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The chinese zodiac play
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The chinese zodiac play


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A role-play for my students on their New Year's party. Hope you like it!

A role-play for my students on their New Year's party. Hope you like it!

Published in: Lifestyle, Spiritual

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  • 1. The Chinese Zodiac Play旁白 1 : The Chinese New Year is coming, let me tell you a story about the Chinese Zodiac.
  • 2. One day, a god makes a big announcement to all the animals on earth.The god: I will choose 12 different animals to be guardians of the year.Animals: Wow!
  • 3. God decides to hold a race. He will choose the twelve fastest animals.The god: The animal that crosses the river and gets to my palace first will be the guardian of the first year. The second animals will the guardian of the second year, and so on.Rabbit: I can’t wait for the race.Tiger: I am going to win.Horse: No way, I am going to win.
  • 4. The cat is worried about the race because she can’t swim.Cat: I can’t swim. How can I cross the river?Mouse: Don’t worry. The ox is very nice. We can ask him to take us across.
  • 5. The race starts. All the animals try to cross the wide river. The turtle is slow so he is last. The tiger is swimming fast and the pig tries her best, too. The rat and cat are riding on the ox’s back.Cat: Hey Rat, that tiger is ahead of us. Aren’t you worried?Mouse: No, I am sure we will be first.
  • 6. But the rat wants to win very much. Hepushes the cat into the river.Cat: How could you do this to me? I thought we were friends. Save me! I can’t swim.Mouse: Sorry, old friend. I want to win.
  • 7. The ox thinks he is going to win the race butthe rat has other ideas.Ox: I am almost at the palace.Mouse: Oh, no. The ox thinks he is going to win. But watch this!
  • 8. The ox gets to the riverbank and heads to thepalace. When he is a couple of steps fromvictory, the rat jumps off his back and gets to thepalace first. The rat wins! Mouse: Ha, I am first! Ox: You dirty rat.
  • 9. When the cat finally arrives at the palace, thepig tells her the bad news. Pig: You didn’t win, Cat, we have twelve guardians already. Cat: Oh, no. I can’t believe it.
  • 10. The god announces the twelve guardians:the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse,sheep, monkey, rooter, dog, and pig. All theanimals are happy, especially the rat. Butstarting that day, the cat chases the rat. Shewill never forgive what the rat did.
  • 11. 旁 白 1 : what the rat did was wrong. He should be ashamed of himself.旁 白 2 : Now I know why cats always chase rats.