Building an elearning website bme hut full


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Building an elearning website bme hut full

  1. 1. 1 Building an elearning website for biomedical engineering education H.Q Huy1, N.D Thuan1 and V.D Hai1 1 Department of Electronic Technology and Boimedical Engineering, Hanoi University of Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam Abstract— This paper introduces the process of constructing Elearning for biomdedical engineeering is not a newthe elearning website for Biomedical Engineering (BME), concept [2] but elearning has just been implemented atincluding the process of building electronic lectures and online Hanoi University of Technology through internet byexaminations for the course. accessing to elearning website. This website enable Biomedical Engineering is a new discipline in Vietnam, therewere only three universities offer undergraduate degrees in 2005. lecturers to provide lessions intergrating multimedia such asIn addition, this field requires a relatively extensive amount of image, audio, order to facilitate education andknowledge of different areas such as informatics, electronics, study: exploiting, sharing material, lectures; presenting andbiology, physics.. and it is growing rapidly, it is required to apply illustrating complicated problems such as definitions,new method in education. operating principles of biomedical equipment, biological In this paper, we introduce the process of building the elearning processes, medical image, including selecting appropriate elearning technology; The website also assists lecturers and students withapppy it to form some electronic lectures; online student doing research through meeting and communicatingassessment; conduct surveys and collect feedback about website domestic and foreign specialists and professors in the formand courses. This website is based mainly on open source softwares, a of online –training or video – conferencing.becoming popular trend in education . It has proved appropriateand successful in terms of educating biomedical engineering,especially in the advanced programme carried out at Department II. CONTENTof Electronic Technology and Biomedical engineering, HanoiUniversity of Technology for the first time, in cooperation with the 1. General Information about ElearningUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. Elearning (electronic learning): This term indicates a Keywords— : elearning, biomedical engineering, education variety of applications and processes like learning via the website, learning on the computer, virtual classes and digital connection including delivering course contents, documents I. INTRODUCTION to attendants via the internet, intranet/ extranet (LAN/WAN), audio and video tapes, interactive television, Biomedical engineering is only available at just some big CD-ROM, and other forms of electronic learninguniversities such as Hanoi University of Technology, materials.[2]Vietnam National University – Hochiminh city (University Today, with the convergence of computer andof Technology, International University), Institute of communication, elearning is defined more directly asMilitary Techonology … and at some related departments learning via the internet and web technology.such as biomedical informatics biomedical engineering For learners:physics, biochemistry, biomaterials at some other • Elearning supports the process of individual studyinguniversities and colleges. At Hanoi University of which allows learners to have their own studying timetableTechnology, Biomedical Engineering was first implemented and studying methods. Learners can actively adjust thein 1999, with the aim of meeting the essential demand from study pace to ease tension and increase efficiency.society, especially from the Ministry of Health, of which Furthermore, interaction and exchanging ideas improve theDepartment of Electronic Technology and Biomedical study efficacy.Engineering is in charge. [1] For lecturers: Because it is a new discipline and its lecturing materials • Lecturers can easily monitor students. Elearningand references are limited, it is necessary to take measure to allows the automatic saving of data on the host computer.share lectures, materials beetwen lecturers and students, as The data will be updated when learners access thewell as to exchange experience in educating and researching programme. Lecturers can assess learners by requiring themamong Vietnamese education institutions or with foreign to answers exam questions and considering the amount ofuniversities which have coporation in training and eduction(such as in advanced programme) [1].
  2. 2. 2time taken to finish the exam. This helps lecturers evaluate At present, Moodle has 804,806 users officiallyfairly learners’ performance. registering at the host website, roughly 50,000 websites 2. Structure of Elearning System with 30,036,963 users from 209 different countries over the world, among them Open University – the biggest with over 452,483 learners and 19.223 courses. Moodle has supported 79 languages including Vietnamese. Fig. 1 Elearning system model Including : * Learning is mostly via the internet, using World WideWeb (WWW) such as elearning website. * A very important element of the system is the LearningManagement System (LMS), including various modules,making the studying convenient and easily, exploiting the Fig. 2 Hệ quản trị học tập LMSadvantages of the internet, like: forum to exchange ideasamong class members, module to carry out a survey of an LMS is intergrated in the elearning website calledissue, testing and evaluation module, online chatting BME Elearning Website . It has the following functions:module, flash module… 3. Construction of elearning website Since school year 2007-2008, Hanoi University ofTechnology has swifted from education on a yearly basis tothe one on a credit-based, meanwhile, carried out theadvanced programme of biomedical engineering. Subjectcontents are based on those of USA universities having thediscipline of biomedical engineering [3], especially theUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison. Biomedical engineering students are educated in basicknowledge of the general programme, basic knowledge ofthe discipline of Telecommunication Electronics andInformation Technology and specialistic knowledge ofBiomedical engineering Many approaches, softwares can satisfy the requirementof such elearning website but we choose Moodle [4] Fig. 3 Function of LMSbecause : Moodle is an open source software: the university does The technology used to contruct Moodle is the script not depend on any commercial software. [5] [6] language PHP, an open source language running on Moodle support SCORM : SCORM is one of the different operating system like: Windows, Linux, Mac OS greatest achievements elearning community has gained X… Moodle can run on various web services such as over years, ensuring the inheritance and reusing Apache, IIS (Internet Information System), Tomcat, resources. Personal Web Server…. Moreover, it supports different Moodle is free. database systems like MySQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server… However, Apache and MySQL are more
  3. 3. 3encourged because they can run on many operating systemslike: Linux, Windows… and they are free. Fig. 4 Moodle holds the largest LMS segment in the world ( Moodle is designed to facilitate the principle of socialeducation (social constructionist). Moodle has a largeamount of flexible functions to help tele–education, and Fig. 6 Home page Medical Imaging System courseallow Vietnamese students to learn from or listen to foreignprofessors. In the home page on each course, there are link to 4. Building electronic lectures and online tests lectures and resources of the whole course such as slides, The content of electronic lectures will be built by files, quizzes, assigments… and other activities like forum,lectures based on the requirement of the subject and upload chat, wiki…to elearning website. Fig. 5 Home page of BME Elearning Website This process will be supported by available attached tools Fig. 7 A lecture in Medical Imaging Systems courseof the web. In addition, lecturers can use other softwareslike Reload ( , For example, in the above lecture flash which iseXe ( to create and pack lectures in developed by students majoring in biomedical engineeringaccordance with SCORM [10]. under the guidance of relative lecturer to simulate strcuture This paper will not descbire the process of constructing and operation of X-ray details, but the subsequent tools will be very good to The elearning website will allow teleeducation viacreate electronic lectures: video conference in the same way applied to the subject of - Slides (in the form of ppt, pdf..) Biomechanics by Professor Benjamin S. Kelly (Baylor - Html pages, audio , video, flash file, SCORM University, USA). During the studying period, professorpackage… and students were at classroom in Vietnam for the first and
  4. 4. 4last two weeks and studying in virtual class via the internet III. CONCLUSIONSfor the twelve middle weeks. 1. The elearning website has already constructed and To create online tests, lecturers can use Moodle or used by Department of Electronic Technology andother softwares like Reload, Hot Potatoes... The online test Biomedical Engineering, bringing tremendous efficiency tocan be taken via the Internent or LAN (in this case LAN is education process: contents of some main subjects haveLAN of the computer room). Tests include questions in the been finished. Students can evaluate their studyingfollowing forms: performance everytime, everywhere, regardless of studying - Multiple choices, one right choice; multiple timetable, and increase the probability of interactionchoices, multiple right choices, between them and lecturers. - Filling in the blank; Matching (compare) 2. The website needs constantly developing and - Calculation, description (writing answers) … upgrating in order to promote advantages of elearning as well as to meet the specific educational demand of this discipline. 1. N. D. Thuan et all. (2004) Method to build and develop a new discipline in university, Science and Technogoly Journal, ISSN 0868-3980 2. Alfred C. H. Yu, Billy Y. S. YiuTowards (2009) Integrative Learning in Biomedical Engineering 3. ABET Accedited Engineering Programs, 4. Moodle at 5. European Virtual Campus for Biomedical Engineering EVICAB at 6. Marvin Croy, Ron Smelser. (2009) LMS Evaluation: Moodle Pilot Faculty Response, UNCC, USA. 7. P. Inchingolo, , F. Londero, and F. Vatta (2007) The E- HECE elearningExperience in BME Education, Medicon 2007, IFMBE Proceedings 16, pp. 1107–1110 8. William H. Rice IV (2006) Moodle elearning course Fig. 8 Quiz in Health Information System course development. Packt Publishing, UK 9. Jason C (2005) Using Moodle, : Teaching with the Popular Open Source Course Management System. After learners finish the test, the result will be OReilly, USAinformed, extracted and saved in the form of exel, text, 10. M.J. Smith, G. Salvendy. (2007) Efficient Creation ofhtml, xml… file. The grading is automatic and correct. This Multi Media elearning Modules, Human Interface, Part II, HCII, LNCS 4558, pp. 457–465.kind of test can combine with oral test, project reporting or 11. J. Flacke. (2009) Combining Synchronous andpaper test. Asynchonous elearning tools in distance education- experiences from a course for develpoing countries, ISPRS 2009 : Workshop commisions VI 1and 2, Potsdam, Germany. 12. Horton, W. K. (2000) Designing Web-Based Training: How to Teach Anyone Anything Anywhere Anytime. Wiley Author: H.Q Huy Institute: Hanoi University of Technology Street: No 1, Dai Co Viet Street City: Hanoi Country: Vietnam Email: Author: N.D Thuan Institute: Hanoi University of Technology Street: No 1, Dai Co Viet Street City: Hanoi Country: Vietnam Email: Fig.9 Survey about Health Information System course Author: V.D Hai Institute: Hanoi University of Technology Street: No 1, Dai Co Viet Street In each subject, lecturers can create survey forms to City: Hanoicollect assessment ideas and comments from students in Country: Vietnamterms of subject contents and teaching methods. Email: