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Joost Segers, Toyota Motor Europe - The Power of Business-Led Learning


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. “Great international training through modularisation.”
  • 2. Toyota–in the world Established in 1937 52 manufacturing companies in 27 countries and regions Vehicles sold in more than 160 countries and regions worldwide 9,747,762 vehicles sold worldwide in 2012 Market share (2012): 48.6% in Japan, 14.4% in USA, 4.5% in Europe More than 5.5 million cumulative hybrid sales Net revenue: €206 billion in FY 2012-13 Approx. 337,000 employees worldwide
  • 3. Cars Quality Service
  • 4. Toyota quality Quality Product quality Customer service
  • 5. Customer service 3S philosophy What does this stand for?
  • 6. Customer service 3S philosophy What does this stand for? Accuracy Caring Trust (Seikaku) (Shinsetsu) (Shinrai)
  • 7. Regional headquarters Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA (TME) Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) Toyota Motor North America, Inc. (TMA) Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. (TMAP-MS)
  • 8. Toyota Motor Europe Network 30 National Marketing and Sales Companies (NMSCs) 56 countries
  • 9. Technical training program background Workshop tasks 100 80 60 40 20 0 Maintenance Diagnosis
  • 10. 2005 TEAM21–Job based training Maintenance and repair Toyota Technician Maintenance Toyota Pro Technician Repair Diagnosis Toyota Diagnosis Technician Procedure based diagnostics Toyota Master Diagnosis Technician Symptom based diagnosis
  • 11. TEAM21 program parts Classroom training Blended learning Certification program e-Learning
  • 12. TEAM21 deployment history Local Program Deployment 2008 Deployment 2011 No e-learning e-Learning 2008 TEAM21 e-Learning 2011 Use E-learning
  • 13. Program issues Out of date Hard to maintain Large volumes Rigid structure 3Y Re-certification Maintenance Detailed reports Not possible
  • 14. Concept development Business Trainee Training Customer (NMSC)
  • 15. Outcome Request to develop a modular competency driven program: “Can the member successfully complete the task according to the set criteria?” Competency Know Skill Attitude
  • 16. Program review process Content development Release to NMSCs Review on Sharepoint eLearning development Review w/ NLG tool Review on LMS Translation
  • 17. How the structure changed Volumes Hybrid DMT DT PT TT DMT DT New Structure (V2) PT TT HV Advanced diag. <C> Motive force suppr. control HV Sys. Basic diag. <C> HV diagnosis code logic THS Components <C>LO Skill to remove HV battery LO Work Safety <C> Disable HV for Service Then we grouped learning objectives into courses LO LO LO LO LO
  • 18. Did this concept solve the problem? Easy to add / move LO’s around LO’s can be grouped in various modules in infinite variations Out of date Hard to maintain Large volumes Rigid structure 3Y Re-certification Maintenance Reporting on course modules closes the loop if you know which LO’s are included! Detailed reports Not possible
  • 19. Maintenance instead of recertification Recertification system 2011 2012 2013 1st Year 2010 2nd Year 3rd Year Technician certified HERE Technician Certification EXPIRED Maintenance system 2013 Technician certified HERE 2014 2015 2016 Maintenance Curriculum 2014 Maintenance Curriculum 2015 Maintenance Curriculum 2016 CERTIFICATION NEVER EXPIRES
  • 20. Final result New program roll out reduced from 3 years to 1 Accuracy Kindness Trust