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How HR supports business
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How HR supports business






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  • * Nokia has one strategy that describes where, why and how we compete * Nokia strategy focuses only on the highest value topics to Nokia and major changes/big swing decisions – not on everything we do * Nokia strategy is supported by implementation plans that describe (1) the contributions to Nokia strategy (2) key functional priorities, where relevant * Relevant boards develop plans that identify the key priorities to building capabilities and assets necessary to succeed. Relevant boards own, develop and follow these plans. (These plans were previously known as capability strategies)     - There can be as many of these plans as needed     - The development of these plans can start right after the December sharing of Strategic priorities and financial expectations, claerly derived from the December expectations and Nokia strategy, but parallel to finalising Nokia strategy in Jan-Feb.     - Input from the content of these plans can be made part of the Nokia staretegy sharing in May-June * Where necessary topics from these plans are communicated to broader Nokia audience
  • Nokia‘s new integrated ways of working will essentially support our transformation towards a leading mobile solutions provider. As solution and product mode of operations will be key for Nokia‘s future business success, the underlying new ways of working, our associated culture, mindset and behavior as well as a renewed management system will create the baseline of our future work environment for our engaged employees. THREE INITIATIVES Explore, define and deploy four complementing ways of working: line mode, program mode, community mode and invest mode Owner: Maximilian Kammerer Renew Nokia management system by implementing new information, data and process framework to support the four ways of working and associated modes of operation Owner: Dirk Glienke , John Clarke Explore and encourage behavior and mindset to foster a Nokia culture supporting flexible, efficient & integrated ways of working with focus on solutions and products Owner: Ian Gee
  • “ Engaged people” objective continues to aim at increasing employees’ emotional and rational engagement to drive the transformational change to achieve Nokia’s strategic goal to became a solution company. In the context of change and transformation it is very critical to have a strong emphasis on the emotional engagement. Ensuring that our employees feel the effort they invest to Nokia makes a difference. They need to feel that they can take control of their work and future; that they have good choices and are confident that they are working for a winning, successful company. The planned initiatives are targeted to influence the way Nokia develops and recognizes employees and helps them find personally relevant meaning to their activities. At the same time contributing to the employees’ abilities to achieve a great blended life style . This all resulting in the high engagement needed to achieve Nokia’s strategic goals. The initiatives are: Recognition : Ensure proper use of all available recognition tools (non-monetary & monetary) to build engagement. Owner: Graham Preston Development: Help employees to see development opportunities that arise through change and transformation and new working modes, eg. New leadership roles (coaches, program/project managers, agile line managers); different PDP; Technical Expert Growth Path implemented and followed-up by other expert growth paths; increase quality IIP discussions. Owner: Trisha Robinson (pro-term) Work content: Build understanding, trust, inspiration and urgent call to employees for focused and concrete action around Nokia’s transformation Owner: Matt Muller Wellbeing: Addressing lifestyle related risks for wellbeing and providing means to cope with the transformational change, eg. Leaders to support organizational wellbeing, training on wellbeing and stress management, promote wellbeing and health, etc. Owner: Jan Schugk
  • Great Leadership” objective area continues to ensure that Nokia has a solid and up-to-date leadership pipeline for all key leadership positions, with special focus on Nokia transformation and Asia. The future context that we need to holistically consider to understand the leadership implications includes: the Nokia strategy as a whole our goal to become an internet company, with product and solution mode of operation successfully integrated the new ways of working (Org 3.0) and the needed organizational capabilities Within this context: We identify the aspired leadership capabilities We assess our current capabilities We define and implement a focused plan to meet the target THREE INITIATIVES Boosting Executive Talent Pipeline Owners : Juha Äkräs/Chinar Kale Building overall leadership for Nokia transformation Owners : Juha Äkräs/Rosanna Cella Asian Talent Program Owner : Bimal Rath

How HR supports business How HR supports business Presentation Transcript

  • How HR supports business Nokia—Connecting people HRD Network Kolkata, June’09
  • Nokia has one strategy and a number of plans that describe the implementation of that strategy Elements Business/Country Dimensions Nokia Strategy Contributions to implementing strategy What actions we take to contribute to Nokia business strategy? What key functional actions are needed to support the business/assets? (Priority Activities (6m-3yr) and Actions (6m)) Nokia’s Vision Nokia’s goals and view of the world Owner: Units, functions, relevant boards Focus on major priorities and big swing decisions, resource allocation Where, why and how we compete (Objectives and Initiatives, 3y horizon) Owner: GEB Needs based plans Sales Mar- keting R&D People Etc…
  • Role of HR during strategy cycle
    • The role of HR is two-fold:
    • Drive competence and resource planning for each functional plan
      • Interview functional plan owners in units/functions/entities/service lines to plan detailed HR involvement in JANUARY
      • Provide HR contact for each functional plan, based on above interviews
      • Ensure functional plans include sufficient level of detail and implications for HR resource and competence planning > Functional guidance by APRIL GEB
    • Drive the development and follow-up of ‘People and Ways of working’ plan
      • Define team that will drive and deliver People and Ways of working priorities for the people board to be approved in conjunction with Nokia Strategy and functional plans in April GEB (1 full time, 2-3 support)
      • Get input from Nokia strategy and expectations setting in December
      • Identify consolidated actions needed to support Nokia strategy and capture it ‘people and ways of working’ plan
      • Engage with units as needed to ensure their functional contributions to people and ways of working priorities during JAN- MARCH
  • People & Ways of working strategy © 2009 Nokia Company Confidential Hallstein Moerk 16 June
    • People & Ways of
    • Working strategy
      • Integrated Ways
      • of Working (ORG3.0)
      • Engaged People
      • Great Leadership
    People - one of Nokia’s strategic capabilities
  • Integrated ways of working support our Transformation Deploy four complementing ways of working : line, program, community and invest mode Renew Nokia management system Cultural Transformation
  • Engaged People drive our transformation Use available Recognition tools more readily and in new ways to build engagement See the many and diverse Development opportunities that arise through change and transformation and new working modes Build inspirational Understanding and Trust in Nokia’s strategy and transformation Care for employees’ Wellbeing in changing company
  • Great Leaders execute our strategy Boosting Executive Talent Pipeline Building overall leadership for transformation Asian Talent Program
  • Example
    • Basic Checks
      • How does it connect to business goals?
      • Target setting and building into people’s goals
      • Is it simple, understandable and measurable?
      • Can it be periodically checked and communicated?
  • Education & Training On-the-job (solutions selling capability building) Coaching (Sales coaching, newsletter, sales brochure) Training (Booster / Solution selling / Sales Capability) Competence & Talent Management Talent Acquisition Mix Report All@Ovi program revamp Solutions Selling Skill Inventory Goals & Rewards Solution Sellers Achievement Club FF/Promoter Special Incentives (incl HCL) Management Trainee Program Systems, Tools & Processes Regional Solutions Specialists Transformation - Solutions Selling Present State – Devices Selling
  • Chennai Factory--Key Drivers
  • Ways of Working
  • Leadership
  • Engagement
    • Comments !!