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End-to-end management of Blackberry Enterprise Server
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End-to-end management of Blackberry Enterprise Server


The mobile workforce continues to grow each year, and organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to monitor their Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) environments from end to end. Many …

The mobile workforce continues to grow each year, and organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to monitor their Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) environments from end to end. Many solutions monitor the availability of the BES server, but make it difficult to troubleshoot performance issues because they don’t monitor other systems such as AD, SQL Server, and Exchange, which are critical components that BES depends on for end-to-end service delivery. In this session we’ll tell you how HP has partnered with RIM to deliver the new Blackberry Enterprise Server Smart Plug-in for HP Operations Manager for Windows—enabling a holistic approach to monitoring BES. You’ll see how, when coupled with other HP Smart Plug-Ins for Exchange, AD, and SQL Server, the HP Operations Manager console can show and correlate events from the entire Blackberry solution and provide true root-cause notifications. You’ll come away from the session knowing a better way to get visibility into performance and faster time to resolution.

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  • 1. End-to-end management of Blackberry Enterprise Server Alex Ryals Chief Technology Officer, Pepperweed Consulting Ryan Teichler HP Sales Manager, Carahsoft 1 ©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice
  • 2. Has This Happened to You? “Why is my email not coming through!!! I need to hire a Blackberry Czar to fix this thing.” Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 3. The Problem: Isolated Silos and Event Mgmt Console 1 Console 2 Management of Management of There Blackberry may be a server problem, BUT...everything else Enterprise (AD, Exchange, The BlackBerry management silo can‟t see that Servers SQL Server, etc) So you have two teams working on the problem Mobile Outage, but  Duplication of effort and more cost in IT Operations Active why? No visibility Directory to AD issue. than there should be Issue BES Application Events Server, Network, Storage Events Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 4. The Problem: Isolated Silos and Performance Console 1 Console 2 TheManagement of result: Management of Blackberry everything else • Blackberry service depends on more than just a high Enterprise (AD, Exchange, performing Blackberry Enterprise Server Server, etc) Servers SQL • Inefficient IT Operations because no single console for Mobile Email performance issues all Slow? No visibility Exchange to Exchange issue. very slow • Poor BlackBerry service levels to the business BES Application Events Server, Network, Storage Events Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 5. The Customer Challenge Ensuring Dependable „Mission Critical‟ Mobility  BlackBerry Enterprise Services (BESs) don‟t exist in isolation  Fixing BlackBerry performance issues can be slow unless you can see whole picture  Costly duplicate fix efforts if BES events monitored in isolation  “Whole picture” must include recent changes and compliance state  Need BES management tightly integrated into same service desk controlled incident process as everything else Network Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 6. BES Server Architecture Complex Set of Interconnected Systems Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 7. We Need a Management and Control System That Provides… • End-to-end monitoring, policy setting and alert management • Correlation across BES system components • Deep monitoring & management of each BES system component, including devices • Auto-discovery and update of interrelationships • Performance benchmarking • “Single pane of glass” for monitoring & control • Remote alert and incident management for 7x24 coverage Where can we find this type of end-to-end monitoring of our Blackberry infrastructure? Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 8. HP and Research in Motion Blackberry Enterprise Server 5.0 HP Operations Manager With the recent partnership between HP and Research in Motion, HP is now providing a full end-to-end monitoring solution for Blackberry Enterprise Server and connected devices so you are aware of potential issues before they occur. Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 9. Blackberry Monitoring Architecture Active Dir SPI Exchange OS SPI SPI Event & Perf Topology Based Agent OS SPI Mgmt Event Correlation Agent (TBEC) Collected BES discovered OS SPI BES SPI topology data HP BSM SQL SPI OS SPI HP and events OS SPI Agent Operations (Operations Agent Agent Manager Manager i & BAC) Ent Server SPI OS SPI Discovered Agent Topology HP Universal SPI – Smart Plug-In CMDB BAC – Business Availability Center BSM – Business Service Management Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 10. Functionality of the BlackBerry SPI What does the Blackberry SPI do? Health Deploy Service views monitoring • Allows deployment of BES • HP Service Navigator maps of the related monitoring policies Entire BlackBerry Domain • Log file monitoring and BES • Highlight impact of events on health analysis the overall BES service • Amount of available flash memory • Helps focus on most important per BlackBerry device issues • Last time BES and BlackBerry device had contact • General BES health • Event and Service monitoring Integration Performance • Integrated with HP OMw monitoring • The data & alerts are sent to OM from BlackBerry SPI • Messaging server response • OM can be integrated with times Metrics other HP Software products to • BES database response times • Graphs for current health & provide a broader solution • Response and delivery times per trend analysis • HP Performance Manager BlackBerry user • More than 30 Metrics to graphs • # of e-mail messages filtered and measure health and forwarded per BlackBerry device Performance from SNMP or BMS, • Link Latencies including device metrics • Resource utilization Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 11. BlackBerry SPI: Service Discovery View of discovered BES Services in HP Operations Manager for Windows Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 12. BlackBerry SPI: Average Delivery Time Exceeded (Policy) BESPI-00105.1 • The time taken to deliver an email or calendar message to a BlackBerry device • The average delivery time is the difference between the time when a transaction is sent to the device and the time when the device returns an acknowledgement • In this example the user “Director” is not getting good service Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 13. BlackBerry SPI: Hung Treads on Messaging Agent (Policy) BESPI-00115.1 • The number of user threads that are detected to be hung • In this example there are 30 hung threads. Hung threads can affect mail/calendar delivery performance Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 14. BlackBerry SPI Reports: User Average Deliver Time The average delivery time is the difference between the time when a transaction is sent to the device and the time when the device returns an acknowledge. Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 15. Blackberry SPI: HP Operations Manager Tools Tool Group Tool Blackberry Administration Cancel Kill Device Kill Device Lookup Device ID Resend Service Book Send Message Performance Data Storing Off Data Storing On Report Data Delete Report Data Setup SPI Administration Blackberry SPI Off Blackberry SPI On Import Java Certificate License Add License List License Check Blackberry Service Discovery Configure SPI for BES Configure SPI for BMS Update SPI for BES Configuration Update SPI for BMS Configuration Delete SPI Configuration Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 16. The BES SPI: Advanced Components with HP BSM HP BSM Platform APM, EUM, OMi Topology Based OMi Health BTM, Event Correlation Perspective Views Discovery, SLM, Problem BSM Dashboard Isolation, etc. OMi Event Management Foundation Users BSM Foundation : Dashboard, SLM, Alerting, MyBSM, UCMDB HP Operations Manager Operations Manager Console Users Network Storage Servers Applications Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 17. Blackberry SPI: HP Operations Manager i (OMi) with Advanced Correlation HP Operations Manager HP Operations Manager i • A client-server application • Central console for all console infrastructure events • Auto-discovery of all the • Discovered infrastructure BlackBerry Domain services Collects the components (topology) stored in HP Universal CMDB • Displays performance graphs discovered of collected metrics topology data and • Topology based event events and sends correlation using causal and • Execute tools to manage the symptom events BES components it to OMi • Leverage Health Indicators to give you quick visibility to issues BES Monitoring Discovery & Event Correlation Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 18. HP OMi Discovery: Topology View of BES System Discovered configuration items (servers, networks, applications, storage, business services, etc) from most HP solution are stored in one central CMDB. Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 19. HP OMi: Event Management Foundation Provides the core event management functionality in the BSM platform Events Filtered Event lifecycle by UCMDB CI actions views Related CI Dynamically updated CI views Assignment can be automatic Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 20. HP OMi: Topology Based Event Correlation • Not all problems are caused by the BlackBerry Enterprise Server ! • Topology based event correlation allows you to pinpoint cause and symptom events and to reduce the number of events in the browser • Correlation rules can be easily added and modified using the Administration UI (Correlation Manager) • Topology based correlation rules make use of the existing topology in the UCMDB which includes not only Blackberry components, but other IT components as well. Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 21. HP OMi Example of Slow Database: Topology Based Event Correlation Cause Symptom Issue • CPU is bottlenecked on SQL Server • Slow CPU causes slow database queries • BES Dispatcher is impacted by slow database queries Action • Assign Event to Database Specialist • BES Dispatcher health will return when database issue is resolved Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 22. HP OMi Example of Exchange Issue Topology Based Event Correlation Cause Symptom Issue • Exchange experiences a performance issue with a mailbox store • Mailbox store performance issue causes message delivery slowdown • BES Message Agent is impacted by slow Exchange server Action • Assign Event to Exchange Specialist • BES Message Agent health will return when Exchange mailbox store issue is resolved Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 23. HP OMi Health Indicators: Blackberry Enterprise Server Message Agent Example Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 24. The Blackberry SPI and You Customer Needs Best Practices Customer Benefits • Easy to create /edit /deploy • Performance data collection of • Visualization of BlackBerry monitoring configurations critical BlackBerry metrics Domain • Monitoring health and • BlackBerry topology discovery • Continuous, nearly real-time performance of BlackBerry to find the root cause quickly monitoring of BlackBerry Domain in distributed Enterprise server and devices • Color coding on service maps environments pin-points which services are • Preconfigured alarms / events • Get alerted before a critical down on what machines? • Reduced downtime because of situation happens, like hung • Monitor BES components root cause capability threads actively to proactive prevent • Central, easy-to use console for • Status of SRP gateway and the messages from being delayed. the distributed BlackBerry relay connection • Evaluate device message perf. Domains Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 25. The Solution: The BlackBerry Enterprise Server Smart Plug-in 1 2 3 All events go to one place. If using OMi, model used to group events and find cause event cause All performance data Automatically goes to one place. generate a single symptoms topology model of Can view your Blackberry performance of each infrastructure item on the model Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 26. Monitoring the Complete BES Environment Provides… • Simplified monitoring, control and reporting • Higher uptime due to early identification and fault detection • Lowered TCO to support the BlackBerry ecosystem • Single monitoring console for entire BlackBerry and applications environment An End-to-End solution to proactively manage the whole BlackBerry environment Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 27. Additional Resources • Blackberry Enterprise Server 5.0 – – • HP Operations Manager – .jsp?zn=bto&cp=1-11-15-28^1745_4000_100__ • HP Operations Manager i – .jsp?zn=bto&cp=1-11-15-28^37673_4000_100__ • HP Blackberry Smart Plug-In – .jsp?zn=bto&cp=1-11-15-28^43278_4000_100__ Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 28. Q&A Copyright © 2010 Pepperweed Consulting.
  • 29. To learn more on this topic, and to connect with your peers after the conference, visit the HP Software Solutions Community: 29 ©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
  • 30. 30