ON24   WHITE PAPERIs Your LearningManagement SystemLeaving YourUsers Dazed andConfused?
ON24       WHITE PAPERBeyond poor usability of learning management systems,             learning solutions that accelerate...
ON24        WHITE PAPERBusinesses are using virtual universities for a variety of        Other benefits to clients are com...
ON24        WHITE PAPERBENEFITS OF A VIRTUAL CORPORATE                                          feedback, and completion r...
ON24       WHITE PAPER                                                               REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCE, REAL BENEFITS ...
ON24       WHITE PAPERPROFESSIONAL SERVICES                                         TECHNOLOGY MANUFACTURINGA major profes...
ON24       WHITE PAPERHOTEL MANAGEMENT                                              SURPASSING CONVENTIONAL LEARNINGA majo...
THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SUCCESS AND FAILURE                   In the global marketplace, well-educated employees, partners,...
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Is Your Learning Management system Leaving Your Users Dazed and Confused?


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Is Your Learning Management system Leaving Your Users Dazed and Confused?

  1. 1. ON24 WHITE PAPERIs Your LearningManagement SystemLeaving YourUsers Dazed andConfused?
  2. 2. ON24 WHITE PAPERHOW A VIRTUAL CORPORATE UNIVERSITY CANMAKE YOUR EXISTING LMS MORE ENGAGING,ACCESSIBLE, AND USER-FRIENDLY ABSTRACT Today’s learning management systems (LMS) lack the flexibility necessary to meet the growing knowledge demands of users. They are also difficult to use and expensive to implement. Improving learners’ performance requires that they have the ability to easily locate the training materials they need and complete the coursework in a timely manner. For these reasons, training executives are looking for ways to link their existing learning ON24 Virtual Corporate University for New Hire Onboarding management systems with new, complementary technologies that LMS CHALLENGES FOR training professionals are not can deliver easier, more engaging TRAINING MANAGERS satisfied with their existing learning learning experiences. management systems. Nearly half This white paper describes the Learning management systems rate their systems as “average,” “poor,” current state of LMS and the have been around for many years, or “very poor” for the following four challenges facing corporate developed to help companies train reasons1: training managers. It also their employees more efficiently and discusses how companies are at lower cost. The term “learning 1] Difficult to use using virtual corporate universities management system” is actually a Learning management systems have in conjunction with their existing misnomer; most existing LMS systems typically failed to adapt to users’ LMS implementations to improve are actually training management learning needs, with 25 percent of learning outcomes. Finally, it systems. training professionals reporting that describes the ON24 Virtual Corporate University and how “Training” is something that is pushed learners have challenges with LMS companies are using the ON24 to users in a uniform fashion, with usability. Learning management platform to make their training the content determined by managers systems began as relatively more engaging, accessible, and and delivered to all users in the same complex tools to be used by trained user-friendly. formal way. “Learning,” on the other administrators, and so it is not hand, is user-specific, personal, surprising that learners find them and informal, consisting of finding difficult to use. LMS providers have and using content that meets the only recently begun to make their unique needs of individuals. Learning, systems more user-friendly. therefore, is much more difficult to manage and measure. Recent studies show that manyIs Your Learning Management System Leaving Your Users Dazed and Confused? 2
  3. 3. ON24 WHITE PAPERBeyond poor usability of learning management systems, learning solutions that accelerate employee andtraining professionals have also reported challenges business performance. Social learning uses socialsearching for specific training programs and information media to leverage shifts in corporate culture thatwithin the systems, as well as IT issues such as bandwidth encourage ongoing knowledge transfer. More than 12concerns and password management problems. percent of companies plan to launch social learning / social media technologies within the next year2.2] Lack of “holistic” training programsOne of the greatest shortcomings of existing learning • Mobile learningmanagement systems is their inability to easily incorporate Mobile learning is making significant advances, withand measure coursework that resides in external content companies across industries planning to implementrepositories. Today’s LMS platforms need to link to other systems that support learning on a variety of mobileenterprise content management systems to deliver more platforms. Companies have recognized the need torobust learning experiences, including federated searches provide learning resources to their users at any point(comprehensive information searches both inside and in their daily activities, and that means comprehensiveoutside of the LMS), dashboards, and personalized training mobile access. Other critical success factorspaths. for mobile learning include providing engaging,3] Need for personalized learning interactive content and ensuring that learning can be tracked and managed by the company’s LMS.Forty-four percent of companies have identifiedpersonalized learning plans as one of the top-three most SOLUTION / OPPORTUNITY – VIRTUALessential functions of future LMS designs1. Personalized CORPORATE UNIVERSITYlearning is extremely important; content must be provided The rise of the “virtual corporate university” reflects thein ways that accommodate various learners across a broad need for companies to deliver training materials thatspectrum of demographic, generational, and geographic are easier-to-use, more interactive and engaging, andcategories. And with so many workers using a rapidly accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. Companiesincreasing variety of mobile devices, personalized training must also provide varied levels and types of learningmust also be integrated with—and easily delivered via— programs and content (e.g., centralized, functional, andmobile and handheld devices of all types. geography-specific). And given shrinking budgets, the4] Limited measurement and reporting new training programs must be more cost-effective than traditional learning methods.Many training managers believe that their LMS reportingtools are insufficient. Limited reporting poses major The virtual corporate university satisfies thesechallenges. Learning professionals need the ability to requirements. By combining virtual online classrooms, livequickly add training content to meet evolving learner webcasts, social networking tools, and other Web-basedneeds and then track the new coursework’s use and collaboration tools, the virtual corporate university createseffectiveness. a highly adaptable and engaging learning experience for wide-ranging employee needs. Moreover, it does so while allowing employees, partners, and clients toKEY CORPORATE LEARNING TRENDS access training courses anytime and from any location.Changes continue in the corporate learning industry. This is an enormous advantage, given the need to trainIn recent years, industry interest has moved from basic busy employees who are often spread out across globaltechnologies such as systems that provide tracking and locations.management of learning activities to advanced learningsystems that integrate with social media and can beaccessed anytime, anywhere, from a variety of devices.• Social learning / social media Users expect learning management systems to integrate with social media and social learning tools. Combining social and informal learning with formal, LMS-based learning creates comprehensive, blendedIs Your Learning Management System Leaving Your Users Dazed and Confused? 3
  4. 4. ON24 WHITE PAPERBusinesses are using virtual universities for a variety of Other benefits to clients are communication tools fortraining and communication needs: discussing common issues and sharing best practices.• New hire on-boarding – Companies are using virtual • Sales training – Increasingly, companies are using corporate universities to conduct new-employee virtual corporate universities to train their sales teams orientation and training, providing an engaging, on new products, services, and promotions, in effective, and consistent on-boarding experience for addition to basic and advanced selling skills. Virtual new hires no matter where they are. universities also enable direct access to subject matter experts for technical Q&A and discussion of specific• Leadership / management development – Virtual topics. corporate universities have become increasingly popular for leadership training and management • Partner training – Firms use virtual corporate development courses. Flexible online training is easier universities to educate their partners on new for busy managers to fit into their schedules, resulting technologies and partner programs. The virtual in higher participation rates compared to traditional university’s social networking tools allow partners and classroom training. companies to discuss challenges and obtain timely feedback.• Continuing professional education – Professional training on new techniques and procedures is much more effective when employees can access it on their own schedules and without the need to travel to distant training seminars.• Client training – Virtual corporate universities are ideal for training clients on new products and applications. The convenience and flexibility offered by virtual universities increases participation dramatically.Is Your Learning Management System Leaving Your Users Dazed and Confused? 4
  5. 5. ON24 WHITE PAPERBENEFITS OF A VIRTUAL CORPORATE feedback, and completion rates. These metrics allowUNIVERSITY training managers to identify training issues and develop more effective content.Virtual corporate universities allow companies to create“virtual dashboards” that can make tremendous amounts • Social learning / social media – Virtual corporateof information easy to find and access. These virtual universities help facilitate the development ofenvironments can also make the LMS more flexible and engaging, interactive social learning programs. Theyagile by allowing the capture of news feeds, blogs, social also enable collaborative learning by combining onlinemedia content, and Web-based information, as well as instructor-led training with social networking, expert-training materials that reside in content management led discussions, scheduled chats, blogs, and more.systems outside the LMS.Other benefits include:• Ease of use – Typically an immersive 3-D experience, the virtual corporate university can be designed to mimic any desired learning workflow, leading users on a simple intuitive path through the required coursework. More importantly, a virtual university can be a single point of access for all training materials. Users are no longer required to locate and log into multiple systems to complete their training.• Knowledge transfer – Using virtual corporate universities, companies can leverage their managers’ valuable knowledge and experience by making ON24: A GLOBAL LEADER IN ONLINE it easy for them to interact with and mentor new LEARNING hires and other employees. Subject matter experts from anywhere in the world can participate as ON24 is a leader in virtual learning technologies. The online facilitators, further enhancing the real-world ON24 Virtual Corporate University is being used by leading applicability of lessons and quality of learning global companies to provide engaging training programs experiences. Virtual corporate universities also provide using virtual classrooms, live webcasts, collaboration tools, a quick and easy way to communicate with direct and social networking tools. Key features of the ON24 supervisors and other company departments. Virtual Corporate University include:• Personalized experience – Virtual corporate • Industry-leading webcasting and virtual environment universities allow training professionals to personalize platform that fosters attendee participation, access to content according to learner groups, collaboration, and social networking. Combining departments, locations, or other criteria. Job social and informal learning with virtual instructor-led competencies and career paths can be personalized training creates a blended learning solution that can for learners so they can be more effective in their help accelerate employee performance. current jobs and progress more quickly to higher • Flexible social media features, including social levels within the organization. networking, group discussions, scheduled chats,• Mobile learning – Virtual corporate universities peer-to-peer collaboration, blogs and RSS feeds. The allow training managers to deliver content wherever ON24 Virtual Corporate University helps facilitate the learners are in their daily activities. Virtual universities development of engaging, interactive social learning not only provide engaging, interactive mobile content, programs. they also enable tracking of content use in companies’ • Ability to integrate training content from existing LMS learning management systems. platforms and other enterprise content management• Learning measurement – Virtual corporate universities systems. If desired, ON24’s virtual university can act as track all training metrics, including attendee activities, a single point of access for all training materials. enabling assessment of learner participation,Is Your Learning Management System Leaving Your Users Dazed and Confused? 5
  6. 6. ON24 WHITE PAPER REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCE, REAL BENEFITS The ON24 Virtual Corporate University has enabled leading firms to provide engaging and interactive online training to their global audiences of employees, customers, and partners. The following case studies highlight some of the ways companies are leveraging the ON24 Virtual Corporate University to create tangible benefits by: • Providing a global learning experience while reducing overall training costs • Increasing employee training participation and completion rates• Extremely secure, reliable, and scalable enterprise- • Boosting social learning via expert-led discussions and class platform, including role-based access, single Q&A sessions sign on, SAML authentication, and content restrictions • Accelerating the transfer of institutional knowledge using IP filters and passwords. among employees• Training-specific functionality including support for GLOBAL LEARNING PRODUCTS continuing education, automated registration, testing, and certificate issuance. It also supports a compliance Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) is a global learning workflow, with the ability to remove content before company. As the world’s largest provider of pre-K-12 the recorded version is posted. solutions, HMH collaborates with school districts, administrators, teachers, parents, and students to provide• Geographic flexibility, including support for 15 interactive, results-driven learning. languages. ON24 global support enables broadcasting HMH organizes a sales kickoff meeting each year to of live and pre-recorded content to specific time introduce new products to its selling force of educational zones, which is important for firms with worldwide consultants worldwide. For its most recent sales training, operations. HMH created a customized, two-day virtual sales kickoff• Mobile-deployment ready, including optimized tablet meeting for its 900 consultants. Powered by ON24, the and mobile phone views. Tablets provide an HTML5- virtual sales meeting included live sessions, exhibits, chat based immersive 3-D virtual environment, and mobile discussions, and downloadable documents. phones deliver a content-focused compact view. The virtual sales meeting resulted in better learning• Real-time measurement of training participation, outcomes than their prior physical meetings. Eighty-seven performance, and feedback. The ON24 Virtual percent of attendees said the virtual training was “very Corporate University allows training professionals to good” or “outstanding.” The event was a big success from quickly add training content to meet evolving learner a financial point of view, too—it was approximately 90 needs and then track the new coursework’s use and percent less expensive to execute than a physical event, effectiveness. saving HMH more than $500,000.Is Your Learning Management System Leaving Your Users Dazed and Confused? 6
  7. 7. ON24 WHITE PAPERPROFESSIONAL SERVICES TECHNOLOGY MANUFACTURINGA major professional services firm has used the ON24 A leading global technology manufacturer uses the ON24virtual environment platform to create a private virtual virtual environment platform to train its employees onuniversity for the education and discussion of mobility and a variety of collaboration and productivity tools. Theincentive taxes. The community helps members stay up- company offers weekly live “virtual-brown-bag” webcaststo-date and communicate in real time with other tax and within the virtual university. The ON24 solution allows theHR professionals on the latest trends and issues. Members company to deliver professional development traininghave spent more than 3 ½ hours, on average, listening cost-effectively to its employees worldwide. The companyto educational forums and engaging in discussions with also uses the virtual environment to share institutionaltheir peers. The ON24 virtual environment allows the knowledge via expert-led discussions, moderated forums,professional services company to demonstrate its wide- and Q&A sessions.ranging expertise, leading to new business opportunitiesfor its global employer services division.Is Your Learning Management System Leaving Your Users Dazed and Confused? 7
  8. 8. ON24 WHITE PAPERHOTEL MANAGEMENT SURPASSING CONVENTIONAL LEARNINGA major hotel chain is using the ON24 virtual environment RESULTSplatform to launch a global training initiative designed to Conventional learning management systems lack theimprove key employees’ understanding of management flexibility necessary to meet users’ growing knowledgefundamentals and leadership principles. Using the virtual demands. Moreover, these systems are difficult to use anduniversity, instructor-led training—via live webcasts and expensive to implement and fine-tune.moderated discussions—was delivered to the company’s Learning managers are looking for ways to deliver moregeographically-distributed leadership team. More than engaging learning experiences by enhancing their3,000 managers and company leaders were trained, at a existing systems with new complementary technologies.cost that was 69 percent lower than the industry average. Increasingly, employees require adaptable informal and social learning tools that provide just-in-time knowledge to fit individual users’ needs. A growing number of companies are using the ON24 Virtual Corporate University in conjunction with their existing LMS implementations to enhance their training results at low cost. The ON24 platform allows training managers to provide highly relevant learning content to employees anytime, anywhere, and on any device, achieving training outcomes that far surpass conventional learning management systems’ results. 1 Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2011. 2 Industry Buying Plans & Trends for 2012, January 2012.Is Your Learning Management System Leaving Your Users Dazed and Confused? 8
  9. 9. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SUCCESS AND FAILURE In the global marketplace, well-educated employees, partners, suppliers, and customers are a critical success factor. Companies across industries are using virtual corporate university solutions such as the ON24 virtual environment to achieve this goal. These organizations are providing highly effective learning experiences to their global workforces at much lower cost compared to tradi- tional learning methods. For more information on the benefits of the ON24 virtual environment, contact us at 877.202.9599 or visit www.on24.com. ON24, INC. 201 THIRD STREET SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94103 877.202.9599 WWW.ON24.COM© 2012 ON24, Inc. For more information on the benefits of the ON24 virtual environment, contact us at 877-202-9599 or visit www.on24.com.