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  • Requirement to move to a virtuous circle
  • Link up to date to trustworthy - We have to keep the system up to date for people to keep trusting it and using it
  • Example to use – Diversity (women at senior levels)
  • Mark Martin Keynote London

    1. 1. HR In the Digital Age Mark Martin
    2. 2. Executive Summary• Mark Martin, Group HR Director at Direct Line Group• Direct Line Group is a retail general insurer with leading market positions in the UK and businesses in Italy and Germany. We have over 20 million customers.• We employ a diverse workforce of 15,000 people, including contact centre staff, mechanics and actuaries.• Royal Bank of Scotland Group is now a minority shareholder. RBS Group was required to divest its insurance business following an EU mandate, as a result of the banking crisis.• In order to divest, we needed to build our own HR function, independent of RBS Group personnel, systems and processes.• We selected and implemented a suite of 7 cloud based systems – Workday, Taleo, Success Factors, Neocase, Ceridian, Aon Hewitt & Transversal• The HR function separated successfully in June 2012 and the business separated dependencies from Group in October 2012
    3. 3. We all know what makes a business successful Target Customers What do we have to do to be brilliant? Capability Engagement We have known it for thousands of years!
    4. 4. Believe it or leave it
    5. 5. We currently don’t see the value of people or customers Strategic Choices Executive Strategy Leadership Objectives Vision Critical Tasks People Culture Formal Organisation
    6. 6. Two things are changing in parallel…The world is wrestling withwhat is wrong for people andfor customers Advances in technology are increasing the transparency of customer & employee behaviour & its consequences
    7. 7. We need to do the right thing for people & customers The world is The wealth creation demanding it opportunity is becoming increasingly clear With the transparency that new technology brings those that have been in conflict will form a powerful community of change.
    8. 8. For example this powerful community of change will demand• Customer Life Time Value• Profit Per Employee• People Manager Index
    9. 9. What HR systems will be required to take us in to the digital age? Usability V Capability
    10. 10. All about Direction of travel
    11. 11. Turning a vicious circle into a virtuous circle
    12. 12. What makes a system usable? Configurable Trustworthy Object Orientated Accurate Timely Up to date Social Accessible
    13. 13. Moving HR from the what to the how13
    14. 14. What is the role of HR in the Digital Age?HR will have two main roles:• Enabling managers to manage the capability and engagement of their people• Strategic risk management – ensuring there is the right capability & engagement to deliver the business strategy If the business don’t want it or cant afford it AND the Board and ExCo do not believe it is a strategic risk HR do not do it!
    15. 15. HR function in the Digital Age Planning, Delivery & Infrastructure People matters “Payroll “driving the creation & & HR matters support Business Strategy ‘Advanced’ Business implementation of the Partner team” people infrastructure & “understanding the development roadmap business strategy & capability Systems configuration & requirements” maintenance Technical Expertise Strategic People Risks “providing technical Supplier interface & expertise eg reward’ management Core HR Constantly in constructive conflict HR delivered through Digital People Infrastructure
    16. 16. You cant manage what you dont measure• The world is changing and advances in technology are increasing transparency of customer and employee behaviour and its consequences• As a result HR will need to fundamentally reassess their role in the ‘Digital Age’Once you can measure your people & customers you will manage it
    17. 17. Q&A
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