IBM: Changing the Way Companies Work with IBM Smarter Workforce Solutions - Paget Miles & Alex Gibson


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IBM: Changing the Way Companies Work with IBM Smarter Workforce Solutions - Paget Miles, HCM Sales Leader Europe, IBM & Alex Gibson, Senior HCM Solutions Consultant, IBM

See how IBM-Kenexa Talent Suite taps big data to energize today’s workforce by combine social business capabilities, Watson Foundations and Workforce Science to modernise Human Capital Management. This new cloud-based software allows HRDs and C-Suite executives to gain actionable insights into the deluge of data shared every day by their workforce. As a result, organisations can now streamline, modernise and add precision to hiring practices, increase workforce productivity and connect employees in ways that impact business results - modern HR, is social HR!

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IBM: Changing the Way Companies Work with IBM Smarter Workforce Solutions - Paget Miles & Alex Gibson

  1. 1. © 2014 IBM Corporation Changing the Way Companies Work Paget Miles HCM Sales Leader Europe Alex Gibson Senior HCM Solutions Consultant
  2. 2. Top 5 Challenges facing HR
  3. 3. Listen to the voice of your organization and engage your workforce Big Data you can act on and drives smarter decisions Invest wisely in your employees Attract the very best talent get them productive Connect employees to the information they need
  4. 4. How can HR become more valuable The High Performance Engagement Model Employee  Engagement   (EEI)   Pride   Sa)sfac)on   Advocacy   Reten)on   Performance  Enablement   (PEI)   Customers   Systems   Structures   Prac)ces   Standards   Business   performance  /   outcomes   Customer   Sales   Safety   Profit  
  5. 5. OUR RESEARCHED HIGH PERFORMANCE 12 BEHAVIOURS Creating Strategy Gathering Intelligence Generating Ideas Accelerating Innovation Seek information Make sense of chaos Manage Risk Develop strategy Foster innovation Handle ambiguity Engaging Talent Establishing Trust Fostering Collaboration Developing Talent Value diversity Listen to other Create trust Build relationships Develop people Promote collaboration Influencing People Building Confidence Communicating Effectively Give direction Create clarity Build confidence Inspire others Decide swiftly Gain support Inspiring People Achieving Excellence Implementing Change Improving Performance Winning Customers Great execution Make things happen Empower other Drive change Customer value Pursue excellence
  6. 6. A key element of IBM’s researched approach was to identify the different levels of leadership experience, as shown below, and benchmark the expected level of leadership behaviour for a ‘high potential’ at each level. 1.    Technical  specialist  /  leader  of  small  team   2.    Leader  of  a  funcAonal  team   3.    Leader  of  a  funcAon   4  .    Leader  of  a  division  of  mulAple  funcAonal  units   5.    Cross-­‐naAonal  General  Management   LOW  LEADERSHIP  CABAILITY  DEMAND   HIGH  LEADERSHIP  CAPABILITY    DEMAND   6.    Cross-­‐industry  General  Management   LEADERSHIP CAPABILITY & EXPERIENCE
  7. 7. BENCHMARKING TALENT & HIGH PERFORMANCE NORMS The graph below is a typical output from a development centre utilising the leadership experience scale displayed on the previous slide. IBM’s research was able to identify global high performance norms at each level which we can benchmark individuals against to determine their potential. This can help to inform talent, succession and selection strategies.
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  11. 11. IBM KENEXA TALENT SUITE The Future of Working
  12. 12. The IBM Kenexa Talent Suite A science-based, socially integrated user experience for workforce development and employee engagement 17 •  Attract and hire people like your best employees •  Accelerate new hire productivity with social engagement •  Align employee performance with business objectives by providing continuous feedback •  Retain top employees with market-competitive pay and tailored rewards •  Drive business results with an interconnected and collaborative workforce
  13. 13. Exceptional Employee Experience Big to Fast Data Collaboration The Modern Talent Suite Tight Integration
  14. 14. Demonstration