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PageUp People Product Demo - HR Tech Europe 2013

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  • Thank audience for their time30 mins only, questions if there is time at the end or they can visit our stand at booth #502
  • Founded as a software development house in 1997 in Melbourne. First RMS client,ANZ Bank. Pleased to say are still a client 16 years laterBy 2000 PUP was the e-recruitment market leader in AUS. We still are with nearly 20% share of the market. 5/6 banks, 18/20 uni's, majority of airlines, telcos and mining & refining clientsBy 2007 company had expanded internationally - offices in UK and China -supporting global client base across all continentsBy 2009 ITM product was released - as a result of requests from clients; organic and integrated2012 although profitable, we saw outside investment allowing for further expansion and more rapid prod dev2013 - Gartner rated PageUp as Visionary in talent management - highest client satisfaction, closest client partnering model and depth of analytics
  • PUP ITM is a multi tenant cloud based offering - all client on one code base, hosted by AWS regionallyOrganic product development, no acquisitions or bolt on - fully integrated between modulesHeadline modules - Recruit, Perform, Develop, Retain - analytics as standard across all modulesUpgrades are released every 12 weeks and these provide additional functionality. We will look at three examples of these today
  • Mobile - one of the great buzzwords within HR Tech over the last year along with SocialAdvent of smartphone and tablet proliferation - eg- developing markets -few laptops but everyone has a smartphoneBy Q4 2011 smartphones were outselling PC's and laptops - and since then PC sales have been in continuous decline. Lets look at the trend…
  • 13% of all web traffic by the end of 2013 was through mobile devices – at least expanding 3x per annumOur data shows 15% of all visits to PUP career sites via mobile - June 2013What does this mean for companies today? - Need to cater for existing workforce and for external communities - candidates, clients – suppliers in 360 etcFirst their was mobile optimisation - enabling career sites and content to be device-sensitive – formatting correctly, SMS applications
  • Now there is advanced capability to work with mobile devices .... Support for native dropdowns, keyboards, calendarsjob approvals, on the go performance appraisals – eg objective settingOne area that has been an issue was the lack of ability to upload documents via mobile device … lets look at how we can overcome that …
  • What is CRM? CRM is the progression from transactional recruitment to strategic sourcing ...Rather than hiring the best of candidates that apply for a job, its hiring the best candidates for the job
  • Shortage of skills - globalisation - more demand for key talent with specific skillsetsDifficulty to fill specialist rolesGrowth - workforce planning – planning in advanceAlso about adding sophistication to how and what you message to your talent - employee branding.Candidates are also customers after all
  • Historically job is posted and a candidate applies; 1st Gen of CRM is where candidates agree to be contacted in the future and talent pools are created.. keep warm and maintain2nd Gen is to proactively source passive candidates - talent who has not yet approached the companyturns on its head the original – focus was on job – now focus on candidates first and matching to jobs
  • CRM is being able to identify, screen and maintain talent pools from all sources - Employees, alumni, historical candidates - and candidates who are unknown - no previous interactionExamples of passive candidate sourcing (LinkedIn, Facebook, specialist networking sites)Build intelligence such as relationships, tagging and then qualifying for jobs as they are needed – effective workforce planningBeing proactive reduces both the cost of hire (direct sourcing) and time to hire
  • Fast forward to post hire – there has been significant cost/effort to source the right candidateNow need to keep them engaged; retention should start from day one
  • Employee development is critical to engage and retain - only 1 in 4 employees think they are adequately developedMuch easier/ cost effective to empower the employee to drive their own development - where do they want to go and how do they get there? Career Path is the answer.
  • Career Path is a Self service tool - empowers employee to drive their development and career path. drives conversations, engages managers Also allows HR to forecast the training and development requirements - costs, timeline to competency, bench strength against positionsPageUp as a hosted solution has access to 30m CV's - identifying information is removedbut career history is retained – along with skills & certifications and timelines between jobsTwo models - based on real data and offered as a tailored solution segmented by industry & geography Or can utilise the client org structure and competency library to be very specific ….. Lets have a look
  • Questions if time …. ?Thanks for coming, hope the time has been useful. We are keen for feedback to help us further enhance our offerings Please visit us for further information!


  • 1. 30 MINUTES TO TRANSFORMATION: A Showcase of the Technologies for the Future of Talent 2.0
  • 2. PageUp People Background PageUp People Powering Potential
  • 3. Unified Talent Management PageUp People Powering Potential
  • 4. In October, 2013 15% of visits to our clients careers sites were from a mobile device PageUp People Powering Potential
  • 5. On-the-Go Approve jobs Add applicants Add tasks Add to journal Align We help business align their business strategy. Busy executive? No worries – we’ve got an app for that! PageUp People Powering Potential
  • 6. Why CRM? Organisational challenges continue: Shortage of skills Finding qualified candidates to meet roles Pressure to meet company’s growth objectives Employer Branding integral for leading organisations to attract talent and create brand ambassadors Engagement – protect your value proposition Best-In-Class organisations are 48% more likely to Talent pipeline and workforce plan PageUp People Powering Potential
  • 7. Evolution of CRM PageUp People Powering Potential
  • 8. CRM Funnel PageUp People Powering Potential
  • 9. Why Career Path? Career development is a major challenge for many companies today. Recent surveys suggest that only 1 in 4 employees are satisfied with the level of interest their manager shows in their development or in the opportunities available to them 70% of development happens on the job, with 20% through mentoring and observations and only 10% through formal training. “Employee Retention" has become a critical issue.* *Bersin, 2013 PageUp People Powering Potential
  • 10. The Career DNA engine implements a complex data model that is capable of computing thousands of possible paths based on career data from over 30 million records in the PageUp People database and your historical information. Skills Certifications Development Opportunities Mentors HRIS PageUp People Powering Potential
  • 11. Thank You! Visit us at Stand #502 for further information and for a product demonstration! Download the CareerPath Windows 8 App today!