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NHRDN Virtual Learning Session on Integrating Learning & Performance for Business Excellence
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NHRDN Virtual Learning Session on Integrating Learning & Performance for Business Excellence


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Speaker: Mr. V Natarajan …

Speaker: Mr. V Natarajan

Vice President & Zone Head - HR & Head - Corporate Training & Development, Tata AIG Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Integrating Learning & Performance for Business Excellence NHRD Virtual Learning Session June 20, 2012 India
  • 2. Areas which may interest youIntegrating L&D into becoming a value to the organization rather than a cost Role of the trainers Performance management and training measurement linkage Training Performance Management & benchmarking and continuous improvement
  • 3. Important Business Axioms Change is the Results are only constant the judge
  • 4. Change Impacts Business, Results Trained Individuals understand, accept and anticipate Change better, faster
  • 5. Training Direction Alignment
  • 6. Watch Store Story
  • 7. The Success Seekers Yes CEO sir. The Our expansion plan is in Operations team place. 30 new hands will be all geared up to will be soon be on board Arvind is your key man. Improve the online sales He is fresh andTo increase our revenues. Raghu are you ready? energetic and has great potential to success The Great India Travel Company
  • 8. The CultureThe unique experience an Organisation wishes to provide to their customers is expressed by Core Values & Purrpose Vision & Mission Strategic Intent & Goals
  • 9. Core Values and Purpose Understandin g nce U Excelle nity grity Inte At the Tata group we are committed to improving thequality of life of the communities we serve. We do thisby striving for leadership and global competitiveness in the business sectors in which we operate.
  • 10. Vision To be the most trusted life Insurancecompany that values customers financialwell being, consistently delivering best in class solutions and respected by all
  • 11. Training Strategy Core Values / PurposeIntegration with Organisation Vision / MissionCommunication Strategic Intent / Goals Knowledge Skills Behaviours
  • 12. Great India Travel Company Communication Our Values and Vision Our Goal Core Values – Customer Centric, Excellence, Integrity, Responsibility Vision – Best online travel company.........value for money products.......benchmark for customer responsiveness........ Goal – Be largest online travel company in Tamil Nadu by March 2013through 120 crores revenues....13 crores of profits....156 distribution points
  • 13. Great India Travel Company Hi, I am Sriram, Training Manager Hi, I am Arvind, Hi, I am Raghu, Operations ManagerAt Great India Travels Operations Head At Great India Travels. At Great India Travels I Report to Raghu
  • 14. The Business Plan for the Year Hey Arvind – your 30 Thats great Raghu! New hires is cleared and I was waiting for will join in 15 days. Lets get this news. You can be Cracking on the targets Assured – the targets are no big deal
  • 15. The Functional Issues How do I ensure my team is aligned and enthusiastic to achieving the goals? What is the support I need to provide them and who can help me ?Arvind Swamy, Operations Manager Let me speak to Sriram I am sure he has a solution
  • 16. Training Framework - TNA Discussions with Functions Employees Job Description pointers Out sourced / In Sourced Performance IndicatorsExternal Associates / Training Nomination ProcessPartners / Distribution Training Roadmap review
  • 17. Training Coverage Employees Out sourced & In Sourced External Associates / Partners / DistributionAssessing the eligible population is critical to determine trainingCoverage, costs, schedules and the training plan for the period
  • 18. Training Levels Performance Linked Programs Grade wise Knowledg Behaviou Skill e r Level 1 - Level 1 - Level 1 - General Manager 4 4 4 Level 1 - Level 1 - Level 1 - Manager 4 4 4 Level 1 - Level 1 - Level 1 -Asst Manager & Officer 4 4 4 Employee Orientation & Induction
  • 19. The Training DiscussionsHi Sriram, You know that we are expanding and the largest business piece is now with Tamil Nadu. I need my team including the new joinees to start off their business numbers immediately. How can you help get them to speed on their tasks Congratulations Arvind! This is a key assignment and the whole company will be looking towards your Achievement. You and Team will definitely achieve the targets. We will partner certainly
  • 20. The Training Discussions Thanks. What would you like me to do? Lets first understand the Key Knowledge and skills for each of your team member to become successful at their work We will also need to understand based on the Core values and vision of the Company, the behaviours each member must demonstrate which will reflect our Organisation in the marketplace
  • 21. The Training Discussions Ok I shall send you a Questionnaire and based on your responses I shall have a discussion with you to clarify the needs Then we shall together plan the training Road map for the team and schedule The individual training plans You will need to commit to the plan once We finalise
  • 22. The Training Challenges The acceptance of the training plan Frequency of changes Cancellations and drop outs
  • 23. Training Framework Functions Grade Knowledg Behaviou Skill wise e r Level 4 Level 4 Level 4 Problem CRM Creativity Solving Level 3 Level 3 Level 3 Negotiati AcceptOperations Packages on Feedback Level 2 Level 2 Level 2 Manager Communicatio Currency Execution n Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Travel Organisin Customer Process g Focus Arvind Swamy, Operations Manager at Guindy, Chennai is eligible for above training programs
  • 24. Training Methodology Internal – Employed Trainers External – Training Agency
  • 25. Training Methodology Online Classroom
  • 26. Training Methodology Online Asynchronous Synchronous
  • 27. Training Methodology Classroom Centralised Localised
  • 28. Training Framework Functions Grade Knowledg Behaviou Skill wise e r Level n Level n Sales AVP & VP Level n Sr Level 3 Level 3 Level 3Operations Manager Level 2 Level 2 IT Manager Level 2 A. Level 1 Level 1 Projects Level 1 Manager
  • 29. Individual Training RoadmapOperations Arvind Manager Swamy Level 1 Level 1 Level 2 Level 2 Level 3 Travel Organisin Communicatio Currency Packages Process g n Level 2 Level 3 Level 1 Level 4 Negotiati Customer Level 4 Execution Problem on Focus CRM Solving Level 3 Level 4 Accept Creativity Feedback Knowledg Behaviou Skill e r
  • 30. Organisation Training Schedule A Operations Manager Eligible Level 1Zone Level 2 Level 1 Level 3 Employee Travel OrganisinCity Process Currency Packages s g South 136 June 12 Oct 12 Jan 12Chennai OL -Guindy 08 OL Chennai Toppers Raju (1) Debadarshi (1) Roy (3) OL - OL ChennaiSalem 21 Raju (1) OL Toppers Debadarshi (1) Trainer Type Asynchronous Atul (3)Method Internal/Extern Synchronous ClassroomOL / CL Internal External Internal al Knowledg Behaviou Location Skill e r Trainer/Days/Method/Type
  • 31. Measuring TrainingWhat gets Measurements need to bemeasured customised to thegets done individual organisation requirements
  • 32. Measurement Methodology Using Control Group Supervisor360 Degree Feedback Feedback Including External Partner Function and Assessment Cross function Scores Feedback
  • 33. Senior Training Success Management Commitment toTraining Strategy Supervisor, Team Member andTrainer Commitment to Training roadmap
  • 34. Measuring Training Skill Operations Arvind Supervisor Trainer Program Manager Swamy Organising Raghu Sriram Pre Raghu gives Pre-Training Feedback on key impact areasDuring Sriram informs Arvind to self appraise themselvesPost Arvind gives feedback about program on training completion Sriram shares comparision of performance with control group Sriram connects with Arvind on key impact area monthly postTraining Evaluation of the group overall against set performance parameters
  • 35. Measuring TrainingConsolidate Function wise and Program wise feedback Measure improvement in assessment scores for Knowledge areasMeasure Pre Training and Post Training scores on skill Areas as assessed by supervisor, 360 degreesMeasure difference between training group and control group Identify areas of success and areas of improvement Bring course correction to incorporate feedback
  • 36. Measuring Training ExampleInvitations to participants and confirmations – check drop out ratios Drop outs are indicator to Participant / Supervisor disinterest Ensure Supervisor / Function Head addresses the group Feedback other than training gets addressed here Measure Pre Training and Post Training scores within a week Follow through on feedback from participant every month Check performance parameters of the employee and measure with control group – 45th Day & 90th Day Ensure Nomination to next program level sent out based on performance improvement
  • 37. Measuring Training Program wise check – check currency of contentFeedback on training issues such as timing, placeetc Trainer Feedback – Check on ability / skillsTrain The Trainer – assessment and group learningCommon sharing of issues and how to address themCompetition benchmarking – Continuous ImprovementIndustry Watch – Regulations / International Exchange Anticipate Change
  • 38. Differentiated Training forPerformance Excellence 20% 80% Integrate with Talent Development Process of the Organisation
  • 39. The Success TeamHi Arvind, Congratulations! Thanks Raghu – would You are nominated to Congratulations Arvind! not have been possible the Special Program on All The Very Best Without your support Leadership Essentials based on your excellent Performance and Team Management Thanks Arvind for your constant monitoring And help
  • 40. The Results are the Judge
  • 41. Acknowledgement & ThanksToo many people have been responsible for my journeyso far and the presentation is a culmination of ideas and thoughts collected over these 20 years. Especially trainers who shaped me Inder Bajaj, Alok Chatterjee, Shankho Chowdhury, Sanjay Kapoor, John Ellis, Colin Hall, Nick Wilson, Nirbhik, Sandeep Grover, Joydeep Roy, Joydeep Acharya, and my training team including Jyoti,Chaitanya, Sobita, Harinder,Shrikant, Arghya, Debadarshi, Suresh, AtulThanks to the HR team at TALIC and the NHRD team for this opportunity Photos / Image: