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  • Linkedin presentation

    1. 1. Professional DevelopmentSeries I – Linkedin By Usman Sufi
    2. 2. Agenda Introduce Linkedin Benefits of using Linkedin for Employees Benefits of using Linkedin for the Organization Linkedin 101 HRSS linkedin Members Only Group
    3. 3. What is Linkedin Linkedin is the world’s largest professional network with over 120 million members and growing rapidly. LinkedIn connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals.
    4. 4. Linkedin Resources Professional Profiles Linkedin Answers Linkedin Groups
    5. 5. What Linkedin Means to You Resource for sharing Knowledge Resource for sharing Ideas 24/7 networking event HRSS Linkedin Members-Only Group
    6. 6. What it means to your Organization Firm Social Media Profile Intranet Portal to exchange ideas internally Platform for exhibiting existing talent, attracting new talent and showcasing HRSS competency
    7. 7. Profile Components Overview Fact- Headline “Complete Profiles” Summary are 40 times more likely to be viewed Experience Education
    8. 8. Overview Your LinkedIn profile represents your definitive professional image on Web and is discoverable through millions of searches on LinkedIn or from search engines like Google. You are in complete control over what others see on your profile, so leverage this to showcase your skills and talents so the right people and opportunities find you. This guide will step you through how to build an outstanding LinkedIn profile.
    9. 9. Headline This blue section will indicate who you are and the degrees of separation between that visitor and yourself. Give your visitors to your profile a short, punchy way to quickly understand who are with your profile headline. Think of the headline as the slogan for your personal brand. Most prefer to highlight their current title and company, but a best practice is to highlight unique skill sets or competencies
    10. 10. Summary A good summary should outline what your professional niche is while highlighting your unique skills and specialties. Always open with a personal positioning statement that lays out who you are, what key skills you provide, and a unique differentiator. Third Person tense used
    11. 11. Experience Most professionals use the Experience section to outline the role and responsibilities of jobs they’ve had in their career. You can augment a basic description of your roles and responsibilities by highlighting your key successes by adding quantitative results.
    12. 12. Education There’s a lot room to bolster your professional image by expanding on activities and achievements during your academic career. Most list out schools attended and degrees acquired. Career switchers and young professionals like to highlight school projects and leadership experiences to highlight skills they can transfer from their academic career to their professional career.
    13. 13. HRSS Members Only Group Objective: -To encourage intercommunication within the Firm - Professional Development through sharing of ideas