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  • Wonder Bread was formed in 1930 – AttoRelweeder invented Sliced Bread
  • Blogger Training Session (Updated) | Hammad Siddiqui

    1. 1. Tools and Techniques for Effective BloggingCenter for InternationalPrivate Enterprise (CIPE)
    2. 2. Session 1: Why blog, Key challenges, andthematic areas.Session 2: Technical bits, what platforms touse, design and formats, simple optimizationtoolsSession 3: How to go viral using social media
    3. 3. •#pakbloggers••••
    4. 4. Thematic Areas1. Corruption2. Entrepreneurship (youth, women)3. CSR4. Women Issues
    5. 5. • Why Blog?• Challenges before you start.• How to find your niche.• Challenges as a blogger.• Which platform to chose from (blogger vs wordpress)• How to write quality content?• Reaching out to readership.• Key success factors.
    6. 6. Why Blog?
    7. 7. Why Blog? Improves creativityRecognition Writing skills Opportunity Opportunity to interact to express with large views community
    8. 8. Challenges for Bloggers Maintaining Respecting Keep the interest Scheduling reader’swriting from comments readership
    9. 9. Content is the King! Simple yet Read, liked correct 400 wordsand goes viral language Personal Professional References touch approach and hyperlinks Pictures and videos
    10. 10. Finding Your NichePersonal BloggingCorporate BloggingInformational Blogging
    11. 11. Quick and crisp information? Print media (news and Op/Eds) Articles TV Social Media / other blogs Interviews Exhibitions/conferences/seminars Google alerts
    12. 12. Component of a Blogpost• Title• Body• Keywords• Pictures• Videos• Hyperlinks
    13. 13. A Simple Tool for Creating A Story
    14. 14. Writing Killer Titles• #1: Use a Number• Your post could use any of the following: – Tips, Ways, Methods, Steps, Templates, Rules, Secrets• Adjectives: great, expert, clever, fantastic, brilliant, top, best• Some Nice Examples: – Ten Easy Ways to Write Faster – Five Simple Steps to Set Up Your Blog in Less Than Two Hours – Five Crazy Videos That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud
    15. 15. BreakoutYou have 15 minutes to bring a story. Go out in the lobby, restaurant, toilet, bookshop, shopping arcade, parking, reception etc and bring a story You need to write this story in word document (in 15 minutes). Put your name and email address and email it to
    16. 16. Design Counts
    17. 17. Title - Too big and not SEO Friendly (Keep it short and focus on key words such as Women Chamber, Multan etc - Its tricky stuff but check youtube videos on this topic)2. Background design - Too clumsy (remove all those colorful stuff)3. Font - too small (you need to build 1.5 line spacing)4. Picture quality - Poor, you need relatively higher quality pics. AND Must be captioned - You have used captions in some previous posts5. Missing Tags, keywords, labels (in blogger these are called Labels) - Labels help in improving search on google.
    18. 18. Another thing that countshttp://fahdhusain.blogspot.com
    19. 19. Which Platform?•Blogger vs Wordpress•Serious blogging – host at your domain
    20. 20. Be Creative
    21. 21. •
    22. 22. ThinkPad!• Choose the topic that you wish to cover• Name your blog• Select a platform• Select a theme• Add widgets• Create your first post
    23. 23. Making Money Through Blogging Amazon CorporateAdSence Affiliates Blogging Ghost Backlinks Blogging
    24. 24. Success Factors YOU and Your CommitmentContent:• Short, specific, thought provoking, informationalAppearance:• font, color scheme, spellings, grammar, title, picturesProfessionalism:• Facts, references, tags, google alerts, Social media postings, research
    25. 25. Basic SEO- Keywords- Title- SEO tools- Bold Fonts- Youtube Videos- Slideshare- Effective Backlinking- Commenting on other blogs
    26. 26. • Google Analytics• Feedjit• XML sitemap
    27. 27. Reaching out to readership– Facebook (join groups, increase friend’s circle) 800 million– Twitter (use #tags) 100 million active users– Google+ over 100 million– Linkedin Groups 140 million users • Most traffic comes from facebook – Tag with keywords – Backlinks – Tweet (and retweet) – Request
    28. 28. Happy Blogging! hammadlinks@gmail.com Twiter: @hammads
    29. 29. Feedback Form