Mark Brinkler, Syngenta - An HR Transformation Journey


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  • We have over 27,000 men and women around the world completely devoted to modern technology and the role it can play in delivering food security. Our capability extends across all the major crops and includes the broadest palette of technologies in the industry. These are the assets we will deploy to help deliver a step change in agriculture.
  • Here are some of our achievements, we delivered these alongside supporting the business on a daily basis, and managing the unexpected such as changes in strategy and go to market models, new acquisitions etc.
  • Throughout the organization we are seeing the benefits of the HR Transformation – for line managers, employees and HR.And we are delivering on our commitments which we outlined in our business case – generating $18m in business value through annualized savings.
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  • Mark Brinkler, Syngenta - An HR Transformation Journey

    1. 1. HR Transformation journey - Building a Global HR Delivery Model Version: October , 2013 Classification: PUBLIC
    2. 2. Syngenta offers tailored agronomic solutions through integrating technologies within the broadest portfolio in the industry • Seeds and traits • Crop Protection • • Seed Care Through the eyes of the grower 2 Classification: PUBLIC • Lawn and Garden
    3. 3. With passionate people and a comprehensive capability Around $1.4 billion $14.2bn annual R&D investment and more than 5,000 R&D staff sales in 2012 Over 27,000 employees 90 in some countries 3 Classification: PUBLIC
    4. 4. Helping small and large farms meet the challenges of global food security Our ambition is to bring greater food security in an 8M large-scale farms >100 Ha environmentally sustainable way to an increasing populous world by creating a worldwide step-change in farm productivity 450M smallholder farms ~2.0 Ha 4 Classification: PUBLIC
    5. 5. We believe … business must play a greater role in helping growers farm more sustainably 5 Classification: PUBLIC Farmers
    6. 6. Backdrop to the HR global delivery model …… Key HR Challenges • Unreliable or poor data quality • Managers didn’t have easy access to information about their people • Manual and cumbersome HR processes • Managers dependent on HR support for the most basic processes • Varied HR capability and expertise • Roles and responsibilities in HR were muddled Key Business Challenges • Standardized processes and platforms utilizing technology • More integrated ways of working • Scalable solutions through strategic partnerships • New capabilities to support our strategy “get ready” and investment for growth We must deliver a step-change in the contribution HR can provide to the business by enabling HR to be more effective, responsive and scalable for the future needs of the business…. …while reducing the overall costs of HR Leandro Ricci Paranà, Brazil 6 Classification: PUBLIC
    7. 7. HR Global Delivery Model foundation to meet the challenges Platform / Operating model Integrated Outsource Delivery Model • Target Operating Model in place • ADP platform 50 countries (GV and SL) • Global policies and processes • 4 offshore transaction and value centers with CG (India, China, Poland, Brazil) • Single SAP instance (e-HR) and global job catalogue Driving standardization, scalability and leverage at scale 7 Classification: PUBLIC • GSM using cloud solutions & services Reducing complexity, improving compliance, data quality & effectiveness
    8. 8. Leveraging the foundation to introduce new organizational capabilities Strategic Workforce and Operation Workfroce Planning Reporting & Analytics • Successful pilots proved concept and identified immediate benefits • Reporting and analytics for HR business partners and leadership • Acceleration and scale up from 2014 • Operational reporting to measure service effectiveness Enabling profitable growth through risk mitigation and cost avoidance 8 Classification: PUBLIC Access to key people information to enable insight for decision-making
    9. 9. Key achievements More than HR Services Desks cover Single Payroll Outsourcing paying ~ 26,000 employees Over 24,000 employees are using our new Performance Management tool 9 Classification: PUBLIC More than 6,000 employees are mapped in our new Talent Development tool ~ 24,000 26,000 positions/employees mapped in the Global Job Catalog employees 50 Migrated 80 GPS HR systems into One e-HR system countries serviced by specialist third party payroll platform
    10. 10. HR Transformation: business impacts Reducing complexity, improving compliance, data quality & effectiveness Enabling consistent and scalable worldwide people processes Driving improved career planning and succession management Enabling a performancedriven culture 10 Classification: PUBLIC Improving ease of access to key people information to accelerate decision making Driving stronger control of headcount planning/ budgeting Supporting global functions in execution of the people strategy Generating $18 m in business value through annualized savings Enabling profitable growth through risk mitigation and cost avoidance
    11. 11. Key learnings from our journey so far ..... • Avoid over promising • Lead your own people through the change • Invest in project / change management capability • Identify basics / quick wins - deliver them quickly • Resist over engineering • Engage senior leaders as change agents • Celebrate achievements 11 Classification: PUBLIC
    12. 12. Key takeaways from our journey so far ..... • Transformation - Linking transformation to strategy • Policy - Direction through policy • Partnership - Partnership over supplier management • Governance - steering transformation • Implementation - Execution and embedding through the line 12 Classification: PUBLIC
    13. 13. Our continuing journey..... HR Global Delivery Model in a global context • Operational leverage and further scaling • Enabling new business models - pilotting • Innovation and execution at scale • Compliance and integration to enable end to end service 13 Classification: PUBLIC