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BlessingWhite Global Consulting has created a Leadership Magnum Opus over the last 4 decades. HR Anexi, a BlessingWhite partner, presents to you The Leadership Catalogue along with the open program …

BlessingWhite Global Consulting has created a Leadership Magnum Opus over the last 4 decades. HR Anexi, a BlessingWhite partner, presents to you The Leadership Catalogue along with the open program ‘Training Calendar’ for the year 2013. This is your special opportunity to create your very own Magnum Opus!

All details are present in the catalogue. Kindly get in touch with the mentioned contact for further details.

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  • 2. Magnum Opus Just as an artist focuses on the completion of a great work by chiselling a stone, leaders must chisel to unleash the potential of their followers. Great Leaders focus on their life’s work. The duties they fulfil are practice and preparation for the great work - Magnum Opus. Over the last 40 years, BlessingWhite has created a Leadership Magnum Opus by putting together extensive leadership research across the globe. Hundreds of client organizations and over 4 million individuals, managers and leaders have been able to achieve their full potential by using BlessingWhite’s solutions. HR Anexi, a BlessingWhite partner, presents to you this unprecedented opportunity to create your very own Magnum Opus! LEADERSHIP & ENGAGEMENT INTERVENTIONS WHY SHOULD ANYONE BE LED BY YOU?™ HELPING OTHERS SUCCEED® LEADING TODAY’S PROFESSIONALS™ INFLUENCING ACROSS MATRIX DRIVING ENGAGEMENT LEADERSHIP PYRAMID2
  • 3. About UsBlessingWhite, founded in 1973 by Buck Blessing HR Anexi is a Human Capital consulting firm,and Tod White in USA, is a global consulting providing a complete array of Leadershipfirm dedicated to creating sustainable high- Consulting, Employee Engagement and HRperformance organizations. It provides human Advisory & Outsourcing consulting, processes, and tools to: We in HR Anexi believe that people are not1. Create high-performance cultures that the biggest asset for an organisation, they are drive bottom-line results and reinforce the asset creators! Successful organizations create organization’s mission and values, a culture of engagement by empowering their employees and forming meaningful communities2. Develop leaders at all levels who can manage around achieving objectives that drive and the business and inspire employees, and power businesses. Every activity we undertake or recommend our clients to implement is3. Align employee self-interest, energy and underpinned with the resolve to “Powering talents with the organization’s strategy. Organisations and Empowering People“BlessingWhite strongly believes and advocates Founded in 2007 by industry professionals thethat people and business are inseparable. There team in HR Anexi have extensive knowledge andare no bottom-line results without individual experience in helping organisations attract, buildachievement. BlessingWhite is committed to and retain top talent. HR Anexi’s collaboration withensuring the success of the organization and its clients involves exceptional depth and breadththe employee through its mission: Reinventing of work.Leadership and the Meaning of Work™. We conduct diagnostic studies to discover anBlessingWhite’s consulting practice is based on the organisation’s culture, processes and capabilitiesphilosophy that leaders pave the way that others and we also help them craft a blueprintfollow. BlessingWhite partners with the London for leadership development based on theBusiness School (notably, Rob Goffee and Gareth organization’s implicit and explicit choices aboutJones) and the Haas Graduate School of Business leadership, its beliefs and practices, and its people(namely, Terry Pearce) to bring the latest academic systems. In other words we help build leadershipinsights on leadership and employee engagement capacity at all levels to meet operationalfor the global business community. objectives.BlessingWhite’s strengths lie in its content, HR Anexi’s organisational developmentconsulting, and research on strategic talent programmes generate great value for its clientsmanagement. Thus, they can quickly deploy with the curricula reflecting key businessstandardized as well as customized HR solutions to performance metrics. They build on strengthsmeet any organization’s talent needs. helping leaders identify desired behaviours, developing personal mastery, such as learning to recognize and shift limiting mind-sets, turning difficult conversations into learning opportunities, and building on existing interpersonal strengths and managerial optimism to help broadly engage the organization. 3
  • 4. Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?™ London Business School professor Rob Goffee and Centre for Management Development fellow Gareth Jones have studied this leadership question for the2 DAY WORKING better part of a decade, writing a Harvard Business Review article and a best sellerSESSION on the same name. GREAT LEADERSHIP EXCITES PEOPLE TO EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE Successful leaders modify their behaviour to respond to the needs of their followers and the circumstances they encounter – while simultaneously remaining true to who they are. They produce results by being crystal clear on their unique differentiators and by addressing the four critical needs of their followers: COMMUNITY: AUTHENTICITY: Followers long for a sense of belonging, to feel Followers choose to be led by humans not titles part of something bigger. Leaders must help or credentials. Leaders must be able to identify them connect to others (not just to the leaders and deploy their personal differences, foibles themselves) as well as to the over arching and strengths to inspire employees to apply their purpose of the organization. energy and talents. SIGNIFICANCE: EXCITEMENT: Followers want to believe their efforts matter. Followers need a spark to trigger their Leaders need to recognise contributions in exceptional performance. Leaders who articulate a meaningful way, with highly personalised their own passion, values and vision provide the feedback. energy and enthusiasm that employees hunger for.4
  • 5. To silence a room of executives ask them, “Why would anyone want to be led by you?” Leadership Challenges Outcomes Core Methodology• How do you establish a • Leaders assess the needs of • Online learning component leadership pipeline within the their followers and modify to make the most of leaders’ organization? their leadership approach face-to-face action learning appropriately experience• How to accelerate development of high • Leaders deploy personal • Intensive working session in potential team values, strengths and even which short bursts of learning members? weaknesses to maximize their alternate with in-depth effectiveness as leaders business issue analysis and• How do you create a high concept application performance culture • Leaders learn to size up and common leadership situations and adapt their • Simple online feedback language? leadership behaviour process that offers a reality without losing their unique check on the needs of leaders’• How do you inspire employee differentiators to drive results followers and focuses leaders’ commitment to action? personal development • Leaders learn to build a strategies thriving community of aligned and engaged team members • Peer coaching and community building • Leaders learn to communicate effectively by considering not only their audience’s needs but also the communication vehicles through which they, PROGRAMME FEES PER PERSON personally, are most effective INR 35,500/- + SERVICE TAX 5
  • 6. Helping Others Succeed® Today managers are feeling intense pressure to deliver greater results in less time, with limited resources. Faced with a flatter organization, a more diverse2 DAY WORKING and demanding workforce, changing strategies, and fierce competition for talent,SESSION managers are being challenged as never before. The traditional command-and- control approach no longer works. Managers must become more effective at coaching, empowering, and supporting their staff to meet today’s demands or run the risk of becoming ineffective — or worse — obsolete. We believe that effective coaching is a partnership, and that the responsibility for improvement lies with both manager and associate. 3 MAJOR COMPONENTSThe Coaching CLARITY: COMMUNICATION: Through self-assessment and confidential A hands-on workshop prepares managers toConundrum 2009 is feedback, managers gain clarity about each staff improve communication by initiating a results-BlessingWhite’s analysis member’s individual coaching needs, where they driven coaching improvement dialogue withof the opportunities and are in terms of their performance and growth their direct reports.challenges of building a goals, and what kinds of coaching support arecoaching culture. most important to them now. COMMITMENT: As a result of the workshop and coaching improvement discussions, managers commit to specific action steps that will improve their coaching skills for each individual team member.6
  • 7. Helping Others Succeed® is a flexible process that incorporates exclusive feedback, analysis, planning and dialogue tools. It equips leaders at all levels to actively engage employees in individualized high-performance and career coaching. Coaching Challenges Outcomes Core Methodology• How do you create a • Managers learn to accomplish • Managers complete an online culture of ownership and more while supervising less self-assessment and select accountability? two team members to provide • Managers understand how to constructive feedback about• How do you align and engage reduce turnover by building their coaching needs and the workforce? open and honest partnerships manager’s skills in a variety of with team members areas• How do you build a high- performance organisation? • Managers learn to delegate • Immediately after or during greater ownership and the workshop, managers• How do you focus employee responsibility to team initiate a dialogue with their contributions on what members team members to discuss the matters most? feedback and plan for coaching • Managers understand and improvement. Together they familiarise with the concept agree on an action plan to of changing their behaviour make the manager a more from “command and control” successful coach and improve to “coach, support, and team member effectiveness empower” • This workshop sets the stage • Managers learn to deal with for ongoing dialogue and performance issues in a non- coaching improvement for all confrontational manner team members • Managers successfully PROGRAMME FEES PER PERSON answer team members’ career, performance, and INR 18,000/- development questions + SERVICE TAX 7
  • 8. Leading Today’s Professionals ™ Leadership is not easy. Most managers feel the squeeze of being on the front lines. They must execute ambitious business strategies with fewer resources, connect2 DAY WORKING with customers, and keep their teams motivated and productive — all whileSESSION simultaneously extinguishing the “fires” that crop up each day. BlessingWhite’s recent study of nearly 900 leaders of professionals indicates that the challenges faced by individuals leading today’s professionals are even more complex. Leading Today’s Professionals™ equips managers with skills and strategies for making the most of the expertise, independence, and confidence of today’s specialized knowledge workers.8
  • 9. LTP equips managers with skills and strategies for making the most of the knowledge, expertise, independence and confidence of today’s specialized knowledge workers and technical professionals - in IT, engineering, finance and accounting, banking, science, medicine or sales. Leading Today’s Outcomes Core Methodology Professionals ChallengesHow do Managers assess the • Managers are equipped • Online Prework Assessments:needs of today’s professionals with special skills needed All participants receive non-with particular reference to: to effectively lead today’s anonymous feedback on professionals their leadership effectiveness• Achievement through a simple online tool. • Managers are geared to handle• Autonomy increased span of control, • A blend of feedback insights “player-coach” roles, and and skill development to• Collegial support and sharing challenging team dynamics ensure maximum relevance, motivation to learn, and skill• Participation in mission and • Managers are transformed acquisition goals from expert individual contributors into successful • Online Leadership Resource• Professional identification leaders of people Center: This post-workshop site facilitates easy, ongoing • Managers create an application of concepts and environment that fosters skills innovation • Managers achieve increased productivity—whether the organization is matrixed or hierarchical, growing or plateauing, or experiencing large-scale change PROGRAMME FEES PER PERSON INR 16,000/- + SERVICE TAX 9
  • 10. Influencing Across Matrix Working in a matrix environment, where reporting structures are blurry, where one is often responsible for engaging others in tasks and processes with little formal authority or2 DAY WORKING power, where teams are ever-shifting and changing, has become a challenging, dauntingSESSION reality for many of today’s professionals. Influencing Across the Matrix will help individuals build support for their ideas and navigate better to gain understanding of the matrix structure and its subsequent benefits and challenges, while building skills to help them move through it more effectively. Participants will explore and develop skills and strategies of persuasive communication, understanding of the individual and the situation, networking and influencing that have become increasingly important and critical to both individual and organizations success. Some of these strategies and skills include… ESTABLISHING CREDIBILITY & BUILDING FACILITATING CHANGE: TRUST: Without credibility and trust, attempting Overlapping responsibilities, aversion to change, to gain support for your ideas is likely to be in sensitive political and organizational issues — these vain. hurdles can prevent employees from getting their change ideas implemented. Participants learn how READING THE INDIVIDUAL AND THE to respond to these challenges and bring about CONTEXT: There isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” change in the organization. approach. To be effective, individuals have to adapt their approach to the needs of the STRATEGIC PLANNING FOR INFLUENCING individuals they’re trying to influence. SITUATIONS: Participants will apply a six-step strategy to their real world situations, which will SELLING AN IDEA TO A GROUP: help them more effectively structure & plan for an Gaining the buy-in of a group requires presenting influencing conversation. to people with different views and agendas. Participants learn the skills necessary to deliver BUILDING A BROAD NETWORK: When ideas that are clear, compelling, and to the point. influencing across the matrix, effectiveness is a function of the people one knows - their network10
  • 11. Matrix structures are here to stay. To an organization it offers opportunities to stay nimble and handle the challenges of global and complex operations. Equipping managers and employees with critical influencing skills, organizations can improve the efficiency of individuals with the flexibility that a matrix promises. Influencing Challenges Outcomes Core Methodology• How do you work through • Participants will walk away • Online pre-work networks and other channels being better equipped to via relationships and navigate a matrix environment, • Interactive and practise based influencers? where they may have little module positional power• How do you understand • Focus on applying skills and structure politics and • Participants will be able to strategy to real world situations members of disproportionate form stronger networks influence? across the organization and more effectively build• How do you build your sponsorship for their ideas, network and alliances? gain stakeholders’ buy-in and support , solicit the• How do you build and sustain cooperation of others and relations for a long term? drive their priorities• How do you use multiple • Participants will be able to influencing approaches - do so through building trust using data and rationale, and credibility, thoroughly expertise and resources? assessing the style and needs of those being influenced and skillfully applying core communication techniques PROGRAMME FEES PER PERSON INR 18,000/- + SERVICE TAX 11
  • 12. Driving Engagement WHY ENGAGEMENT MATTERS The more engaged the workforce, the more capacity it has to deliver on1 DAY WORKING organizational imperatives. High employee engagement drives discretionarySESSION effort, innovation, customer loyalty, quality, productivity, profitability and retention of top talent. Yet in most regions of the world, only one in three employees is fully engaged. ENGAGEMENT PARTNERSHIPS ARE CUSTOM BUILT “Off-the-shelf,” one-size-fits-all leadership formulas won’t deliver. Neither will techniques borrowed out of a great coach’s closet of success stories. The best managers understand that what works great for one person can derail another. They coach everyone differently because everyone has unique personal motivators and needs. They establish excellent working relationships with every person on their team. Individualized engagement partnerships help managers avoid dangerous assumptions of who’s engaged and why. They provide a foundation of open dialogue that equips managers to successfully match individuals’ passions and proficiencies with organizational priorities and projects – to drive engagement. ENGAGEMENT PARTNERSHIPS ARE CUSTOM BUILT Driving Engagement is a process that includes reflection, feedback, analysis, planning, practice and action. The core learning experience is an interactive workshop or combination of virtual and in-person modules. Online activities and tools help ensure relevant, effective group learning and enable managers to apply concepts back on the job with every person on their team.12
  • 13. Engaged employees are not just committed. They are not just passionate or proud. They have a line-of-sight on their own future and on the organization’s mission and goals. They are “enthused” and “in gear, using their talents and discretionary effort to make a ” difference in their employer’s quest for sustainable business success. Engagement Challenges Outcomes Core Methodology• How do you match employee • Managers understand what • Online pre-work expectation of job and engagement is and why it workplace? matters • Non-anonymous feedback from one or two employees• How do you find the right • Managers learn the factors that to provide each manager person for the job? impact engagement and clarify with insights into employees’ their role understanding of• How do you provide organizational priorities employees with opportunities • Managers identify actions for for growth and development? taking control of their own • A group learning experience, engagement which builds on the prework• How do you recognize and feedback insights employee contribution? • Managers prepare for an engagement partnership • Engagement Partnership• How do you create work-life discussion with at least one Discussions after the workshop balance for your employees? employee • Managers identify actions they can take to establish trust, build confidence and unleash the potential of their team • Managers are prepared to establish individualized engagement partnerships with PROGRAMME FEES PER PERSON every person on their team INR 12,000/- + SERVICE TAX 13
  • 15. JUNE JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC 29-30 28-29 6-7 23-24 4-5 12-1321-22 3-4 20JUNE JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC 13-14 12-13 9-10 17-18 28-2919-20 5-6 5JUNE JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC 21-2221-22 10-11 13-14 26-27 23 15
  • 16. Get in touchprograms@hranexi.comHR Anexi Pvt LtdHead Office505-506 Kshitij Building, Veera Desai Road,Besides Garden Court Hotel, Andheri West , Mumbai 400053Tel: (91 22) 6740 1000Bengaluru Office5/8, Off Brunton Road, Magrath Road,Bengaluru - 560 001Tel: (91 80) 6570 1801/2/3/4Delhi Office418, 4th Floor, Galleria Tower, DLF Phase IV,Gurgaon 122 002Tel: (91 124) 6462154/ 55/ 56/ 57