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  • 1. Photos from the 1963 Wyoming(and other sources)
  • 2. What follows is a look at oursenior year as presented by theeditors of our Wyoming.Most of the photos are thosethat include seniors. I tried tofind and identify all seniors,but the book is inconsistent inidentifying who’s in thepictures. I did not includephotos of groups that had noseniors in them. Someactivities had no group picture.For those I used the portraits ofthe seniors in that activity.I apologize for any errors inidentification or labeling.BarneyApril 2013
  • 3. The Class of 1963presents …
  • 4. We dedicated our Wyoming to Miss Alice P. Cochran.
  • 5. Our Class Advisor: Prof Bugbee!Prof Bugbee had been at Sem since 1925! Heearned his BA and MA degrees in history at BostonUniversity and did further graduate work at Harvard,Duke, and Columbia. When we were at Sem he taughtUS History, Economics, and Contemporary Affairs. Heretired in 1973. He died in 1974 at age 72.
  • 6. What we had to say about our Freshman Year.From our Class History …Our Class Officers, 1959-1960
  • 7. From our Class HistoryWhat we had to say about our Sophomore Year.What the Class of 1961 had to say about us “sophmores!”
  • 8. From our Class History …What we had to say about our Junior Year.Our Class Officers, 1961 - 1962
  • 9. From our Class History …Our Senior Year
  • 10. Student-Faculty CouncilSeniors: next slide ….
  • 11. Student-Faculty Council Seniors in this photo: Jack Butts, Debbie Smith, Susan Sgarlat, Jim O’BoyleJackDebbieJimSusan
  • 12. The Honor CourtSeniors: next slide …
  • 13. Honor Court Seniors in this photo: Edie Townend, Buzz Mitchell, Jim O’Boyle, Bill MulfordEdieBuzzJim Bill
  • 14. The Civil CourtSeniors: next slide …
  • 15. Civil Court Seniors in this photo: Tom Hartman, Ted Warner, Bill Maurer, Debbie Smith, Buddy Tooze, Rick Hall, Sharon Kiley, Andy UngerTomTedBillDebbieBuddyRickSharonAndy
  • 16. Inter-Society Debate“Resolved: that thecensorship of literarymaterial isincompatible withour society.”
  • 17. Affirmative: Florentines and OxoniansJim, Tom, LyndaNegative: Alexandrians and AtheniansRichard (at microphone) Dave and Geoffrey“Resolved: that the censorship of literary material is incompatible with our society.”
  • 18. TomDaveLyndaRichardDave Richard Geoffrey
  • 19. BandSeniors in this photo: Phil Singer, Allan Cease, Richard BubeckPhilAllanDickLinda Renvillewas also in theband.
  • 20. Blue and WhiteSeniors in this photo: Bob Dealaman, Lee Willard, Debbie HessBobLeeDebbie
  • 21. Seminary SingersSeniors: Next two slides …
  • 22. Seminary Singers Seniors in this photo: Bob Jones, Ted Warner, Frank Smith, Ron SeacordLeslie Turrell, Ginny LlewellynFrankLeslie GinnyToniLindaPeggyBobTedRon
  • 23. Seminary SingersFrankGinny Toni LindaPeggyPhilAllanJohnRonSeniors in this photo: Frank Smith, Ron Seacord, Phil Singer, Allan Cease, John PrescottGinny Llewellyn, Toni Drapiewski, Peggy French, Linda Renville
  • 24. The Triple TrioSeniors: next slide ...
  • 25. Triple Trio Seniors in this photo: Linda Renville, Leslie Turrell, Toni Drapiewski, Ginny Llewellyn, Marsha Mittleman, Bob JonesLindaLeslieToniGinnyBobMarsha
  • 26. NancyJimRobinTertia
  • 27. PhilDebbie Hess was also in theChristian Association.
  • 28. The Club
  • 29. Seniors in this photo: Buzz Mitchell, Richard Kohn, Mike McGroartyChrysse Cummings, Vernalee Pritchard, Debbie SmithNed Williams, Howard Morris, Karl Loucks, Bill MulfordClubBuzz Richard MikeChrysse Vernalee DebbieNed Howard Karl Bill
  • 30. Seniors in this photo: Sandy Roth, John Morton, Andy UngerLisa Harvey, Peggy PerkinsCarolyn Lacy, Dave Hall, Lynda Rosenthal, Susan Sgarlat, Sallie Goldstein, Tara SiegalCarolyn Dave Lynda Susan SallieTaraPeggySandy Mort AndyClubLisa
  • 31. The Wyoming
  • 32. Business Board: Mollie Harris, Sallie Goldstein, Susan CadwalladerWyoming
  • 33. WyomingLiterary Board Seniors in this photo: Leslie Turrell, Mollie Harris, Debbie Smith, Peggy PerkinsLeslieMollieDebbiePeggy
  • 34. Wyoming
  • 35. WyomingSports Board Seniors in this photo:Dan Wilmarth, John Michel, Debbie Smith Tara Siegal, Howard Morris
  • 36. WyomingBiography Board Ann Weinberg, Alice Weymann, Lee Willard, Susan Sgarlat, Peggy Perkins, Dave Hill, Debbie Hess
  • 37. OpinatorEditorial BoardSeniors in this photo: Kathy Hourigan, Robin Kadison, Judy Bohorad Howard Morris
  • 38. Robin KadisonManaging Editor, OpinatorRobin was the first female editor ofthe Opinator in its then 80-year history!
  • 39. Business Board The senior in this photo is John Michel.JohnOpinator
  • 40. OpinatorSports Board Seniors in this photo: Howard Morris, Tara Siegal, Ned Williams, Karl LoucksHowardTaraNedKarl
  • 41. OpinatorNews Board Seniors in this photo: Chrysse Cummings, Ann Weinberg, Sharon Kiley, Judy Bohorad, Susan Sgarlat,Sallie GoldsteinChrysseAnnSharonJudySusanSallie
  • 42. OpinatorLiterary Board Seniors in this photo: Dave Hill, Leslie Turrell, Tertia GaleDaveLeslieTertia
  • 43. OpinatorArt Board Seniors in this photo: Nancy Curtis, Edie Townend, Carolyn LacyNancy Edie Carolyn
  • 44. Drama ClubThere was no group photo of the Drama Club. Senior members of the club are pictured here.Nancy Abbey Barbara Collins Bob Dealaman Tertia Gale Tom Hartman Debbie Hess, PresidentKaren Hornbeck Susan Hurwitz Robin Kadison TS Sharon KileyRich Kramer TS Marsha Mittleman Sybil Nelms Garner Traher TS Tom Trembley Lee WillardTS – Member of the Thesbian Society
  • 45. Drama ClubFrom the spring play, “Ten Little Indians”
  • 46. German Club
  • 47. French ClubThere is no group photo of the French Club. Its senior members are pictured here.Mollie Harris, President Marylee Bomboy Toni DrapiewskiSusan Hurwitz Ned Williams
  • 48. Water BalletSeniors: next slide …
  • 49. Water Ballet Seniors in this photo: Linda Renville, Lisa Harvey, Ginny LlewellynCarol Santarelli, Carolyn Lacy, Lynn Maxwell, Tara Siegal, Kathy HouriganSusan Sgarlat, Debbie Smith, Vernalee Pritchard, Sally CochranLinda LisaLynn Tara KathyCarolCarolynSusan DebbieVernalee SallyGinny
  • 50. May Day
  • 51. DeclamationContestMay 21, 1963Tom HartmanLee WillardSharon Kiley Dave Hill
  • 52. Alexandrians
  • 53. Athenians
  • 54. Florentines
  • 55. Oxonians
  • 56. Athletic Council
  • 57. CheerleadersThere is no group photo of the Varsity or Junior Varsity cheerleaders. Senior cheerleaders are pictured here.Lynda Rosenthal Susan Sgarlat Peggy SmithCarolyn Lacy Ann Weinberg Sally GeorgeLet’s go, Blue Knights, let’s go!
  • 58. FootballSeniors: next two slides …
  • 59. Football Seniors in this photo: Tom Roberts, Howard Morris, Dee Hilburt, Sandy Roth, John MortonTomHowardDeeMortSandy
  • 60. MortAndyBuzzFrankFootball Seniors in this photo: Frank Nowicki, Buzz Mitchell, Ed ClarkJohn Morton, Andy UngerEd
  • 61. Varsity Field HockeySeniors: next slide …
  • 62. Varsity Hockey Seniors in this photo: Kathy Hourigan, Barbara McCombs, Vernalee PritchardTara Siegal, Peggy Perkins, Lisa Harvey, Sally Thomas, Debbie Smith, Chrysse CummingsKathyBarbVernaleeTaraPeggyLisa SallyDebbieChrysseUndefeated four years in a row!
  • 63. The lone senior in this photo is team captain Carol Santarelli!CarolJunior Varsity Field Hockey
  • 64. Girls’ BasketballSeniors in this photo: Peggy Perkins, Lon Youngquist, Tara Siegal, Lisa Harvey, Chrysse CummingsPeggy Lon Tara Lisa Chrysse
  • 65. Wyoming Seminary’s FIRST Girls’ Swimming Team!NancySusieSeniors in this photo: Joan Montgomery, Nancy Abbey and Mary (Susie) LaramyJoan
  • 66. Seniors in this photo: 1 Sandy Roth, 2 Ned Williams, 3 John McElwain, 4 Bob Reynolds12 34Boys’ Swimming
  • 67. Basketball (There was no team picture in the book.)Team captain Ed Clark ismentioned in the seasondescription at left.
  • 68. Varsity WrestlingSeniors in this photo: Dave Hall, Buzz Mitchell, Dee Hilburt, Jack Butts, Richard Kohn, John MortonDaveBuzz Dee JackMortRichard
  • 69. Junior Varsity WrestlingSeniors in this photo: Jerry Pechulis, John Michel, Jim HiggsJerryJohnJim
  • 70. GolfSeniors on the Golf Team: Garner Traher ( and not pictured with the team … Andy Unger and Ted Warner)GarnerAndyTed
  • 71. BaseballSeniors : next slide ….
  • 72. BaseballSeniors in this photo: John Wise, Sandy Roth, Dave Williams, Dave Hall , John Morton, Jerry Pechulis, Jim Higgs, Geoffrey LebarJerryJimGeoffreyJohnSandyDave W. Dave H.Mort
  • 73. TrackSeniors: next slide …
  • 74. TrackSeniors in this photo: Bill Mulford, Bob Munson, John Michel, Mike McGroarty, John Prescott, Don, Ammerman. Jim O’Boylewas on the team but is not identified as being in the picture. He has been added!BillBobJohn M.John P.Mike DonJim
  • 75. TennisSeniors in this photo: David Stanford and Karl LoucksDaveKarl
  • 76. And while all my classmates were engaged in their studies and extracurricular activities, I was in Australia,attending Camberwell High School!Here I am addressing the Rotary Club of Camberwell, my hosts for my year Down Under.
  • 77. PromPics!
  • 78. Cum LaudeSeniors: next slide …
  • 79. Cum Laude 1963MortFrankPhil AllanTomHowardKenJerryBillBillJohnAnnRobinLeslie Mollie NancyVernalee
  • 80. From the Times-LeaderMonday, June 10, 1963(Clipping saved by Ruth Schooley,Barney’s mom, and sent to him inAustralia.)
  • 81. FacultyBaccalaureate Procession
  • 82. June 9, 1963: Senior girls in procession to the Baccalaureate Service at the Kingston Methodist Church
  • 83. June 9, 1963: Senior boys in procession to the Baccalaureate Service at the Kingston Methodist Church
  • 84. CommencementJune 10, 1963Our beloved Prof Bugbee delivers theCharge to the Graduates.Lisa and Sharon get awards!
  • 85. From the Times-Leader, June 10, 1963(A Schooley clipping)
  • 86. From the Wilkes-Barre Record, Tuesday, June 11, 1963 (A Schooley clipping)
  • 87. From the Wilkes-Barre Record, Tuesday, June 11, 1963
  • 88. Ya gotta luv theplacement ofthis ad!From the Wilkes-Barre Record,Tuesday, June 11,1963.The listingof thegraduates.
  • 89. And, while we’re at it!The spring of 2013 sawthe election of a newPope and so did thespring of 1963!From the Wilkes-BarreRecord, June 11, 2013.The Pope elected on June 21 was Paul VI.