Our Commencement, June 10, 1963


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Our Commencement, June 10, 1963

  1. 1. “Free and Responsible Persons”June 10, 1963
  2. 2. Remember this?The tune was that of the Russian Imperial Anthem, “God Save the Czar.”
  3. 3. Cum LaudeSeniors: next slide …
  4. 4. Cum Laude 1963MortFrankPhil AllanTomHowardKenJerryBillBillJohnAnnRobinLeslie Mollie NancyVernalee
  5. 5. FacultyBaccalaureate ProcessionJune 9, 1963
  6. 6. June 9, 1963: Senior girls in procession to the Baccalaureate Service at the Kingston Methodist Church
  7. 7. June 9, 1963: Senior boys in procession to the Baccalaureate Service at the Kingston Methodist Church
  8. 8. CommencementJune 10, 1963
  9. 9. Our Commencement SpeakerDr. Robert F. OxmanRobert F. Oxman (1915-1974)Dr. Oxman was President of Drew University,1961-1974. He was the first lay president ofDrew, a Methodist school. A scholar ofpolitical science and public administration,Oxnam was a graduate of De Pauw Universityand earned his MAs (two – one before the warand the other after) and doctorate from USC.As President of Drew he doubled the school’senrollment and expanded its national andinternational reach.Known as a humanitarian, he spoke outstrongly on behalf of civil rights, academicfreedom, and an end to the war in Vietnam ata time, as we know, when these issues weremost controversial.His message to us was that our culture wasfacing its greatest crisis and that the futuregeneration (that’s us!) as “free andresponsible persons” had the responsibility tosave it through our commitment to freedomand justice.For more about Dr. Oxnam, see …https://uknow.drew.edu/confluence/display/DrewHistory/Robert+Fisher+Oxnam
  10. 10. Our beloved Prof Bugbee delivered the Charge to the Graduates.
  11. 11. Ladies
  12. 12. Gentlemen
  13. 13. Prizes (awarded before Commencement)Art: Helen Anderson Art Award: Roberta VulloThe Yearbook Graphic Arts Award: Nancy GoldsmithDebate: The Seminary Prize for the best argument in the Inter-Society debate: Dave HillDeclamation: The Seminary Prize for Declamation: Tom HartmanDrama:A cup for the best individual performance in the Inter-Society Play Contest: Garner TraherOutstanding students in drama for this particular year: Bob Dealaman, Garner TraherGeneral Achievement: Tom HartmanLanguageThe Theodore S. Abbot Language Cup: Mollie HarrisOratoryThe George F. Nesbitt Prize for the best original oration: Nancy CurtisPoetry:The Charles L. March Poetry Prize: Nancy Curtis, Robin KadisonScience and Mathematics:The Bausch and Lomb Medal for outstanding work: Tom HartmanSportsmanshipThe Babe Ruth Foundation Sportsmanship Awards: Debbie Hess, Bob Dealaman
  14. 14. Prizes (awarded at Commencement)The Guthrie Thomson English Prize: Dave HillThe L. L. Sprague Parliamentary Law Prize: Sharon KileyThe Renssalaer Medal for Mathematics and Science: Dick BubeckThe Citizenship Prizes: Sharon Kiley, Tom HartmanThe Irving Robin Memorial Prize (leadership): Bill MaurerThe Walker Delano Keller Government Prize: Marsha MittlemanThe Almeda Cushman Spencer Bible Prize: Mollie Harris, Verna PritchardThe Charles Woods Mathematics Prize: Jerry PechulisThe Parker H. Burt French Prize: Mollie HarrisThe Holman Religious Leadership Award: Phil SingerThe Brooks Christian Citizenship Prize: Lee WillardThe Lindsley Morgan Washburn Prize in Mathematics: Verna PritchardThe Harry W. Ruggles Award to the Outstanding Graduate: Lisa HarveyThe Quay-Adams Award (Scholarship, Character, Reliability, Leadership) - not awarded in 1963
  15. 15. Sharon and Lisa receiving awards.
  16. 16. From the Times-Leader, June 10, 1963
  17. 17. We lived in troubled times!This is the front page of thenext day (Tuesday, June11)’s Wilkes-Barre Record.
  18. 18. We were featured on page 2!
  19. 19. From the Wilkes-Barre Record, Tuesday, June 11, 1963
  20. 20. Picture captionWyoming Seminary president Dr. B. Hopkins Moses leads the academic procession with guestspeaker Dr. Robert Fisher Oxnam, president of Drew University, in Seminary’s 119thCommencement. Behind Dr. Moses are former Governor Arthur H. James, chairman of theboard of trustees, and Rev. William H. Maurer, Hickory Street Presbyterian Church, Scranton,who gave the invocation. (Not named in the photo is the Rev. Irvin C. Wise, EdwardsMemorial Church, Edwardsville, who gave the benediction.)
  21. 21. From the Wilkes-Barre Record, Tuesday, June 11, 1963
  22. 22. From the Wilkes-Barre Record,Tuesday, June 11,1963.
  23. 23. It’s Roberta!
  24. 24. Ya gotta luv theplacement ofthis ad!
  25. 25. And on June 10, 1963, I was on a cattle station in the bush country of Australia. My mother mailed methe newspaper pages and commencement program along with the nice photo of Lon with her brothers,mom, and my parents.
  26. 26. And, while we’re at it!The spring of 2013 saw theelection of a new Pope and sodid the spring of 1963!From the Wilkes-BarreRecord, June 11, 1963.The Pope elected on June 21 wasPaul VI.