M.I.A Data Colin Minto G4S iRecruit 2014 Presentation


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Meaningful Data
Interpretable Data
Actionable Data
In this session Colin will add some reality to the data debate and discuss how data driven decision making can only be successful if HR and Resourcing focus on capturing and utilising meaningful, interpretable and actionable (MIA)data.

He will provide some real-life insight into delivering business value by applying this methodology

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M.I.A Data Colin Minto G4S iRecruit 2014 Presentation

  1. 1. MIA Data Colin Minto, Group Head Resourcing and HR Systems, G4S Chair, Direct Employers Association (DEA)
  2. 2. • 620,000+ people • 125+ countries • One of the world’s largest private employers • World’s leading international security solutions group • Recruit 200,000+ per annum – Growth and turnover • Recognised innovator and multi-award winner in terms of resourcing strategy and delivery G4S Plc
  3. 3. DEA Europe • Trade Association for employers • Championing the resourcing agenda and practitioners • Educate • policy makers • business leaders • practitioners • job seekers • supply chain • 50+ members, 720 USA alliance members
  4. 4. MIA Data • Missing in Action? • Meaningful • Does it tell you something of value? • Does it help you explain something? • Interpretable • Can you read it? • Can you understand it? • Actionable • Can you do something with it? • Can you influence or make a decision using it?
  5. 5. Candidates Find jobs easily Realistic view of role and G4S Apply easily Be informed and engaged Customers Staff fitting unique needs Stable workforce Smooth start ups Know we have a pipeline Regulators Ensure equality Measure Enforce Be respected partner G4S Managers Focus on day jobs See what’s going on Different- iate G4S Save and sell Discovery is Data Too! G4S Plc Hire very best Promote Employer Brand Built talent pools Save and sell G4S Resourcing Be proactive Best practice and standards Innovate and automate Measure
  6. 6. Aggregated Job Board / Community = Internal and External Career Centre’s 100’000’s Job Seekers ATS 1 Breaking Convention! ATS 2 ATS 3 ATS 4 Jobs People Jobs Matched Candidates Jobs Matched Candidates Jobs Matched Candidates Jobs Matched Candidates Global Searchable Shared Candidate Database Matched JobsApplications Diverse, Inclusive and General Job Boards and Social Media ChannelsPeople 88%
  7. 7. Interpretable/Actionable Data
  8. 8. Interpretable/Actionable Data
  9. 9. Interpretable/Actionable Data
  10. 10. Interpretable/Actionable Data
  11. 11. In Good Company
  12. 12. Interpretable/Actionable Data
  13. 13. keyword % male ave. age reach fresh prince 44.4 24.3 7.2m #Milk 27.1 35.3 4.8m #Ryan Dunn 52.2 23.8 2.8m #Smoking 56.4 28.3 1.6m rip ryan dunn 20062011 52.6 23.4 1.6m #Nerd 50.7 27.5 1.5m #Johnny Knoxville 61.5 24.0 1.0m stepbrothers 50.0 23.9 680k rubberduckzilla 38.5 22.5 520k swag 41.2 23.8 420k eyes set to kill 39.2 21.4 360k manchester united fc 69.8 27.6 40k * Public data not related to G4S employees! Age 18 - 49 who like “Sports” and “Security Guards” also like….. Future – Now 
  14. 14. Predictive analytics (example) 1. 2,163 email addresses loaded into Facebook’s lookalike audience tool 2. Facebook matches email addresses with a user profile >1,300 confirmed anonymous matches 3. Extrapolated 1,300 into lookalike audience representing a 373,500 anonymous target audience in UK 4. Socially profile and index the audience demographics & interests
  15. 15. MIA Data - Takeaways • Establish your business challenges and if data can inform the solution • If so work out what data is Meaningful! • Put in the mechanisms and processes to capture and manage the data flow and articulation • Making sure the outputs are Interpretable! • Believe in the outputs and execute accordingly • As long as they are actionable!
  16. 16. MIA Data Questions? Colin Minto, Group Head Resourcing and HR Systems, G4S Plc Executive Chairman, Direct Employers Association Europe colin.minto@g4s.com linkedin.com/in/colinminto @colinminto @DEAEurope