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The DE Project- For Ian Somerhalder

The DE Project- For Ian Somerhalder






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    The DE Project- For Ian Somerhalder The DE Project- For Ian Somerhalder Presentation Transcript

    • Dear Ian, I refuse to believe there are adequate words in any dictionary or language that could describe how special and unique of a person you are. I’ll give it a try though, you are: intelligent, kind, funny, expressive, witty, passionate, brave, beautiful, inspiring, vivacious, amazing, influential, unforgettable, incredibly talented, remarkable, dedicated, confident, loving, charming, generous … So maybe some of these words are similar but honestly I have the hardest time thinking of words that define you, you are simply such a wonderful person that only great things come to mind when I think of you. Don’t worry I’m not finished boosting your ego just yet. In the 38 episodes of The Vampire Diaries that have aired, I’ve fallen in love with the show and the characters but Damon and Elena are my favorite. At first with Damon I was hesitant, bad boy intent on destroying his brother’s life and snapping necks while he did it? By mid first season I was Damon’s biggest fan, defending all of his seemingly insane decisions with each episode we delved deeper into his character and I didn’t look as crazy for loving him. The writing on the show is only as good as the actors who deliver the lines and you brought each of the words written on the scripts to life with personality and poise that only you could master. LJ Smith may have written Damon Salvatore, the writers on the show may have given him more depth but in my eyes you made Damon Salvatore. There is no one else in the world who could bring more life to a fictional character. I’m sure I’m repeating a lot of things you’ve already heard but it is so true. I am repeatedly blown away/stunned by your performance when I finish every episode of TVD every Thursday night, I don’t know how much talent can be in a single being, it’s unbelievable. There is so much greatness in you, I follow everything you post on Twitter and I’m constantly stunned by how involved you are in the world. You are fiercely protective of the Earth and animals, our future. I admire your strength and courage to fight for the injustices in our world. I truly look up to you as someone I want to be like in the future and I would be happy to be even a fourth of how incredible you are. I wish there were more people so dedicated to life as you are in our world. There are great people in history that approach quietly and when they leave, they leave behind this huge impact, I think you are one of them. I really hope you know how much your fans and supporters love and cherish you because you truly are one of a kind. And thank you for being so kind to your fans, you don’t know how much it means to us that you care. Take care of yourself. Much Love, Hannah Rodgers
    • Dear Ian, I hope you know you’re worthy of every inch of the fame you’ve experienced so far. You’re this witty, intelligent, incredibly funny, supportive, impressing person that truly has willingness to help the World and does everything within his power to complete the task. You treat animals like fellow creatures; you do not hesitate to stand up for your beliefs, you spread the word about incredibly awful shit that goes down, you simply.. care , and sue me but I believe hardly anyone cares deeply enough to desire to make a change. I wasn’t born yesterday, I’m aware of the rarity your general truthful concern is and for that I can say without mincing my words, I do admire you for everything you’re not afraid to represent. Onto the show now.. If there is anything I –as a fangirl-can say to beloved actor, is to show support and appreciate everything that person does to please the audience. (Among the scary amount of millions of tweets you receive, there sure were some of mine! And still are to come!) You do that, not only you’re there on screen being utterly awesome and mind-blowing with your acting skills, that we no longer ask how the heck is that possible you get Damon so well; the fact is you’re able to be Damon, to get under his complicated and messed-up skin every time someone says ‘action!’. I’m drawn-in by your performance and thankful to fate you got the role because no one else could pulled it off that brilliantly. The chemistry with the surrounding air you have, is insane. I do mean it! The show is about your character’s journey to find it in himself and in Elena –let’s pray to all mighty God, Damon gets some love, shall we?- to redeem the sins of the past, to be the better man not fading the amazingness of the character in the meantime. The teasing, the witty remarks, the sarcastic jokes tiling the atmosphere, the smug Damon whose heart aches but still he manages to nail the scene . For me, you own it completely, along with Nina, you two have created the forever the best known on the surface of Earth chemistry that is literally on fire. It is not shallow like that though. I could go on and on about ‘why I ship Delena’ but I let myself to have the rest of the pride that’s left after all these words I’ve confessed; you’ll get plenty of reasons in the presentation saved on the flash. Other than that –you’re thought to ‘ship’ it yourself, so.. ;) One last thing before I shut up (I am aware I kind of am taking advantage of you right this moment. There you are reading it, preferably you’re sitting in more or less comfortable chair of yours, there might be people looking over your shoulder laughing a bit at those insane fangirls who had gone through all those troubles to make sure you get all of this; but if I was there on the EyeCon myself, facing you and got to say anything standing face-to-face with you, I would do anything –like blush and faint- but say a word, sooo..) Do not feel overwhelmed because if there is anyone who deserves the standing ovation for the lifestyle one leads and the talent which bits I get to see onscreen with fellow DE shippers (while our hearts go crazy and all hyperventilaty because of our One True Pairing of the show, plus Damon and Elena separately as characters), it is You . Thank you for bringing it on and making Thursdays not sucky at all. Thank YOU, really. Be well, live long and happily, stick to the values that matter, continue to amaze me with your work, please (like talent like this can go away, phew, silly me, right?). Do not forget to hug your kittens from me! Mine say hi (they’ve experienced lots of attempts of suffocation while I was not once, not twice watching TVD with them, and I was hugging them too tightly because of the excitement that your show delivers. They moved on though, now they reach out their paws in greeting!), too. Love you, Paulina (@mspaulina2505)
    • Please enjoy what I put together with the help of several very dedicated Damon and Elena fans. -Hannah
    • Damon and Elena " The pair have an innate understanding of one another – one that doesn’t require words. " ~ TVRA " Damon's pretty sure that there's something brewing between him and Elena, and despite what Elena says, we're pretty sure he's right. " ~ CWSource " I am simply going to show you my favorite scene. One that might only be exciting if you're a DaLena 'shipper - thankfully (I am). " ~ NYPost " Opening his heart like that was an unexpected miracle. That is the gift that Elena gave him. " ~ RabidDoll " Damon and Elena prove touching is overrated. " ~ LA Times " Elena may not realize it yet, but all the fans do. She belongs with Damon " ~ FANBOLT " Damon fell for Elena based on their developing history over the course of The Vampire Diaries Season 1 " ~ TVGuide " How about that so-thick-you-could-cut-it-with-a-knife sexual tension between Damon and Elena? " ~ MTV " There was some serious sexual tension between Elena and Damon during their impromptu dancing at the pageant. " ~ Poptimal " There's something between these two. She's lying to herself by denying it. " ~ TVFanatic Hate is the beginning of most love stories. It was no surprise that we ended the episode with Elena saying “I hate him.” ~ Kevin Williamson It’s going to be interesting to see how he tries to remedy the situation because once he lost Elena, I think he finally realized how valuable she is to him. How much he loves her. ~ Nina Dobrev That's the fun of it. It's waiting and waiting and dissecting every little time he does something nice thing for her, and how it makes her feel - that anticipation, that build-up. ~ Julie Plec. "It means that there's only one love for everyone who exists. And when you meet that love, you know them." ~ LJ Smith "Katherine drove him straight into wanton hatred, self-loathing -- all the dark things that Elena had slowly lured him away from". ~ Rabid doll “ He may have thought he was being selfish in making his declaration and then erasing her memory, but it ultimately showed how unselfish Damon was being” ~ Watchtower Damon delivers the heartfelt admission we’ve been waiting for – and in the most heartbreaking way possible ~Hitfix "Classic Shipper Moment: Damon’s love confession to Elena. It epitomizes what we love about these two." ~ Portrait “ I think the fact that he continues to show up, continues to save and protect her, has clued her in to the fact that he really is in love with her, in a selfless way that can't be explained away by lingering Katherine feelings or sibling rivalry.” ~ Zap2it
    • When I first read about “ Twin Flames ”, I had no idea what it really meant. What could this concept possibly have to do with the two? But, as I observed Damon and Elena’s interactions throughout the episodes, I began to understand. It’s the way they move fluidly together; it’s the way that they look at each other – soul-penetrating glances that speak volumes about the depth of their understanding of one another. They share unspoken thoughts, words, and feelings through their eyes. This fiery connection blows any normal relationship out of the water because there is nothing conventional about the way these two connect. Elena is Damon’s sole link to humanity. She gives him hope and understanding. When they’re together, he strives to be a better person because she makes him want to sacrifice his selfish ways to keep her safe at all costs. And Elena would never let anything happen to Damon because he’s wormed his way into her heart…because what they have is real, and when it’s real, neither of them can walk away. ~Andrea (@missandreajune)
    • Damon&Elena || Stay With Me FatallyxFragile Click box
    • Damon and Elena are the most amazing couple in the history of TV shows. Because searching for love takes time, patience, courage to take the risk but the reward is worth doing it. Because they represent a dream come true. The dream of real love and passion. Because "My night has become a sunny dawn because of you." Because "In my wildest dreams, you always play the hero. In my darkest hour of night, you rescue me, you save my life." Because "I love you, not only for what you are, But for what I am when I am with you." Because "Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own." Because "It's so easy, To think about Love, To Talk about Love, To wish for Love, But it's not always easy, To recognize Love, Even when we hold it.... In our hands." Because "Love is friendship set on fire." ~ Nia (@niadk) " I love you, Elena... and it's because I love you, that... I can't be selfish with you, and why you can't know this... "
    • "Because I love you." || Damon & Elena Kirwani90
    • Simply put, Damon and Elena are perfect for each other. They bring out the best in each other : Damon shows his humanity when he's with Elena and Elena has fun and enjoys life more when she's with Damon. They take each others advice, protect each other, agree and disagree with each other, save each other, go along with each others plans, check each other out, have fun and have fights, tackle difficult situations, call on each other when needed , look gorgeous when they dance together and most of all, their feelings for each other grow more and more with each passing day. I can't wait to see the moment where Damon and Elena finally both realize how much they love each, it will take time but they are worth the wait. Damon and Elena are definitely my favorite pairing of the last year and their story is truly just beginning to take flight! ~ Kem (@_clearmyhead)
    • Damon & Elena: You, always ♥ schokokeks1189
    • We could talk for hours if we had to enumerate all the reasons why Damon & Elena are the most amazing pairing ever . So I will just say that I love them so much because they have the best chemistry I have ever seen on screen in my life. I also love that they didn't come easy, that Elena have known him first for his bad sides and decided to forgive him and now she's discovering the good part of him too . I love that they don't have to lie to each other, they can show themselves to the other as they really are. And I know this is the basis of any good relationship. They have the best build-up and it is very important in a couple, especially with them. They don't rush anything. They're real. ~ Pauline (@lillypauline )
    • Broken || Damon ♣ Elena Kirwani90
    • I believe it is impossible to not love DE if one loves the characters of Damon and Elena both as they bring out what is best in each other and make the other one grow. All great love stories, of the kind that are the most memorable, are of couples who need to work at it to finally end up together. They face many obstacles, from third parties intervening to their own making -their fears, stubbornness, self-worth issues-… But after all the struggle, both inner and outer, they finally grow, both as characters and a couple to reach a point where it is time to open themselves to one another completely and claim the other as their true eternal mate . And that is the moment everyone has been waiting for. That is the moment the whole story has been building for. Every obstacle in their way was there to bring them a step closer to one another, to add more meaning to their story, to make it even more memorable, more striking. And DE is made of that kind of greatness. Theirs is the story that already managed to strike something special in a lot of people. Theirs is the relationship that gets lots of build-up and intrigues and moves everyone one way or another and has them talking. They are THE couple of the show that everyone responds to. DE is the couple who has a story that needs and deserves to be told and TVD is telling that story. ~ Asena (@DeadlyEuphoric) " Somewhere along the way, you decided I was worth saving. "
    • Damon&Elena [Soulmates] helsinkimianus
    • " Come on, Damon. That’s a lie. You care. " Two people on separate journeys with the same destination. No matter where their lives take them, or how much they resist, they keep being drawn to one another . Their lives are endlessly entangled and full of parallels. THAT is the intrigue of Damon and Elena for me. The two are fascinating and strong as individuals, but when they come together everything just kicks up 1000 more notches. I can’t think of any other pairing that can cover as much range in emotion and depth as these two. Anything is possible for them. They bring out each other’s best and worst in their eternal game of push and pull. It’s a powerful thing between them that is as frightening as it is beautiful. I’ve always been a fan of pairings who have a profound understanding where words are not needed. Trust, honesty and understanding, these are the things these two thrive off of together and long for in all their relationships. They’re real and on equal footing with each other no matter what. From the start, Damon and Elena have been able to see right through each other. There’s more to them than just the bad boy and good girl exterior, and they know that. Because of it, they are able to be completely comfortable, in tune, and honest with each other but it also means they can also deliver the strongest heart wrenching blows to hurt each other as well. There’s an edge of danger there , but if they’re open to it, it can be the most fulfilling thing ever. Their journey is still only in its early stages, but I love every minute of it as it plays out. Without a doubt, they’re on their way to becoming one of the most epic pairings of all time . ~ Steph (@Blind_Escapist)
    • Center of Attention | Damon/Elena (1x19) Lady586
    • You're better than this!
    • Damon & Elena - Mr & Mrs Smith (Vampire Diaries Style Trailer) jewny
    • " But you can trust me. " There are so many reasons why I love Damon and Elena that it's impossible to list them all. Firstly, there's the amazing and undeniable chemistry Ian and Nina have that makes their scenes so natural and full of sexual tension. Then there's the fact that they're only truly themselves when they're around each other. She brings out his humanity and kindness and makes him want to be someone better simply by believing in him, something no one else had ever done before. And in turn, he helps her let loose and brings out that fun, fiery and passionate side of her like no one else does . They reveal the best in each other and understand one another without even needing words. They have the chemistry, the connection, the build up, and that's why Damon and Elena are the real OTP (One True Paring ) of the series. ~Rita (@Rita1516)
    • Damon + Elena - Losing your Memory alexandrajacobs011
    • " You and I, we having something... An understanding. " " We should be able to talk about this, Damon. We're close enough now. "
    • Damon & Elena: Please don't go schokokeks1189
    • The moment that made you a Delena shipper. “ I’m sorry…about Katherine. You lost her too” This was the exact moment when I knew these two would end up becoming one of my OTPs. In this moment the writers showed us their essence, their “so-called”  understanding . They looked totally comfortable with each-other, they talked about very delicate arguments in a so easy, spontaneous and natural way and Elena didn’t know him at all but she was still able to truly see Damon, she just saw straight through him, she saw his broken soul, his  human  broken soul, that soul that he is used to hide behind the arrogant-idontcareaboutanything mask. And well Damon’s facial expression says it all: he was totally surprised by this young woman and the way she just despoil him in a second. It felt like he never knew anyone quite like her. Someone who really, truly cares. And that was precious. Also, I love their entire dialog in this scene. The way Damon seems to understand Elena’s actual uncomfortableness with the cheerleading issues, he knew that after her parents’ death she was changed and that she probably needed to leave all this behind, grow up and turn off the page of her past. And he tells her and then there is this beautiful quote from Elena “ Something could matter again (by aintborntipycal)
    • Shattered luvinbigbrother
    • Delena, Delena, Delena. I will shout it from the roof tops and write a page on these two because this is quite honestly the BEST couple I have ever shipped. There’s so much to say I don’t even know where to begin. The build up is beautiful. It happens slowly, and naturally, and we love our cute moments and our funny moments, and there have DEFINITELY been times they’ve absolutely hated one another. That’s a real relationship right there, one that stems off of actual emotions. Elena wasn’t even a blip on Damon’s radar until Damon began to see that other than Stefan she was the only one who really cared what happened to him in his fucked up world. And then his humanity came back. Elena is his humanity. And Elena has had no one to be herself with since her parents died. She doesn’t know who she is anymore. But when she’s with Damon, she’s not even trying, she just is, and I really like the Elena that comes out. I have loved Elena the best with Damon, which has made Bloodlines one of my favorite episodes. I loved Elena in that. Both of them definitely bring out the best in each other, but they also help embrace what needs to be embraced. Elena is so open to emotions and caring that when Damon’s around her he can’t help but be too, and Damon is up front about his dark and dangerous side, which everyone has, and I think Elena is trying too hard to hide it. But we’ve seen it when she’s with Damon, when she’s standing up to him. These two fit together so well and are just so perfect for each other…if they are not endgame, I can tell you, I will be crying for years to come. (by waitingondelena)
    • Damon/Elena - I hope that I'll be given some peace (GROWTH OF A CHARACTER)
    • WHY DO WE SHIP DAMON AND ELENA (DELENA)? “ We have something, an understanding.” The reason Damon and Elena share that understanding between is because of the fact that their decisions are motivated by love and it is not about whether it is wrong or right, all social rules go out the door. One of the reasons why I ship Damon and Elena is because they both re-awaken each other.  Elena re-awakens Damon’s humanity and Damon re-awakens the girl who died the moment her parents died. Damon and Elena both take each other out of their safety zone. They are real with each other. I believe that Damon can bring the old Elena to life, the girl who had fun and just lived life. So Damon and Elena are slowly re-awakening each other, it takes time, it’s a work in progress, it does not run a smooth course but it’s about the journey they are on to get to that point. That understanding allows Elena to feel compassion for Damon in spite of everything that he has done. Elena is helping Damon to become the best person he can be because SHE SEES IT INSIDE OF HIM - his potential. However Damon himself does not see it and the reason for this is --under all the SNIDE REMARKS and FACADEDamon really has a LOW SELF ESTEEM.  His whole COCKY ATTITUDE is a front it is used to PROTECT him from getting close to anyone.  The cocky demeanor, the facade, the snide remarks is a SHIELD that Damon uses to hide his inner self.  Damon has always been seen as the UNWORTHY ONE. His father put his brother on a pedestal. Stefan is the good son the one who made the right choices. On the other hand DAMON IS SEEN AS THE FAILURE. (…) Elena is RE-AWAKENING the old Damon, the REAL DAMON, the Damon before he met Katherine, the Damon that’s buried, the Damon that can feel, trust and love. It is a part of who he truly is, it’s still there . ~ Jen (@Jenluvsdelena20)
    • Her eyes. Her skin. Her heartbeat. I can feel it. TheGoldFirePhoenix
    • Elena brings out the best in Damon by challenging him emotionally and Damon has the equal effect on her. He gets the real Elena out of her shell where she doesn’t have to wear the mask of a perfect girlfriend, sister, or friend. She has fire and strength. She is feisty and Damon is always pushing her boundaries, like he knows what she is capable of. Damon and Elena are so different yet so alike. They both are strong, loyal and stubborn fighters. They both understand each other like no one else can and Elena was right when she said they had something. I don’t think right now, either of them is capable of discerning what that “something” is, but they both know it is a strong connection. Cause whatever happens; she’ll always come back to him like he is always going to come back to her. Because they are each other's home. Because they are branded to each other's soul. Because they are Twin Flames. ~ Marie (@mariie11) "You are branded to my Soul." -Damon to Elena (Midnight, LJ Smith)
    • Eternity: Damon & Elena dominoesrising
    • “ Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does  not  seek its  own , is  not  provoked,  does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the  truth ; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” We see all that, as Damon grew to know Elena, the more he understood, saw inside of her….the more he started feeling for her and eventually grew to love her. They have a bond, a strong one and I love that Elena breaks his walls, love that she sees him for who he is, and that's one of the main reasons why he fell in love with her. Damon can get all the girls he wants, who can swoon after him, who can shower him praises...or there are others who can be harsh, hate and blame him for everything, but the bond between Damon and Elena isn't all tinted rose glasses....it's  real ......they see each other’s weaknesses, their strengths, they see each other for who they really are! They bring out a  complete range of emotions  in each other. They make each other angry sometimes, annoyed other times, smile sometimes, vulnerable sometimes. Eventually, they’ll make each other happy sometimes, hurt other times. It won’t be easy or safe between them, but in my opinion that  range  of feelings, being able to feel all  of those things and being with someone who brings ALL that out in you is how you know, that you’re really LVING your life! 
    • Metaphor about Damon/Elena/Stefan »» Stefan had painted Elena with soft blues and pastel pinks, warm peach and butter yellows. He’d started slowly,  carefully , keeping in the lines and making sure  nothing  smudged, that his fingers didn’t touch the wet paint accidentally and ruin his master piece.  He hadn’t finished her. but Damon had. Damon painted her with  rich emeralds  and  glowing cerulean , ruby reds . golds  and  purple s . He’d painted her with a rage to begin with, fast and  messy  and  uncontrolled . Then he started painting her with  more affection , a gradual change where he made sure he didn’t miss a spot where he’d been careless last. Then all of a sudden he’d painted in  reckless abandon , throwing  himself   head first into a painting that he had not started. He painted around the safe pastels and pretty lines,  smudged  the wetness with his thumbs and fingers and hands and emotion. He’d finished the painting his brother had started. And Elena felt WHOLE! ~ Mariah (@TwinFlamez)
    • where we belong | damon + elena catouroyx
    • I just...I really love Damon and Elena together and for some reason that fact is just hitting me over the head right now and I won't lie. I'm seriously all teary eyed here. Maybe it's that protective feeling I get when I read all the reasons that get put forward for why they can't or shouldn't be together. But this relationship, this story is so...I mean forget epic, okay? Forget about the doppelgangers and the feuding brothers. Forget about the witches and the werewolves and the Originals. Forget all of that and just look at these two people. Remember the 17 year old girl that we met a few months after her parents died. She was so determined to play it safe and to protect herself. The only thing that seemed to light a fire under her was the need to be there for her brother and keep him from going off the deep end, despite his efforts to resist it. Now, look at the road she's traveled; she's grown in some ways and lost herself in others. She's been challenged and she's had to overcome things that would have brought a lot of other people to their knees. She has been knocked down and around by so many people in so many ways, but she's still standing. She's not perfect. She gets scared, she makes mistakes; sometimes she hides when she should fight. Sometimes she fights when she should pull back. And even when she gives up, it's not really giving up because it's the only way she knows to fight for them. Them. Those people in her life that she doesn't want to live without. In the time that we've known her, Elena has fought for a lot of people. For Jeremy like I said before. For Vicki. For Caroline. For Stefan. This next essay about Damon and Elena is long but the depth and passion is inspiring:
    • But none of those fights - not even the one to pull Stefan back from the brink of suicide - compares to the way that she's fought for Damon. At least not for me. When it comes to Damon, Elena operates on instinct and on emotion. The reason she struggles so much with her feelings for him is that her mind is always racing to play catch up; always trying to explain and rationalize something that goes beyond explanation, beyond rationalization. Fighting for Damon is hard. He fights back and he is ruthless with it. When he feels emotional, when he feels threatened, it's very easy for him to go to drastic lengths to deflect. JNSI (Jeremy Neck Snapping Incident) case in point. But how many people do you know who having watched their brother fall in a dead heap in front of them, would still have the presence of mind to see the tortured man behind the monster who in a moment of desperation wanted to be hated? Through all the anger, through all of the hurt, through all of the grief, she couldn't blind herself to him and that's because she knew who he was before she knew what he was.. She might have spent three episodes "hating him" but first instincts are telling and hers is always - whether she accepts it or struggles with it - to see what's under the surface. Remember the vampire we first met? He was dangerous and cocky and unpredictable. Unstable even. He toyed with people because it was fun and because he could. He killed without hesitation but not without - as we'd later learn - remorse. He was closed up and closed off. Until he realized that someone had actually noticed one of his rare lightening quick flashes of vulnerability. Suddenly, the man who spent a century and a half becoming a cold blooded vampire found himself on the road to a redemption that he's still not even sure he can attain.
    • There are days he does not want to travel that road. He goes to pains to set himself back. But there are other people who set him back too. His brother. Katherine. Sometimes even Elena herself, the one person who believes in his ability to be redeemed more than any other. And yet despite all those set backs, despite all the pain and the heartache that he's experienced recently - we won't even touch on his human life or the 145 years in between turning and now - he too, is still standing. "There's only so much hurt a man can take," ----Damon S. Being strong isn't always about never falling down or falling apart. It's about where you go and what you do when you get up again. Damon isn't allowing himself to give up, not just because Elena needs him. But because she still believes in him. And yes, sometimes fighting with him and for him is painful (for the both of them) and it leads to tears and angry words and hugs and distance and heartache but it keeps the journey going. The reason they hurt each other so much? The reason they drive each other so crazy? The reason everything is so complicated and painful and messy? Because it matters and they both know it. Because it would be easier for everyone if they just walked away from each other but they don't. Because love isn't just fluffy clouds and rainbows. It's pain, it's growth, it's loss, it's triumph, it's giddiness, it's rare. True love is the kind you have to fight the hardest for and it's the kind that gets tested the most. But what was there to say? Only that once again they broke the Love Laws. That lay down who should be loved. And how. And how much. -- arundhati roy, the god of small things
    • At the end of the day, storytelling is about interpretation. Some people like the idea that, "There's always a reason he (Stefan) gets the girl". They think that he's trying hard to overcome a difficult past and he's come a long way. He tries hard. He deserves her love. He's earned it. For me? Love isn't something you earn. There's no merit system. There's no checklist of acceptable qualities. Love is something you give if you're brave enough and accept if you're brave enough. I like the idea that love laws get broken; that someone who has been made to feel that they are unlovable can be healed because one person - just one - found the courage to break the rules. This story is theirs for me. ~ Ciara (@ _damonelenalove )