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HireVue: Video Interviewing - How to Digitize Your Hiring Process -

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  • 1. Video Interviewing: How to Digitize Your Hiring Process Shahbaz Alibaig Recruitment Technology Manager
  • 2. Change is your friend ….
  • 4. Digital Recruiting in 29 Countries
  • 5. Objectives for today • Building the case for Mobile • What to consider before embarking on a Digital interviewing journey • Integrating Digital Interviewing within your recruitment process • Examples of Global Success Stories • Strategy for Roll-out of Digital Interviewing
  • 6. Identify Objectives for Digital Interviewing Technologies 1. Boundary-less Recruitment 2. Transform HR from International to Global 3. Candidate Experience 4. Hiring Manager & Recruiter Efficiency 5. WOW Hiring Managers 6. Early Talent Recruitment 7. Mobile & Virtual Workforce 8. Branding and EVP 9. Candidate Travel Cost 10.Reduce Cycle time 6
  • 7. Considerations for Digital Interviewing 1. Quality 2. Hiring Volume 3. Recruitment Process 4. Candidate Situation 5. Legal/Compliance 6. IT 7. Culture 8. Change Management 7
  • 8. Integrating Digital Interviewing in your recruitment process Do they meet minimum requirements? Disposition On Demand – use interviews to screen & assess (CodeVue for Software Programmers) Sourcing & Candidate Pool OpenVue – reach out engage passive candidates Hire & Onboard Offer and pre- employment verification Disposition Disposition On Demand & Live Interviews – continue to engage short list & finalists with unlimited on demand and live interviews Are they the right fit for the team & role?
  • 9. Expand reach, reduce costs and improve quality of hire Interview more candidates at your convenience On Demand  Eliminate Scheduling  Review on your schedule  Evaluate and rate  Share and collaborate
  • 10. Offset travel time and expense with Live Interviews Improve collaboration without sacrificing convenience Live Interviews  Recorded & non-recorded  Phone line integration  Interview guides  Multiple participants  Share recorded events
  • 11. 1. Post position 2. Call candidates 3. Schedule onsite interviews 4. Onsite recruiter interview 5. Onsite manager interview 6. Final round of interviews Inefficient, poor candidate exp. 1. Post position 2. Call candidates 3. Send HireVue On Demand Interview 4. Recruiters and managers watch interviews anytime/anywhere 5. Hold final in person interviews “HireVue On Demand interviews have been a big help in my recruiting strategy. Candidates can interview anywhere, at anytime, even when they are offshore, are traveling, or located in different markets.” LATAM SCREENING THEN SCREENING NOW RECRUITERS: “ Improved quality of hire, more convenient!” MANAGERS: “Watching interview gives me better sense of candidate.” CANDIDATES: “Love recording interview when it’s convenient for me.” Better Candidate Insights!
  • 12. 1. Receive application 2. Manager reviews 3. Schedule recruiter interview 4. Schedule manager interview 5. Coordinate travel 6. Possible additional interviews / travel Limited reach, $$ travel 1. Receive application 2. Manager reviews 3. Live HireVue digital interview with candidates anywhere in the world 4. Bring in best for final interview “With HireVue, I was able to recruit globally to staff locally. We were looking for experienced engineers that just weren't available in Poland. HireVue was a great, easy to use tool for us to interview candidates in India, Spain, Malaysia, and Mexico. Using HireVue was the only way we could have made this possible.” EU SCREENING THEN SCREENING NOW RECRUITERS: “ Border-less recruiting; global reach; more efficient” MANAGERS: “Can consider candidates from other countries; convenient” CANDIDATES: “Like being considered for GE jobs outside of my country” Global sourcing reach!
  • 13. “With On Demand digital interviews, I reviewed candidates anywhere, anytime, giving me a lot of flexibility. No scheduling or rescheduling phone screens, or other admin work. I was also able to improve productivity and interview consistency and finally assess candidates interpersonal & technical skills” USA FLEXIBILITY: “I reviewed candidates when it was convenient for me.” CANDIDATES: “Love anywhere, anytime flexibility and mobile access.” CONSISTENCY: “Rated candidates by question; fairer & more consistent.” LESS ADMIN: “No scheduling or rescheduling phone screens.”
  • 14. Feedback from Hiring Managers, Recruiters and Candidates 14
  • 15. Strategy for Digital Interviewing Implementation Identify Champions of Change Who: • GET IT • WANT IT • HAVE CAPACITY TO DO IT
  • 16. Questions Shahbaz Alibaig Email: Shahbaz1.alibaig@ge.com LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/shahbazalibaig Twitter: @shahbazalibaig
  • 17. APPENDIX