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Campus Recruitment 2.0 - Technology in Hiring
Everything from shopping, banking, games and even hobbies have now moved online - in this hyperconnected world. We would be naive to think that hiring and other HR functions won't move online and we see the trend today with the online job boards - Naukri, Monster and the likes and the ever so popular social hiring via LinkedIn and other sources.

Likewise, gone are the days when campus hiring happened on pen and paper and through group discussions - technology has now simulated environments and other digital translations of all the offline archaic HR processes.

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Tech trnds in cmps rcrtmnt

  1. 1. Campus Recruitment 2.0 Technology in Hiring
  2. 2. Global Trends in Hiring Recruitment and Social Media Sources: Netherlands recruiting trends Infographics
  3. 3. Global Trends in Hiring | Leveraging Social media Leveraging LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter Sources:
  4. 4. Campus Recruitment |Challenges ahead Challenges faced by organizations in campus recruitment •Organizations are not filling all their graduate vacancies . •Graduates are not happy with the recruitment process and drop out or leave early . • Line managers are increasingly dissatisfied with the employability of graduate recruits . •Senior managers are concerned that graduates either don’t have leadership potential or don’t stay long enough to become leaders. High on the potential to execute tasks and engage others .But the odds of recruiting are 1 in 15 Very difficult to Hire Odds are high 1 in 4 Easier to recruit Buy and Build Strategy Only 1 in 6 employers say graduates have what they are looking for 1 in 4 graduates are likely to leave their first employer within 12 months Sources: -Hire & Inspire : CEB SHL Report
  5. 5. Campus Recruitment |Challenges ahead Common Hiring Strategy is not the solution Campus Recruitment Imperatives -Broad base campus recruitment beyond the obvious institutes -Align strategy to lean on Buy-and-Build to increase probability of success -Connect on a platform where applicants are available -Engage with a larger pool of applicants for the right skill match -Invest in assessment and development Selection of campus institutes basis the strategy focus Propensity to hire the right ‘build and buy’ candidate similar at next tier schools Sources: -Hire & Inspire : CEB SHL Report
  6. 6. Campus Recruitment |Way Forward ? Use of technology ? Social Media ?
  7. 7. Use of Technology in Recruitment Sources: Clara Moon & Lingmin Li , Cornell University ILRHR 6640, March 28, 2012 Recruiting Technology Trends ,2013 - Smart Social Recruitment (Impact Hiring ) - Social media attracts and engages a wider range of quality candidates Leveraging meaningful data in social networks, personal messaging, gamification and automation. Deliberate, targeted and non-spammy in nature. Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Glassdoor etc. can help in the branding and social engagement of a company. Video, Big data and Predictive Analytics Vast amount data is with us and there is need to convert into meaningful information. Automated metrics tracking using 4 recruiting technology – HRMS Product, Onboarding tool, ATS and CRM. Video Resumes/Interviews; Video conferencing – Saves time and better ROI over a period of time. Talent Innovations by LinkedIn 1)Project ‘Ubiquity’ - Large presence of Students on LinkedIn has led them to source Entry-level jobs from all the major companies and clients’ websites/third party to LinkedIn where students can apply. 2)Economic Graph : Using data analytics, Employment trends can be predicted based on different geographies. Mobility of talent can be predicted which organizations can use to attract talent / post jobs in that geography. 3)University Page: Worldwide 25000 university pages have been created for the Alumni to post and discuss jobs.
  8. 8. Campus Engagement through Social Media| India Major Campus recruiters - Presence on Facebook Ways to Engage through Facebook •Key Announcements, Knowledge Sharing and Product Promotion by the organizations •Engage with Interns and Final hires •One touch point to share all relevant information to students at campus – Prospective applicants for the organization in future It is just not about Facebook … • Google hang out sessions to increase reach and convenience. • Twitter to start conversations … • Linkedin for the end to end process ….
  9. 9. Campus Engagement through Social Media| India Citi Woman Leader Awards One of the key initiatives on Citi India Facebook page which reached to a larger audience on campuses and gained momentum and popularity through Facebook. Regular updates were shared on Facebook across campuses through our centralized Facebook page.
  10. 10. Do’s and Don'ts| Technology in Recruitment Multiple platforms to reach candidates . Cost-efficiency and faster recruitment cycle Continuous Engagement . The Social Gap ”Use it as a tool, but be clear about the objective." Technologies change with time Problem of Plenty ”Technology will be the key driver in all recruitment processes in future ."