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Creating a New Model of Recruitment! - Colin Minto


Published on

Setting up an outsourced recruitment service to fill roles for less than 10% of the traditional agency fee, plus increasing the quality of the candidate experience and hire! …

Setting up an outsourced recruitment service to fill roles for less than 10% of the traditional agency fee, plus increasing the quality of the candidate experience and hire!
The G4S Executive Freelancer solution was set up to reduce the dependency on traditional third party headhunter services, build wholly owned talent pools, reduce costs and improve the candidate and hiring manager experience.
What essentially started out as a pilot project to test the theory of utilising expert recruiters on a professional service basis rather than retainer and fulfillment fees; the Executive Freelance solution is now widely used globally to hire senior management talent into G4S.
Up to 10 expert recruiters are available to manage each end to end recruitment need, utilising G4S’s award winning internal and external resources to attract, engage with, process and hire the very best people, blending sector expertise, intuitive technology and innovative thinking.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. iRecruit 2013Creating a new model of recruitmentColin Minto, Global Head of Resourcing, G4S PlcChair, Direct Employers Association (DEA)
  • 2.  620,000+ people 125+ countries One of the world’s largest private employers World’s leading international security solutionsgroup Recruit 200,000+ per annum – Growth andturnover Winner of Best Global/International RecruitmentStrategy – Recruiter Awards for Excellence 2012G4S Plc
  • 3. Resourcing Challenges Scale Autonomous business decision making Multiple ATS’s and silo candidate databases 130+ job display mechanisms Multiple candidate experiences Multi-lingual Millions of potential employees Continual candidate engagement Agency dependency
  • 4. CandidatesFind jobseasilyRealisticview ofrole andG4SApplyeasilyBeinformedandengagedCustomersStafffittinguniqueneedsStableworkforceSmoothstart upsKnow wehave apipelineRegulatorsEnsureequalityMeasureEnforceBerespectedpartnerG4SManagersFocus onday jobsSeewhat’sgoing onDifferent-iate G4SSaveand sellSecret Sauce of Reality!G4SPlcHire verybestPromoteEmployerBrandBuilttalentpoolsSaveand sellG4SResourcingBeproactiveBestpracticeandstandardsInnovateandautomateMeasure
  • 5. Aggregated Job Board / Community =Internal and External Career Centre’s100’000’s Job SeekersATS 1Breaking Convention!ATS 2 ATS 3 ATS 4Jobs PeopleJobsMatchedCandidatesJobsMatchedCandidatesJobsMatchedCandidatesJobsMatchedCandidatesGlobal SearchableSharedCandidate DatabaseMatched JobsApplicationsDiverse, Inclusive andGeneral Job Boards andSocial Media ChannelsPeople
  • 6. Statistics 12 live career centres, 4 fully integrated ATS’s 255,000+ Absolute Unique Visitors (per 30 days) 2,350,000+ Page Views (per 30 days) In 30 months 14,000+ jobs advertised 970,000+ Applications (68 per job posting) 890,000+ Registrations No1 Facebook Career Page 70,000+ likes, 25 million+ friends, 16,000+ discussing Driven 100,000+ visitors and 11,000+ applications to careercentre in 6 months
  • 7. In Good Company
  • 8. Executive Recruiters Executive Recruiter usage, the final frontier! Expensive, excessive, automatic Don’t get me wrong, it works…. but…. hands up Keep them up if you are an involved in in-house resourcing Believe employees are best at promoting the EVP Agree recruitment is NOT everyone else’s favourite pastime Don’t think resourcing is high enough up the corporate agenda? Think resourcing is one of the most important things businesses do! You are one of the most important people in your business!
  • 9. Smile The message, supported by DEA Europe Resourcing professionals – Some of the most importantpeople in business #iRecruitExpo @DEAEurope@colinminto Like, share, tweet, retweet, blog, pin
  • 10. Still In Good Company
  • 11. G4S Executive Recruiters “Innovation” is the method of solving challenges with anew or enhanced way of doing things Concept was born over dinner with a recruiter friend Tried, tested then scaled up with a trusted support business Created an in-house but outsourced team Expert freelance talent out there Billing on a professional service basis, £ per hour worked Access to all G4S technology and sourcing channels Connected with executive research resources Motivated and remunerated by doing a good job, not fees No fixed internal cost base Intrapreneurs!
  • 12. Executive Recruiter PerformanceTranslatedinto % Fee3.0%Roles Approx. Head Hunter cost Actual cost to fill SavingRole 1 18,300£ 493£ 17,807£Role 2 26,770£ 455£ 26,315£Role 3 46,155£ 1,625£ 44,530£Role 4 23,291£ 650£ 22,641£Role 5 27,900£ 2,044£ 25,856£Role 6 20,124£ 1,274£ 18,850£Role 7 34,500£ 964£ 33,536£Role 8 21,000£ 810£ 20,190£Role 9 24,117£ 4,290£ 19,827£Role 10 22,200£ 3,315£ 18,885£Role 11 14,774£ 2,075£ 12,699£Role 12 31,500£ £ 3,600 27,900£Role 13 18,455£ £ 2,277 16,178£Role 14 18,000£ £ 5,720 12,280£Role 15 12,000£ £ 52 11,948£Role 16 33,000£ 3,700£ 29,300£Role 17 21,000£ 810£ 20,190£Role 18 45,000£ 3,055£ 41,945£Role 19 42,000£ 9,596£ 32,404£Role 20 18,000£ 65£ 17,935£Role 21 36,000£ £ 10,708 25,292£Role 22 24,000£ £ 1,333 22,667£Role 23 5,250£ £ 1,333 3,917£Role 24 21,000£ £ 1,532 19,468£Totals 604,336£ 61,776£ 542,560£Average Head Hunter cost 25,181£Average cost to fill via Executive Freelancers 2,574£Average saving per hire 22,607£QualityFeedbackTime
  • 13. Direct Employers Association Trade Body created for employers with a specific focus on the TalentAcquisition/Resourcing function and the in-house professionals whodeliver the recruitment agenda Provides members with a single voice supported by the power of thecollective force of the best and most innovative employers Work with and influence policy makers, key stakeholders andbusiness leaders to create the right environment for effectiverecruiting Formulate and deliver best practice in all aspects of the recruitmentfunction whether that be permanent or contingent worker hiring - @DEAEurope
  • 14. And Still In Good Company
  • 15. Thank youQuestions most welcomeColin Minto, Global Head of Resourcing, G4S PlcExecutive Chairman, Direct Employers Association