choose access to the group.
    • Etiquette and Suggestions • Be aware that your Facebook community is a real community • Don’t create fake pages to get back at someone • Know the difference between the Wall and a Message! • Rejecting a friend request from someone you do not know or may not know is NOT rude.
    • Etiquette and Suggestions • Make sure your privacy settings are correct. Set up a limited profile to the public. • Don’t tag others in your pictures…it may not be appreciated • Manage the email notifications you get • Be careful what you post…it doesn’t get removed just because you have • Limit the number of intrusive applications you subscribe to
    • Q&A hsienhui@nuss.org.sg ahmadikram@nuss.org.sg