Secrets of SAP HCM Success


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Five Secrets to SAP HCM Success

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Secrets of SAP HCM Success

  1. 1. FiveSe crets toSAP HCM SuccessPulling Back theCurtain on Great HRSystem Performance
  2. 2. You Know You Want It:T h e S e c r e t s o f S A P HCM S u c c e ssYou’ve heard the hype for years: SAP HCM can do nearly From our years of experience with clients worldwide, we’veanything. Entertain visiting relatives. Turn a hamburger boiled down the secret sauce of implementing SAP HCMinto a banquet. Make HR run as smooth as silk. success to five key ingredients.At NorthgateArinso, we truly know the power and You can heighten your HR team’s agility, increase its efficiency,potential of SAP HCM: boost its effectiveness and reduce its costs. • Over 1,000 implementations globally • Over 2,000 highly skilled SAP HCM consultants NGA is your best choice for getting more out of SAP HCM. • Winner: SAP Pinnacle Award for Our experience, track record, scale, tools and methodology Global Customer Satisfaction are unsurpassed in the industry. Learn more about SAP • Serving one in three of the Fortune 100 HCM-focused services. • Nearly 20 years’ experience successfully implementing SAP HCMWe know how to make SAP HCM perform like the heroit is meant to be. We’ve helped HR executives worldwideuse SAP HCM to heighten HR’s agility, increase its efficiencyand effectiveness, reduce its costs and show its impact onthe bottom line.Payroll. Core HR. Recruitment. Learning. Employee andmanager self-service. Complete life cycle talent management.Responding seamlessly to any changing business need. 2 Five Secrets to SAP HCM Success
  3. 3. 1 TO SAP S HC ECRET M SUCC ES FIV ESSSecret No. 1: A S l e e k e r HCM E x p e r i e n c e f o r 1 0 0 P e rc e n t Us e r Ad o p t i o nFirst, the good news. SAP HCM is the industry’s mostfunctionally rich and powerful means to making the entirescope of HR processes more efficient and effective, and tohaving a greater, provable impact on the bottom line.Now the bad news. Your users — whether team membersor managers — have become used to the Facebook/Googlestandards of learning new programs and applications:Point. Click. Do.Our point: Rolling out HCM self-service should be as easy as Your time sheets can look like this.learning to use Facebook. If it isn’t, not only will user adoptionsuffer, but you won’t be able to prove the value of your In a nutshell, you want an SAP HCM system that your peopleinvestment in self-service HCM, either. can log onto, click around in and learn. You want them to use it. Sleeker, smoother does that. That’s Secret No. 1 to SAPThe secret to having an SAP HCM that garners 100 percent HCM success.user adoption requires a system that: • Has processes that are sleek and streamlined. • Is sophisticated enough to make the user experience run more like what your HR team expects from today’s Want to See the Five Secrets in Practice? online consumer and social media experiences, not like  Request a demo. some form of mechanical and computational torture. • Has a graphical user interface that is intuitive and  Watch the movie; learn more about easy to follow. NorthgateArinso in less than three minutes. • Provides clear steps toward managing people, growing talent, and identifying future leaders and  Watch a brief presentation to see how you guiding their development. can improve your SAP HCM usability. • Makes automating HR processes nearly foolproof. 3 Five Secrets to SAP HCM Success
  4. 4. Secret No. 2: G e t S m a rt ! T h at ’ s t h e T i c k e t f o r S u c c e ss f u l S A P HCMWe all know that SAP HCM systems can hold mountains 2of data. TO SAP S HC ECRETAfter all, one value point of SAP HCM is its potential for M SUCcapturing data from A to Z so it can be flowed, analyzed and ESdelivered as usable knowledge, solid insight and meaningful CE FIV SSinformation throughout the entire employee life cycle.Yeah, right. Like that really happens all the time. It’s No Secret: Recognized Names ChooseSmarter SAP HCM NorthgateArinsoPacks a Bigger Punch  Find out why industry leaders such as Clariant, Airbus and Sodexo rely on NGAIn real life, not enough of the data captured in an SAP HCM for SAP HCM success.system gets translated into meaningful information oractionable reports. It’s often not distributed to managers whocan take meaningful action as a result.The second secret of SAP HCM success is to have a system thatincludes reporting tools that allow users — team members,managers, leaders — to get their hands into the rich soil ofdata and easily turn that data into reports and informationthat matter. Here’s what we’re talking about: • Reporting and data extraction tools that allow querying functions to leverage data relevant to unit leaders up and down the line. • Empowering managers, supervisors and HR business partners to be part of the information process. • Creating a standard set of HR key performance indicators for managers so they can truly measure their team’s HR performance in a uniform way. • Making data a resource for users far beyond the administrative tier. 4 Five Secrets to SAP HCM Success
  5. 5. Secret No. 3: A M o r e C e rta i n , M o r e C o n f i d e n t HCM E x p e r i e n c eSimulate. Check. Transfer. The third secret of successful SAP HCM is to empower your administrators with an unquestionably stable system thatManage Your HCM Data with has tools embedded in it that allowCertainty and Confidence 3 them to safely and confidently TO SAP massage and manipulate HR and S HC ECRETA lot of enterprise HR systems are like so many of the best payroll data. M SUCCthings in life: They can be a blessing or a curse, depending • Simulate — NorthgateArinso’s ESon how they’re used. Payroll Simulator Tool simulates ESS FIV the impact of changing any of the system’s data orChecks and Balances Matter. Especially calculations (e.g., salary adjustments) within SAP HCM. the confidence of knowing that every bit of the originalEmpower your HCM administrators with the data and program logic is protected.industry’s best SAP HCM add-ons. • Check — Our HR Checker Tool evaluates the quality and assesses the results of data that come into your SAP HCM system or that change program logic or processesWith most of today’s richly functional and robust SAP (how exactly will those changes resulting from legalHCM systems, it’s difficult at best and disastrous at compliance actions affect your HR processes?).worst when administrators try to use the data to perform • Transfer — NGA’s HR Transfer Tool enables HRmodeling or simulations. Ditto for when your HCM experts administration to safely and securely transfer datatry to transfer data between HR systems. among their systems without worrying that the data will be corrupted.Dig Deeper Into NGA’s SAP HCM Add-ons  Visit our website to learn more about NGA’s unique set of SAP HCM add-on tools. 5 Five Secrets to SAP HCM Success
  6. 6. Secret No. 4: A L i g h t e r HCM E x p e r i e n c e 4 SAP H TOSure, SAP HCM systems may be the best thing for enterprise The fourth secret of SECRETS CMHR since trombones learned to slide. But they are also finely successful SAP HCM SUCCtuned instruments that require maintenance and upgrades is to travel lighter. Goon a fairly regular basis. with a system that has ES E FIV S vendor support built intoRun HCM Lighter — Look, Ma! the experience. Find aNo Maintenance! specialist service partner. Find a partner who can handle application maintenanceTo name a few such situations: healthcare reform, legislative and updates so you don’t need to worry about them.compliance and updates, enhancement packages, enterprise- Here’s what you get:wide system upgrades. That kind of work: • Automatic legal compliance and payroll updates. • Must be performed by a team with a unique • Guaranteed legal and technical compliance. set of skills. • Guaranteed expertise from the inside out. • Requires super-deep functional and technical • The right experts for the right job when you need them. expertise that you might not have readily at hand right when you need it. One smooth choice works like having a coupon book for • In the best of all possible worlds, would be support service from your SAP HCM vendor. You buy support handled by a team with plenty of expertise in the “tickets” that you redeem when you need to. You get specific system you’re running. guaranteed support, provided by people assigned based on the • Is probably only required on a temporary, specific job, and you only use your tickets when you want to. as-needed basis. Of course, rather than bringing in experts off and on, you can outsource your HCM maintenance and upgrade needs. TheEnjoy a Lighter and Better-Supported secret here is to go with a team that has proven expertise inSAP HCM Experience your system, that you can entrust with the integrity and safetyBuilt-in vendor support makes for a smoother ride. of your data, and that you know will be there not only today but tomorrow, too. 6 Five Secrets to SAP HCM Success
  7. 7. Secret No. 5: A M o r e P r e pa r e d HCM E x p e r i e n c e 5HCM Stuff Happens: TO SAP S HCIs Your Agenda Set? ECRET M SUCC ESJust like holidays, a preponderance of HCM events occur with a ESSpredictable cadence: end-of-year payroll, performance reviews FIVand open enrollment, to name a few.Also like many holidays, these recurring HCM tasks place arelatively short but intense demand on your system resources. You Know the HCM Tasks That Lie AheadYet the system must remain “open” all year long. Does your SAP HCM system run like a clock?The fifth secret to SAP HCM success is to create an annual It could.calendar or “HCM agenda.” In a nutshell: Prepare for theHCM high season during the low season. With this seeminglycommon-sense but often overlooked solution: • A calendar of important HCM events can be put in place and also updated as needed. • You can prepare for peak work volumes rather than react and involve an HCM partner or specialist provider well ahead of time. • Many processes can be set up and run outside of the peak times if they’re needed. The data can then be updated when the calendar triggers the program to run. 7 Five Secrets to SAP HCM Success
  8. 8. About NorthgateArinso NorthgateArinso is a leading global Human Resourcessoftware and services provider offering innovative HRbusiness solutions to employers of all sizes, includingglobal Fortune 500 companies and many public sectororganizations. NorthgateArinso helps HR executivesoptimize their HR service delivery through smarterprocesses and more efficient technology, supportingkey HR areas like workforce administration, payroll,benefits, recruitment, learning and talent management.NorthgateArinso’s 8,500 employees in 35 countriesare dedicated to delivering HR excellence through HRconsulting, HR outsourcing and HR technology.Additional information can be found at:http://www.ngahr.com