Alan Whitford - Getting Value From Your ATS iRecruit 2014 Presentation


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Why do you have an ATS to begin with?
Have you ever looked at your candidate database?
When was the last time you contacted the candidates?
Who controls your career site?
When was the last time you trained your users?
What contextual help tools do you provide?
Can you do Mobile?
Let's fix your process together

The ATS has been in use now for over 25 years. Yet, most organisations are still using the ATS as nothing more than an electronic filing cabinet, having automated their paper based approach to recruitment. In this session we will take the delegate back to the basics - from: Why they are using an ATS to begin with through to Getting real value out of their existing systems. We will take an interactive approach, with delegates sharing their experiences, frustrations and successes with fellow attendees.

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Alan Whitford - Getting Value From Your ATS iRecruit 2014 Presentation

  1. 1. Abtech Partnership Getting Value From Your ATS iRecruit Expo Amsterdam 6th June 2014 Alan Whitford Abtech Partnership
  2. 2. Abtech Partnership  Founder of Abtech Partnership and RCEURO, web portal for the European recruitment industry  25 years Recruitment Industry  Talent Challenges, candidate experience, employment brand  Published in a number of on-line and off-line media covering technical and strategic issues around HR, technology, social media and business  Author of XpertHR Good Practices Guide to Candidate Attraction  Co-Host of #RecHangout, the only UK regularly scheduled live recruitment Google+ Hangout Alan Whitford
  3. 3. Abtech Partnership Recruitment Hasn’t Ever Really Changed Identify your target audience Select the channel/media that reaches that audience Develop the messaging that suits the channel and the audience Deliver the message Ensure that you have in place the procedures and systems to manage and measure the response Communicate throughout the process with the candidates and your hiring managers
  4. 4. Abtech Partnership Setting The Scene What we thought in 1997-2002…..
  5. 5. Abtech Partnership Can We Change the Way We Work?
  6. 6. Abtech Partnership CVs File CVs Requisitions Review & Categorise Review Retrieve CVs Review & Match Photocopy & Distribute Manager Review Select Candidates Internal CVs Traditional Recruitment Processes Are Antiquated
  7. 7. Abtech Partnership Evolution of Recruitment Technology Ground Zero: Paper Based Systems Level 1: Rudimentary Staffing Tools- Recruiter has database Level 2: Beginning of paper based systems being transferred into two tiered networked databases Level 3: Staffing transactions and information become automated or web enabled Level 4: Productivity increasing applications and integration with internal and external business processes and systems (E-Staffing) Level 5: Business enabling applications and integration with client’s strategies/goals- Predict future workforce needs driven by market demands
  8. 8. Abtech Partnership Technology Supports Recruitment Fundamentally change the supply chain by capturing data at source Enable the candidate/employee to drive and own the cost of inputting data Support the HR function to manage workload and workflow Support the line manager to accurately define and meet the company’s requirement Deliver a cost-effective means of finding and retaining the key resource of the company - its people!
  9. 9. Abtech Partnership Internal/Internal/ ExternalExternal CandidateCandidate CVsCVs ScanScan FaxFax E-MailE-Mail AutomaticAutomatic CategorisationCategorisation KnowledgeKnowledge BaseBase SkillSkill ExtractionExtraction CandidateCandidate DatabaseDatabase ManagerManager ReviewReview Internal PlacementInternal Placement Project Skills MatchingProject Skills Matching Career Path ManagementCareer Path Management Sophisticated Technology Provides the Framework to Handle Recruitment Challenges
  10. 10. Abtech Partnership How Automation Will ImproveYour Recruitment and Retention Processes! Provide a more efficient and quality service Qualified candidates identified immediately Time to fill requirements is reduced Recruiters spend more time “Recruiting” Reduce administration Find the best candidates ahead of your competition Fill open requisitions internally - Job Progression Building a database of candidates for future openings
  11. 11. Abtech Partnership It Looked A Bit Like This…..
  12. 12. Abtech Partnership WHAT HAPPENED?
  13. 13. Abtech Partnership
  14. 14. Abtech Partnership Tons of New Channels Emerged Top 10 most important places to find quality hires “Think about the key quality hires that your organization made in 2012. Which of the following were the most important sources for those key positions?” 2011 2012 2013 Internet job boards 36% 39% 38% -1% Social professional networks 20% 26% 37% +11% Recruitment agencies 41% 36% 35% -1% Employee referral programs 35% 31% 35% +4% Internal hires 32% 32% 34% +2% Company career website 28% 31% 30% -1% Internet resume databases 14% 13% 16% +3% Company ATS/internal candidate database 12% 12% 13% +1% College recruiting programs 12% 10% 11% +1% General career fairs 4% 4% 5% +1% Increase (+) Decrease (-) Recruiters are relying more and more on professional social networks to engage top talent. Stay ahead of the competition by training your team and employees how to be effective. Sources of Quality Hires Figures exclude China & Southeast Asia from average
  15. 15. Abtech Partnership
  16. 16. Abtech Partnership The ATS Candidate Wasteland
  17. 17. Abtech Partnership
  18. 18. Abtech Partnership Why do you have an ATS?
  19. 19. Abtech Partnership Is your ATS integrated with your career site?
  20. 20. Abtech Partnership When was the last time you trained your users?
  21. 21. Abtech Partnership How do you use your candidate database? • Filing cabinet • Pro-active email marketing
  22. 22. Abtech Partnership What WillYou Do Next?
  23. 23. Abtech Partnership THANKYOU!!THANKYOU!! Any Questions?Any Questions?
  24. 24. Abtech Partnership Contact Me At Any Time Contact Information: Tel: +44 (0)7971 864620 Twitter: @alanwhitford @rceuro Sites: