Gautam Mahajan, National HRD TiE, Aug 6th 2010

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  • 1. Building an Effective HR Strategy Gautam Mahajan 6 th August 2010
  • 2. ET: 28 October 2009
  • 3. HRD Strategic role is Building Value Or Adding Value to Non-Customers to Internal Customers to External Customers Employee Value Customer Value Shareholder Value HRD Role
  • 4. CVA vs. Retention EVA vs. Retention is similar
  • 5. Increase in Customer Net Value for 5% Increase in Customer Retention 0 20 40 60 80 100 Software Publishing Office Building Mgt Life Insurance Industrial Distribution Industrial Brokerage Credit Card Branch Bank Deposits Auto Service Auto/Home Insurance Advertising Agency
  • 6. Organisation of the Future CEO Chief Value Creator Customer Value Creator or COO Owner Value Creator or CFO Products & Services Price Marketing Loyalty/Delight Supplier Value Returns on Investment Market Share Costs/Pricing/ Good and Bad Customer segments Future Business/ Strategy Chief Customer Officer Employee Value Creator Customer Value Metrics and Reporting
  • 7.  
  • 8. HRD roles
  • 9. HRD Role in growing shareholder wealth using Employee and Customer Value  
    • First move from a staff function to a Line function
    • This means find a role to increase Value
    • Organisational Transformation to Create Value
      • For example, no CEO gods
      • Pricing based on Employee Value
  • 10. HRD Role
    • Designing a Customer strategy from a HRD point of view: Growing your organization's market value and profits
    • The role of a Chief Customer Officer
    • The Chief Employee Creator
    • HRD tasks in Customer Excellence
  • 11. HRD People Role
    • Building Employee Value, awareness, self-esteem and pro- activeness
    • Brand equity of people, chain and company
    • Customer Value and the delivery chain, and possibilities in FMCG (brainstorm)
    • Customer courtesy, and the courtesy system and teamwork
    • Customer Circles and Continuous Customer Improvement Programs, Customer Bill of Rights
    • Customer Certification of Employees
  • 12. HRD Role
    • CVM roles for various departments
    • Customer Performance Management System
    • Task Audits: Make the organisation and its people efficient
    • Build an Employee and Customer centric culture