Tips for Increasing Personal Productivity


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Our daily routine has become stressful
We commute long distances for work and education
Stress levels are increasing
Media is making us unhappy
Social media eats our precious time

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Tips for Increasing Personal Productivity

  1. 1. Tips for Increasing PersonalProductivityHammad Siddiquihttp://hammadsiddiquiblog.com
  2. 2. Personal Productivity – AnEssential Element for Growthand Satisfaction
  3. 3. What is the issue? Our daily routine has become stressful We commute long distances for work and education Stress levels are increasing Media is making us unhappy Social media eats our precious time
  4. 4. What is the solution? Simple – Stop Worrying and Start Focusing on your activities – Healthy and creative activities
  5. 5. Get Out 4 Times a Week Getting out of that musty gym and enjoying the great outdoors creates a completely different experience. Instead of counting seconds on the treadmill, walk, run, or bike around your neighborhood. Your local park offers an excellent place to walk or jog. Getting out is the first step toward improving personal productivity.
  6. 6. Go Social in Your Family or Community Exercise can also be quality time with friends and family. Instead of making the gym a lonesome affair, find a partner. Having someone to socialize with makes the time pass faster and gives you a chance to develop personal relationships. After dinner walks let you get some fresh air, work out your legs, and have a conversation. Another good example is coaching youth sports which also contributes to the community
  7. 7. A Game a Week helps a lot! Snooker, Kite Flying etc are excellent pastime. Weekends are great to have fun time with these games. Some prefer basketball, tennis, golf, fishing or as simple as a firsbee game. Some casual game can make exercise less work and more play.
  8. 8. Ride a Bike Biking is a fun sport and a great exercise, saves money on traveling short distances, makes you more alert.
  9. 9. Listen to Great Stuff Listening to great speakers is educational and inspiring. Books on tapes, podcasts, lectures while walking, running, or using the treadmill, takes your mind off the work while your learn about a subject you’d never be able to squeeze in otherwise.
  11. 11. Write a Blog Writing blogs is one of the best way to learn creative thinking. If you’re passionate about a subject, technically savvy, and enjoy sharing information, starting a blog could be a great idea. With the passage of time, your blog can start earning some additional dollars every month. Blogging also helps build your personal brand, and network globally.
  12. 12. Consider Photography Photography is another great hobby and a way to improve your visual skills and capture lasting images of family and friends. People are making money with this skill. Upload exciting pictures on fliker, your blog and facebook. You can also video some exciting events and put them on Youtube for wider viewership.
  13. 13. How about Skillful Hobbies? Website development, Search Engine Optimization, Stitching, gardening, woodworks, baking, Y oga etc are some excellent skillful hobbies that can help you in improving personal productivity as well as provide a way to make some extra money.
  14. 14. Check these websites for Hobbies of yourinterest 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  15. 15. Connect with Hammad Siddiquihttp://hammadsiddiquiblog.com for these slides go to