HR transformation – can technology drive change? - Luci Love


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HR transformation – can technology drive change? - Luci Love, Head of HR Shared Services at BG Group.

BG Group plc , a world leader in natural gas, recently embarked on arguably one of the most ambitious HR Cloud implementations to date. The project scope includes core HR, compensation, goals, performance, talent management, succession planning, recruitment, on-boarding and learning.

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HR transformation – can technology drive change? - Luci Love

  1. 1. HR transformation 27 March 2014 Can technology drive change?
  2. 2. No representation or warranty, express or implied, is or will be made in relation to the accuracy or completeness of the information in this presentation and no responsibility or liability is or will be accepted by BG Group plc or any of its respective subsidiaries, affiliates and associated companies (or by any of their respective officers, employees or agents) in relation to it. 2
  3. 3. Managing expectations • Context and drivers for pursuing a cloud strategy • Key factors in their selection of software provider and implementation partner • Approach for building organisational support • Progress to date • Lessons learnt and the journey ahead 3
  4. 4. HRSS - Vision 4 HR - Drive exceptional results from our business and our people GSS Deliver an efficient and consistent HR Support Service by understanding the needs of all of our BG People OPERATIONS Deliver a proactive, timely, hig h quality global service with open and personable communication GSS - Strategically aligned, operationally invisible PAYROLL Working with our Payroll providers to deliver an accurate and timely service to employees SYSTEMS Provide an efficient global solution to deliver a seamless and consistent employee experience GOVERNANCE Deliver continuous improvement to mitigate operating risks, improve data integrity and protect personal data
  5. 5. Design principles • The customer experience must be seamless and consistent through our transactional processes • Costs must be kept within budget and project timescales must be met • Data is touched once, the new system will become the single source of the truth • Processes should be kept simple and should apply across all business areas • Global set of reference values for the group (e.g. grades, jobs, assignment reasons) • In order to drive consistency and efficiency business processes will be designed around the system • We can configure, we cannot customise • Don‟t enshrine the practices of the past • Best fit system, which is reliable, robust and future proof is a better outcome than a perfect fit system that works for today 5
  6. 6. HR Direct Integrated end-to-end Human Capital Management system which will: • automate and streamline processes • improve data integrity and security • give you real-time insightful information • evolve as HCM best practice advances Talent Engagement and Analytics Compensation Succession Mgt. Talent Review Learning Recruiting Goals and Career Performance Mgt. Core HR – Profiles, Organisation Structure, …...
  7. 7. 7  ...a massive project creating a whole new infrastructure: road, rail and pipeline BG Group pushing the boundaries: Curtis Island...
  8. 8. 8 ...safely transporting gas from its source to the plant  ...key obstacle: 3 miles of bog! A huge logistical challenge...
  9. 9. 9  ...the area will be restored to its natural beauty Once complete, the pipeline will be invisible...
  10. 10. 10  investment in our „back-office‟ which would create a new infrastructure: multifunctional shared services (HR, C&P and Finance) BG Group pushing the boundaries: Global Shared Services...
  11. 11. 11 Today we rely on you going the extra mile... ...and it can sometimes feel like we are „stuck in the mud‟
  12. 12. 1212 Tomorrow, we will be able to work more efficiently... ...supported by the right tools and systems
  13. 13. 13  ...key obstacles: our current processes and systems  ...key benefit: removing transactional work and enabling focus on value-adding activity A huge change challenge...
  14. 14. 14  “strategically aligned, operationally invisible” Once complete, the new GSS infrastructure would be “invisible”...
  15. 15. HR Shared Services Community Results 15 25% 75% 0% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% The GSS project has progressed faster than expected The GSS project has progressed as expected The GSS project has progressed slower than expected Recent poll: • Initial results of this pulse check are encouraging – 75% feel the GSS project is on track and 25% believe that we are progressing faster than expected HRSS Community members around the world How, in your opinion, has the GSS project progressed?
  16. 16. Key Activities 16 Comp, Goals & FUSE Absence, Talent, Recruitment & Learn 2014 Goal Setting Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Phase 1b Phase 2 ProjectActivityHRProcesses AIS/ASR ADR
  17. 17. Functionality will be rolled out over Q1 & Q2 2014 17 Core HR Q4 2013 Self Service 2014 Goals Compensation Performance Jan 2014 Learning Recruiting On-boarding TBC Analytics Talent Succession Absence TBC
  18. 18. Lessons Learnt • Adhere to company processes • Be prepared to get into the detail • Get to work on your data as soon as you can • Pick your partners well • It is the business outcome that matters 18
  19. 19. Any Questions? 19