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TRM 2.0: Filling The Gap Between The Corporate And The Real World - Gero Hesse iRecruit 2014 Presentation


How TRM for Gen Y High Pots really works: the careerloft case …

How TRM for Gen Y High Pots really works: the careerloft case
Why it's crucial to communicate on eye level – and what that really means
How to create a TRM tool not for but with a target group
How to combine on and offline activities in a holistic approach

Published in Business , Education
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  • 2. 2 |
  • 4. 4 | The War for Talent...from a German Point of View Profession meets Purpose: how the Gen Y thinks Agenda Bridging the Gap: how careerloft works
  • 5. The War for Talent... ...from a German Point of View.
  • 6. The Demographic Change plays a major role for Germany‘s Employers... ...and creates an Urgency to focus on the Generations Y and Z.
  • 7. The Outlook on the Germany Economy is positive. Quelle:
  • 8. Digitization drives Transparency: Talent Relationship Management becomes more important.
  • 9. The War for Talent – from a German Point of View: §  Positive Economic Outlook, Employer Transparency driven by Digitization and Demographic Chance lead to a Paradigm Shift on the German Labour Market. §  Employers have to think in a Strategic Way since they are quite often in a Weak Position compared to their Target Groups. §  Therefore, Employers have to build early and ongoing Relations to their Workforce Target Groups. Hence, they must understand the Needs of the Generations Y and Z.
  • 10. 10 | The War for Talent...from a German Point of View Profession meets Purpose: how the Gen Y thinks Agenda Bridging the Gap: how careerloft works
  • 11. 11 | How the Generation Y thinks... Profession meets Purpose
  • 12. 12 | Your target group is key. Don‘t expect them to adapt to your rules...example # 2
  • 13. 13 |
  • 14. 14 | War for Talent: Corporacte Culture has to change. ▶ Employers have to adapt to the Values of their Workforce. ▶ Corporations should engage in Green Thinking.
  • 15. 15 | Ethics are as important as Salary. ▶ Young Talents want to create Added Value for the Society ▶ All People within a Corporation should be treated equally
  • 16. 16 | Young Talents want Children right at the Beginning of their Career ▶ Employers have to adapt to this ▶ More Kindergartens, More Top Jobs in Part Time, More Flexibility
  • 17. 17 | Young Talents don‘t want to be Always On ▶ They expect more Flexibility ▶ Free Choice of Working Hours and more Time for Friends & Family
  • 18. 18 | Your target group is key. Don‘t expect them to adapt to your rules...example # 1
  • 19. 19 | The War for Talent...from a German Point of View Profession meets Purpose: how the Gen Y thinks Agenda Bridging the Gap: how careerloft works
  • 20. 20 |20    |   careerloft offers top talent and companies the opportunity to meet on an equal footing University students, graduates •  Exclusive information •  Attractive support program •  Companies submit applications Companies •  Employer branding with cross-marketing impact •  Recruitment of top talent •  Reaching out to international talent
  • 21. 21 |21    |   careerlo,  is  an  innova1ve  combina1on  of  offline     and  online  components,  with  17  partner  companies  currently   par1cipa1ng  
  • 22. 22 |22 | careerloft in 2 minutes
  • 23. 23 |23    |   careerlo,:  TRM  for  the  target  group  of  university  students   Participate Identify & connect Engage TotalnumberofstudentsinGermany Suitablecandidates Win §  Range: all of Germany §  Exclusive branding in the context of strong corporate brands Taking place in the relevant target group Identifying talent §  Identifying talent and forming talent pools §  Through networking, creating an initial touchpoint with suitable students §  Individual contact on an equal footing, in order to create relationships §  Strengthening the relationship by providing attractive support services §  Personal persuasion at events Creating relationships and winning over talent §  Entering applications in a separate applicant management system §  Maintaining relationships with employees of tomorrow Recruiting suitable students
  • 24. 24 | careerlo,  is  at  the  cuEng  edge  of  TRM     24   Yannik, Einstieg bei Audi Maren, joining Merck Yannik, joining Audi Active sourcing Mentoring program REVERSING THE APPLICATION PROCESS: Hiring in all careerloft companies 24    |   Event concept Authentic reporting COMMUNICATING AS EQUALS Student advisory board Participants By Gen Y for Gen Y Website, social media and real-life meeting place in Berlin ON- AND OFFLINE INTEGRATION
  • 25. 25 |25    |   “Genuine”  careerLOFT  in  Berlin  Kreuzberg  as  an  anchor     in  the  real  world            WHAT?          Content  from  the  target  group,  for  the                    target  group:  blogs,  interviews,                  features  from  corporate  partners   *  3-­‐6  month  internship.  prefably  media  communica1ons  students  with  social  media  exper1se.          WHERE?          In  Germany’s  mecca  for            social  media:  Berlin   WHY?   We  don’t  patronize  our  target  group,  but  communicate  with  them  on  an  equal  foo1ng.   Credibility  and  iden1fica1on  are  created  by  “real  people,”  not  through  websites.   Our  students  shape  careerlo,  themselves  (website,  event  formats,  social  media,  content  ...).          WHO?          2  talented  young  people*  and                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              the  careerlo,  team:  editorial,            film  and  marke1ng  team  
  • 26. 26 | MAJOR EVENTS SUPPORT SERVICES MENTORING PROGRAM                REGULAR  INFORMAL  MEETINGS   INSIGHT INTO TARGET GROUPS careerlo,  student  advisory  board:  represen1ng  all  of     Germany  and  every  discipline   26    |   Berlin   München   Karlsruhe   Münster   Hamburg   Hannover   Dortmund   Potsdam   Aachen   Vallendar   Frankfurt   Darmstadt   Jena   careerloft development: by the target group, for the target group
  • 27. 27 |27    |   Intelligent  ac1ve  sourcing  module  allows  for  ac1ve  pool  management   and  makes  it  possible  to  reach  out  to  individual  candidates   Job  market  for  outstanding  talents     and  graduates   ü  Complete  profiles,  including  academic  records,   through  the  careerlo,  support  program   ü  It  is  always  possible  to  address  candidates   directly   ü  Useful  for  jobs,  internships  and  events   ü  Exclusive  access  for  partner  companies   ü  Spam  preven1on:  Members  can  choose  to  be   contacted  no  more  than  once  per  week   Ac1ve,  long-­‐term  management  of  candidate   pools  with  the  help  of  modern  talent   management   Reversing  the  applica1on  process  with  the   careerlo,  ac1ve  sourcing  module    
  • 28. 28 | The  careerlo,  mentoring  program  plays  an  important  role     in  both  employer  branding  and  recrui1ng       28    |   What‘s it about? §  Experienced company representatives serve as mentors to careerloft members receiving support and assist them with issues related to their studies and career planning. §  The company representatives act as brand ambassadors and have a unique opportunity to get to know the candidates and encourage their interest in the company. Contents and duration: §  Specific topics, expectations, duration, frequency, type of communication and other activities are discussed by the mentor and mentee after their relationship has been established. §  Mentorships should continue for between four and six months. §  If questions remain or advice is still needed, that period can be extended. Intensity/Frequency: §  The mentee and mentor should be in touch at least once a month (we assume that the time required will be approx. 3 hours per month and mentee). §  We recommend that a kickoff session be held, if possible, to allow the mentor and mentee to get to know each other personally. This will create trust and facilitate further communication.
  • 29. 29 | Diverse  types  of  careerlo,  events  allow  par1cipants  to   communicate  on  an  equal  foo1ng     29    |   §  A  personal,  invi?ng  and  relaxed  atmosphere  at  careerloB  in   Berlin-­‐Kreuzberg:     careerlo,,  as  a  neutral  space  between  Genera1on  Y  and     the  corporate  world,  allows  for  relaxed  communica1on   §  Imagina?ve  formats,  e.g.:   §  Joint  events  with  mul1ple  partner  companies   §  Women-­‐only  events   §  Events  focusing  on  topics  of  interest  to  STEM  specialists   §  Organiza?on  through  careerloB:     We  coordinate  content  and  implementa1on  through  telephone   conferences  and  working  papers.  Communica1on  with   applicants,  hotel  reserva1ons,  surveys  to  gather  feedback  etc.  –   we  handle  all  opera1onal    tasks  and  charge  only  for  third-­‐party   costs.   §  Authen?c  repor?ng:  Lo,  residents  report  on  events  from  the   target  group‘s  perspec1ve,  for  the  target  group  –  in  blogs,  on  the   website  and  via  social  media.   §  Access  to  pre-­‐selected  talent  through  the  ac?ve  sourcing   module   Loft Lunch Fireside Chat Experience Day On-Site Visits Webinars We  adapt  our  formats  to  our  partners‘  needs  and  develop   new  ideas.   Case Study Running Company Discussion Panel
  • 30. 30 | Events  in  2013  –  the  example  of  SAP   30    |  30   Visit to CeBIT Success story On-Site Visit Loft Lunch, SAP & Telekom Visit to Coding Masters Experience Day Big Data SAP & Commerzbank ... and editorial contributions through all careerloft channels Experience Day
  • 31. 31 | careerlo,  events  with  very  posi1ve  feedback     from  the  target  group   31    |   93% 50 events in 2013 •  16 Loft events •  10 external events •  with partners •  10 online events •  14 on-site visits Total number of participants: 815 Total number of applicants: 1,635 31    |   95% I  would  par1cipate  in   this  type  of  event   again 79% I  can  benefit  from   this  event 74% I have learned a great deal about the company My overall impression is favorable 37% I plan to apply within the next 6 months
  • 32. 32 | YouTube:  To  date  >  100  careerlo,  videos       32    |  
  • 33. 33 | Social Media: most important channels 33 | > 600 Follower > 63.000 Videos watched > 20.000 Likes
  • 34. 34 |34 | Careerloft support program ensures data actuality and viral marketing among students
  • 35. 35 | careerlo,  is  a  mul1-­‐channel  approach  that  can  handle     every  aspect  of  talent  rela1onship  management   Events   Recruiting impact Image impact Cost for partner Average Support  for  partner   events   Recrui1ng  impact   Image  impact   Cost  for  partner   Low Webinars   Recrui1ng  impact   Image  impact   Cost  for  partner   Low Editorial  support   Recrui1ng  impact   Image  impact   Cost  for  partner   Low Social  media     communica?on   Recrui1ng  impact   Image  impact   Cost  for  partner   Low Mentoring  program   Recrui1ng  impact   Image  impact   Cost  for  partner   Average Student  advisory   board   Recrui1ng  impact   Image  impact   Cost  for  partner   - Low Ac?ve  sourcing   Recrui1ng  impact   Image  impact   Cost  for  partner   Average to high Corporate  profile  with   jobs  and  events   Recrui1ng  impact   Image  impact   Cost  for  partner   Low
  • 36. 36 |36    |   Currently  >  35,000  registered  students,     of  that  number  >  7,500  in  the  careerlo,  support  program   §  83%  with  3  or  more  months  of  prac?cal   experience   §  Outstanding  academic  performance:   §  University  grades:  1.6  average  (1=highest)   §  Abitur  results:  1.6  average   §  Interna?onal  aspects   §  66%  with  >3  months  of  foreign  experience   §  87%  speak  fluent  English   §  On  average,  knowledge  of  3.47  languages   §  9%  with  a  na1ve  language  other  than   German   §  Other  criteria,  e.g.     social  engagement,    awards  &  scholarships;   compe11ve  athle1cs   §  Dispropor?onate  growth  in  the  number  of   engineers  and  IT  specialists     §  37%  female,  63%  male   §  Approx.  20  %  are  interested  in  star?ng  work     within  the  next  12  months   MEMBER  DEVELOPMENT   Characteris?cs  of  members   receiving  support   x3 6,575 Q4 2013 29,692 23,117 Q3 2013 24,961 5,692 19,269 Q2 2013 20,468 4,874 15,612 Q1 2013 15,042 3,878 11,164 Q4 2012 8,700 2,000 6,700 Q3 2012 4,900 Q2 2012 1,900 Q1 2014 33,518 7,360 26,158 Members receiving support Members Development  of  members  and  members   receiving  support  
  • 37. THANK YOU. Contact: Mail: Phone: 0049 160 713 2570 Web: Blog: