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Managing HR to Leading HR
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Managing HR to Leading HR


Presented By: Mr Vikas Shirodkar, Vice President Human Resources, General Motors India

Presented By: Mr Vikas Shirodkar, Vice President Human Resources, General Motors India

Published in Business
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  • 1. Vikas S ShirodkarVP Human Resources 1 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 2. “The only thing that is constant is change” Heraclitus, Greek philosopherAddendum : “ and the speed of change is ever increasing ““ It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” Charles Darwin 2 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 3. “The Future Ain’t WhatIt Used To Be !!!! 3 nhrd seminar, pune 10/6/2012
  • 4. “The Future arrived when weweren’t looking, so we’re stilldealing with issues, ideas and programs that don’t fit the world’s new realities.” Peter Drucker 4 nhrd seminar, pune 10/6/2012
  • 5. 5nhrd seminar, pune
  • 6. Ever changingmarkets 6 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 7. Ever changingcustomer 7 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 8. Great Opportunities and Greater Challenges!17 June, 2006 nhrd seminar, pune 8
  • 9. Market PressureEver increasing demands from the ‘Global Customer’ Customer’s will be more global, mobile, educated and increasingly demanding of:  More choice  Knowledgeable service staff  Greater levels of responsiveness  Individualised attention In the globalized world, heightened marketplace volatility will become the norm. Matching the workforce to these demands will become increasingly complex 9 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 10. To Respond, the Focus Must Be on Improving Performance, Agility and Productivity...…however there is a growing mismatch between employer and employee expectationIncreasingly, skilled workers*:  Define loyalty as the value of their contribution to an organisation, not longevity  Take more control of their careers, and want rewards based on performance  Prioritise work/life balance factors in selecting an employer  Are more mobile, and are prepared to travel for career development *Source:”The Rise of the Emergent Workforce” Spherion Pacific Enterprises LLCThe development and execution of key interventions to address theabove will realise competitive advantage 10 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 11. The Leadership Question The first job is not to make decisions, but to make sense -- Alan Weber, Fast Company17 June, 2006 nhrd seminar, pune 11 Source : Verna Alliee
  • 12. Survey reports…. Recent research covering top professionals from 7 Asian countries found that the single most important factor that makes winning organizations: __ % respondents voted for “people/HR” __ % respondents voted for “technology” __ % respondents voted for “optimum utilization of corporate resources” 12 nhrd seminar, pune 10/6/2012
  • 13. Where does HR fit in ? “The next ten years will be the HR decade.” Professor David Ulrich “Human Resource Champions” “I am describing your human resources department, andhave a modest proposal: Why not blow it up?” Thomas A. Stewart “Fortune” Magazine Which of These is True? 13 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 14. HRD: Holiday Recreation Dept.Human beingsare like teabags - you donot know yourown strength,until you getinto hot water ! nhrd seminar, pune 14
  • 15. People @ The HeartPURPOSE PROCESSES PEOPLEPRODUCTS PARTNERS nhrd seminar, pune 15
  • 16. HR is no longer a function... 1980s a Deployer of policies 1990s a Business Partner 2000s an Co-Architect of business future 16 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 17. To truly enable the strategy HR must Transform….. TOMORROW TODAY YESTERDAY Defining HR HR Leadership Strategic Role of Competency? HR Partner Business Partner? Role Procedural Cost Centre? of HR Outsource the HR On Demand Duplicated Optimise Shared service HR Function? The HR Simplify & Delivery Channels? Administration Function Share Process? Payroll System & Business Case Enabling Personnel Database Ensure Access Integrated HRMS The On Demand Providing TheTechnologies Realisation / ROI? with Self-Service & Usage? Workplace Right Tools? 17 Source : IBM nhrd seminar, pune
  • 18. The Leadership Journey Requires HRto Simultaneously Manage Divergent Strategies HR as an Administrative HR as a expert Leader adopting a strategic focus on on-demand key intervention areas variable cost structures, and as close to zero as possible 18 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 19. Evolution of the function : Admin. to Personnel to HR 20% 10% Strategic Strategic Planning Planning 60% 30%Customer Service/ Customer Service/ Consulting Consulting Administration Administration 20% 60%TODAY TOMORROW 19 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 20. To Achieve the Competitive Advantage HR must Adopt a Leadership Position Leadership Partner to the Business Service Provider Compliance Personnel Administration nhrd seminar, pune 20
  • 21. Transformation Process Take HR from a people business to beyond business partnership Liberate HR function from burden of transactional processes Refocus HR functions to support strategic workforce management Provide leadership to bring in HR best practices and business/HR strategy alignment 21 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 22.  Understanding trends 22 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 23. Future TrendsRising costof benefits, especiallyhealth care Rising Compensation CostsCompetitivepressure on increasing employee wages 23 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 24. Future Trends Managing talent Developing Human Capital Higher Shortage Ethical of TalentStandards 24 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 25. HR Technology Future Trends Use oftechnology to Evolution ofcommunicate new with technologies employees A move toward single software / ERP platforms Harnessing New Technology 25 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 26. Future Challenges Increased diversity in the workforce Changing Managing workpatterns – the Work-life 24/7availability, Changing balance etc. Workforce Increased vulnerability of intellectual property 26 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 27. Continuum of People Involvement Today : Age of Information 2020: Age of Engagement One way monologue  Two-way dialogue Telling/selling  Listening/responding Educating  Learning Presenting technical  Eliciting values, information hopes, dreams, Discerning public concerns, fears opinion  Discerning public People are not judgment responsible for  People are responsible identifying or carrying for identifying or out decision or carrying out decision solution or solution 27 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 28. SHIFTS RE-SHAPING HR ROLES FROM TOLocal markets, operations Global markets, operationsManufacturing, clerical work Service, knowledge workHierarchy NetworksIntermediaries; face-to-face Direct access,virtual relationshipObedience to formal authority Questioning of formal authorityStability, efficiency, control Change, creativity, flexibility, orderFull time job Part-time and project workCustomer service Shareholder, stakeholder valueWork done by employees Work done by many contributorsFixed work location Diverse work locationsManagement prerogative Social licenceLoyal service Marketable knowledge, skillsWhite, male workforce Diverse workforceFinancial performance Triple bottom line“Get a job” “Get a life” Dr. Peter Saul 28 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 29. CHANGING “HR” ROLES: Some Generalisations PAST FUTUREHR ROLE WAS CLEARLY PEOPLE/LEADERSHIP ROLE ISDIFFERENTIATED DISTRIBUTED AND DIFFUSE – mechanistic – knowledge management (Personnel Admin) – relationship management; – ritualistic, legalistic (IR) teamwork – CEO’s eyes and ears – legal compliance with the troops – change management – distinct professional – no distinct HR profession - career paths new hybrid roles emerge HR is HR’s responsibility People/Leadership is everyone’s responsibility 29 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 30. HR EXECUTIVES’ VIEW OF THE FUTURETOP 5 BUSINESS CHALLENGES TOP 3 HR CHALLENGES Developing new markets  Attracting and retaining talented people Improving profitability Market share growth  Improving organisational capabilities Becoming the recognised global market leader  Developing leadership Building shareholder value skillsSource: Arthur Andersen survey of HR Executives in almost 70 Australian-based firms Finding innovative solutions 30 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 31. “It’s not so much that we’re afraidof change, or so in love with the oldways, but it’s the place in between that we fear… it’s like beingbetween trapezes. It’s Linus whenhis blanket is in the dryer. There’s nothing to hold on to.” - M. Ferguson 31 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 32. “The bad and the ugly in HR” “Many HR people still lack business acumen” “We have not adequately managed high expectations of HR” “There’s too much modeling of mediocrity… and way too little real research going on” “We have overhyped e-learning and some other fads” “We do much order-taking… and mistaking talk for action” Jim Moore, former Director of Workforce Development at Sun Microsystems in his address to the SHRM Annual Conference 32 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 33. HR AT A CROSSROADS Results of a forum on the "The State of the HR Profession" held in conjunction with the 2010 Annual Conference of the Society for Human Resource Management “Significant change is inevitable for HR” but “what HR will be and do is not yet clear” An HR practitioner might be "a hybrid line manager" who is "first and foremost a business executive" but has expertise in at least one HR function. SHRM President and CEO, Helen Drinan “We have to get management to understand that theyre responsible for people” AND “If we do our job—and work ourselves out of a job—so be it."Also see FT.com online forum on33 “Human Resources: A career in crisis?” pune nhrd seminar,
  • 34. More OD and Change; Less Canteen & Toilets “Old days” of – Administration – Transactions – Employee Champion/Advocate – are OUT HR does not require a facelift the entire DNA needs to be changed NEW Model of HR Service Delivery needs to emerge34 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 35. HR Managers of Today35 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 36. HR Roles of Today Industrial relations Administrative Personnel Management and Policy Formulation HRD Facilitation Change Management nhrd seminar, pune 36
  • 37. Future of HR All the above will be outsourced 37 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 38. HR in transition... 1/3 is automated 1/3 is given back to line mangers 1/3 is out-sourced What is left of HR in HR ??? 38 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 39. What makes for a great day? 39 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 40. What makes you hit the snooze button?
  • 41. WHYGoal of GHRT 41 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 43. TO ACHIEVE LEADERSHIP & GROWTH… Greater Talent Management expertise Clear visibility to organizational data toLEADER facilitate business planning NEEDS Stronger connection to their people to engage them and enable them to achieve their greatest valueJ&J’s Leaders need greater leadership capabilities and organizational information to lead their businesses through the changing world of health care 43 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 44. So GHRT aims at… Developing leadership and talent is a key business priority needed to drive growth in our businesses. Changes to enable this include : •Ability to move talent globally based on evolving business needs CREATING •Cross-sector collaboration and sharing of resources VALUE FOR and practices OUR BUSINESS •Ability to anticipate and rapidly fill roles in critical capability areas •Remarkably consistent employee experiences A new HR operating model that will supportthe development and accountability of peopleleaders THE FUTURE OF HR 44 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 45. Service Delivery Model ComponentsBusiness- Specialist EmployeeBased HR Groups Service Centers Global Technology Backbone 45 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 46. Integrated HR Service Delivery Model HR Service Centers HR Leadership / Governance Centers of Business Expertise Based HR Line Leader, HR and Employee Behaviors and Core Global HR Processes Accountability including Self- Harmonized Global HR Policies Sufficiency Globally Integrated Single HRMS Enabling HR Foundation 46 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 47. What is the Big Transition?Products Solutions Experiences 47 nhrd seminar, pune 10/6/2012
  • 48. Strategic Roadmap Conference Large Scale Interactive Process for communicating with employees and get their buy-in on the Strategic Plans. This is a theme based motivational event.48 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 49. Rewards Management: Peer Awards 49 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 50. Fleet Safety - A process on safe driving of two and four wheelers at work orotherwise. ALL employees have been covered through training programs. As a partof our social responsibility we have run this program also for Chennai Police. 50 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 51. Corporate Citizenship 51 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 52. Give them something to care… About the mission of the company About why the company exists About what difference they are making in lives of customers 52 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 53. WORKPLACEOF CHOICE 53 nhrd seminar, pune 10/6/2012
  • 54. THE BUSINESS CASE: IT WORKS This is more than a ‘feel good’ goal. It enables – Strong Financial Performance – Sustained Business Success Fortune Magazine publishes an annual study of “Best Company to Work For” and “Most Admired” 54 nhrd seminar, pune 10/6/2012
  • 55. On both the MostAdmired and BestPlaces to Work listfor the last 5 years Microsoft profits soar 55 nhrd seminar, pune 10/6/2012
  • 56. Top 10 MostAdmired Company4 of the last 5 yearsBest Places toWork3 of those years FedEx profits surge in third quarter 56 nhrd seminar, pune 10/6/2012
  • 57. # 4 on both BestPlacesto Work and World’sMost AdmiredCompany lists for2010 Google Sets Record for Quarterly Profit 57 nhrd seminar, pune 10/6/2012
  • 58. How it works Employees choose to dedicate themselves to the company’s success Employees have intense desire to be a member of organization Current & potential employees speak positively about organization 58 nhrd seminar, pune 10/6/2012
  • 59. WORKPLACE OF CHOICE: HOW WE BEGIN Winning Business Results Company Provides Employees Enable Workplace ofCompany’s Success Choice Attract and Retain the Best Talent 59 nhrd seminar, pune 10/6/2012
  • 60. 7 DIMENSIONS THATENABLE WORKPLACE OF CHOICECommitment Teamwork Personal &Trust Professional GrowthRecognition Fairness Health &Well Being 60 nhrd seminar, pune 10/6/2012
  • 61. What do employees desire? Learning PositiveJob Work &Content Development Environment Rewards Fulfillment & Of Recognition Life Roles 61 nhrd seminar, pune 10/6/2012
  • 62. 3 steps Initiate conversation and Identify Priority Dimensions Describe top priorities Implement your ideas 62 nhrd seminar, pune 10/6/2012
  • 63. CHANGE MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES: CHANGE MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK Articulation of a compelling, shared 8 vision and business imperative for Create a Compelling, change 8 Employees are enabled to Shared Vision learn new behaviors and apply 8 Stakeholders with authority, them to their work power and/or influence lead Deliver Learning, and visibly support the change Training and Build Stakeholder & Performance Leadership Support Alignment HR Transformation 8 Employees are well - Provide Organization Deliver Communications informed about and involved 8 Aligned systems and and Resource & Build Engagement in the change organizational models that Planning support the change and reinforce the new behaviors Provide Measurement, Evaluation & Enable Improvement 8 Establishment of short - and long - term measures of success GM’s 55 day 63 Strike at Halol nhrd seminar, pune
  • 64. Future Challenges Managing the Changing WorkforceIncreased diversity in the workforce Creating workplace that respects and includes differences Recognizing unique contributions individuals with differences can make Creating work environment that maximizes potential of all employees 64 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 65. Work-Life Balance According to study by Center for Work-Life Policy, 1.7 million people consider their jobs and work hours excessive 50% of top corporate executives leaving current positions 64% of workers feel work pressures are “self- inflicted”, and taking a toll In the US, 70%, and globally, 81%, say jobs are affecting their health. Between 46% and 59% of workers feel stress is affecting their interpersonal and sexual relationships. Males feel there is stigma associated with saying “I can’t do this” This will create future challenges 65 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 66. Conclusions Exciting time for HR professionals More emphasis on cost containment and control Focus on employee responsibility and involvement at work Greater use of technology in communication with employees More flexible patterns of work 66 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 67. The HR Value Proposition Knowing external Business realities ( technology, economics, Globalization, Demographics ) Ensuring HR Serving external and Professionalism Internal stakeholders( HR roles, competencies, HR Value ( customers, investors, and development ) Proposition managers and employees Building HR resources Crafting HR practices ( HR strategy and ( people, performance, Organization ) Information and workSource: Dave Ulrich & Wayne Brockbank – The HR Value propositionseminar, pune 67 nhrd
  • 68. From a cacophony of HR Roles Coach Facilitator Business partner HR leader Enabler Advocate Employee Maintainer & champion Initiative leader Monitor Change agent Strategist Operational supporter Rapid deployment Internal specialist consultantHuman capital steward Manager of firm infrastructure Competency practitioner Knowledge Policy Manager of employee facilitator Strategic Administrator contribution partner Prog coordinator Service provider Reactive problem solver Conscience Relationship builder Architect Admin Expert Client relationship manager 68 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 69. Synthesis of roles for HR Professionals Human Capital developerEmployee HR Strategicadvocate leader partner Functional expert Source: Dave Ulrich - HR Champions 69 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 70. Take the first step in faith. You dont have to see the wholestaircase, just take the first step. - Martin Luther King, Jr 70 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 71. “Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” -: John F. Kennedy 71 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 72. Brain v/s. Heart Game ?? 72 nhrd seminar, pune 10/6/2012
  • 73. New Task & Expectation for HRFrom Human Resources to Human Forces 73 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 74. PHOENIX: an euphemism for “new” HR  PHOENIX : the only one of its kind that after living for 5/6 centuries in the Arabian desert, burnt itself on a funeral pile & rose from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle. nhrd seminar, pune 74
  • 75. What does the “average” employeeneed to know about the brave new world ? Don’t be “average”. 75 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 76. I have come to accept that the life of a forerunner is a hard one, that he will suffer more injuries than most men and that many of these injuries will not be accidental. ………PELE 76 nhrd seminar, pune
  • 77. 17 June, 2006 nhrd seminar, pune 77
  • 78. HR is about sharing !I would love to share this presentation with you. Please send me an email :vikas.shirodkar@gm.com
  • 79. 79 nhrd seminar, pune