Turkcell: integrating HP Universal CMDB with IBM Maximo and other HP solutions
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Turkcell: integrating HP Universal CMDB with IBM Maximo and other HP solutions



With over 36 million subscribers, Turkcell is one of the largest mobile phone companies in Europe. Attend this case study and learn how Turkcell is creating an integrated IT environment capable of ...

With over 36 million subscribers, Turkcell is one of the largest mobile phone companies in Europe. Attend this case study and learn how Turkcell is creating an integrated IT environment capable of supporting use cases across a broad range of IT processes, including asset management, configuration management, change management, and problem management. Solutions being integrated include IBM Maximo, HP business service management solutions, Universal CMDB, and Discovery and Dependency Mapping. This session will give you insight into how Turkcell IT staff delivered these integrations, what they learned in the process, and what results they have achieved.



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Turkcell: integrating HP Universal CMDB with IBM Maximo and other HP solutions Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Integrating HP UCMDB A practical example Hasan INAN Configuration Manager ©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice
  • 2. About Turkcell Communications & technology Leading GSM Operator in Turkey with leader in the region 36 million subscribers Operational since February 1994 62 M subscr. in 8 countries Leading operator in 4 countries Listed on NYSE and ISE Market Cap: $15.5 billion 2008 Revenue: $7 billion Most Admired Company Most Valuable Brand in Turkey
  • 3. MOBILE INTERNET Location Based Mobile Services Mobile Signature Mobile TV Business Personal Life Corporate Life Mobile Health Devices Mobile Education Payment Mobile Mobile Advertising Office Video Call Security
  • 4. TURKCELL: Investing In Infrastructure We continue to invest in Turkey 2.1 Billion TRY Since Foundation *Excluding Licence Fee 1.2 0.9 0.8 Turkcell and Customers in 2008 Turkcell Group Employees, Sales 2006 2007 2008 2009 E Channel, Partners and Suppliers Billion TRY
  • 5. Turkcell-im - GSMA Global Mobile Award Milestones TurkcellTeknoloji established 2007 2006 Turkcell 14th in BusinessWeek Turkcell-im InfoTech 100 list 2005 launch Invesment in Ukraine 2004 “Most Admired Company” - 2003 Capital MaxiMeSsage (MMS) Launch in Jul ‘02 Turkcell at 2002 GSMA Board In July 2000 began to be traded 2001 GPRSLand Launch in both in NYSE and ISE simultaneously Nov ‘01 WAP Launch 2000 Feb ‘00 Prepaid Card Launch March ‘99 1999 5,5 millions subscribers by Dec ’99 1998 2,3 millions subscribers 25-year GSM License 1994 Turkcell in service “İlk Alo” 1993 Turkcell established
  • 6. The Best Coverage By Far: 99% Turkcell is well ahead in quality coverage with 18,000 base stations 2009 2008 2006 2003 2000 1999 1998 1997 1995 2007 2005 2004 2002 2001
  • 7. Business Problems Addressed • Inaccurate CI information • None unique service catalog and none standard service model, • Manuel up to date dependency mapping, • Too many same kind of application, and code. • Visibility of IT components • Increased project time (more analysts and operations people needs). • Process and service efficiency • High ratio of rework. • Monitored end to end services • Control weaknesses • Uncontrolled change flow.
  • 8. Business Needs • Ensure IT Services are aligned with the business needs, • Improved process efficiency, • Manage CI relationships, • Determine impact of change and incidents, • Improved metrics and management reporting, • Improved controls.
  • 9. Business Challenges • Manage Business Flows and Processes • Change, IT Asset & Configuration Management • Incident & Problem Management • SLA Management * Monthly data Maximo Other Request* 6250 80000 Incident* 45000 N/A User 1000 35000 Workflow 125 1000 Application 60 500
  • 10. UCMDB Benefits to Turkcell ICT A CMDB is a repository of information about CIs and their relationships to other CIs. Impact Reconciliation Analysis • Overall visibility to Turkcell IT Network, • Gain an accurate, complete and up-to-date picture Universal CMDB Discovery & of Turkcell IT environment, Visualization Mapping • Control change of CI information across the service Configuration lifecycle, Change Tracking • Remove complexity and make business services easier to manage, • Business IT alignment (dependency mapping), • Integrate the business/IT relationship and make IT more proactive as a strategic partner.
  • 11. Solution Architecture HP OVO HP BAC Maximo COGNOS Operations teams HP SIM HP uCMDB SAN Applications teams TTECH CMDB DDM (Dependency Discovery Mapping) Service Owners Agentless Discovery Systems that are fed by uCMDB Repositories that feed uCMDB Integrations Network Applications Servers User Interactions
  • 12. CMDB PROJECT PHASE I PLAN Turkcell UCMDB Solution Roadmap Initiation Discovery Service Integrations Modeling ILO Server & Server Resources HP Tru64 Verify project prerequisites Applications and Services Modelling Feeding/ updating systems with accurate CI data: Discovery (~3000 servers) Discovery workshops Switch Telnet Views •Linux, Windows, Solaris, HP UX, IBM Business •HP OVO Service Tree Integrations workshops AIX, HP Tru64 via SNMP Ttech CMDB Reports •HP BAC Service Models •Maximo Deployment plan Network Discovery RedhatDependencies for Impact Analysis •Cognos Reporting Ldap •TCP Connectivity, Server and probes Loadbalancers, firewalls Enrich UCMDB with CI’s deployment from other repositories Application discovery •Coverage of all network segments •TTECH CMDB •Database, Cluster, Virtualisation platforms, Web servers, J2EE •Storage Area Network platforms, Exchange, SAP, Siebel, •HP System Insight Manager Systinet Integrations development Training and Skills Transfer
  • 13. DEPLOYMENT • Deployment stage was 6 months. Deployment stage divided 4 phase. • Initiation - 2 weeks • Discovery - 2 months • Modeling - 2 months, some tasks start earlier with Discovery phase • Integration - 2 months, some tasks start early with Modeling phase. • What extra effort we made with deployment? • Türkcell Application Discoverer tool integration • Redhat cluster discovery pack • ILO (integrated light out) Shared Network Port discovery • Telnet to switch, instead of SNMP because SNMP discovery use more switch CPU’s
  • 14. UCMDB Benefits and Numbers o UCMDB Discovery CI 2,626,525 o Discovered Servers: o Unix 2,626, (Solaris:1581, HP-UX:123, IBM:70, Linux:813, Other Unix:39), Windows916 o Discovery Application: o Oracle 405, SQL Server 325, J2EE Server 747, Web Server1,203 o Created logical CI for modeling: o Turkcell Solution Domain: 18, Turkcell Solution: 293, Model: 601 o Business Operation Group: 55, Business Operation: 352 o Established Standards: o Network IP range controlling o Controlling Application, server, product installation to compare with Gold copy of product o Controlling DNS, OID environment for reporting. o Created accurate application inventory.
  • 15. UCMDB Model
  • 16. UCMDB HP-OVO Synchronization •Produce the required source of data from the UCMDB (CI Relations, Service Model) •Create or configure the required transformation artifacts for DMA synchronization •Transfer synchronized data (Nodes, Services) results in HP-OVO
  • 17. UCMDB Challenges UCMDB Managed IT Services Improve Service Levels, Reduce Cost, Produce Business Result Increasing complexity and constant change Distributed, heterogeneous environments Business services deployed across multiple locations Emerging technologies integrated with custom and legacy systems Numerous software patches and updates
  • 18. UCMDB Difficulties More Resource Needed, Especially for Service Modeling Project Plan Did Not Cover All Expectations Aggressive Deadline Lack of Experience About Tool Integration Complex Environment Design New Modeling Structure and Service Portfolio 18
  • 19. Success Points Designed Service Model, that covers CMDB improved E2E service quality and Turkcell Services and maks ite easier to performance monitor Dependency mapping UCMDB gives opportunities to control Start to Manage the organizational and standards, server creation, application cultural change parameter, DNS checks etc. Synchronized environment, UCMDB to Creating Single source of truth for IT HP-OVO, Maximo and Turkcell Infrastructure Application Discovery Improve reporting, quality capabilities Easier and more flexible reporting and reduce time. Improved CMDB know how and Easily control complexity and constant experience changes Take advantage of working as one team with HP and LightHouse Technology On time and extended success story 19
  • 20. What’s Next Improve Service Modeling Structure and Service Catalogs Integrate with Oracle ERP, PPM, HP Operation Orchestration Tool Improve Reporting Structure Integrate More Security Rules Improve Standards 20
  • 21. To learn more on this topic, and to connect with your peers after the conference, visit the HP Software Solutions Community: www.hp.com/go/swcommunity 21 ©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.