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The manner in which we are building and consuming applications is also undergoing dramatic change. Delivery and operations look at things from a different perspective. Join the Discover Performance …

The manner in which we are building and consuming applications is also undergoing dramatic change. Delivery and operations look at things from a different perspective. Join the Discover Performance Tour in a city near you.

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  • The manner in which we are building and consuming applications is also undergoing dramatic change.HybridIncreasingly business processes rely on chains of multiple services, some of which are still in your data centers, but more often include services from outside the four walls of the data center – in web services, public clouds and SaaS providers. IT leaders must be able to see, understand and act in this increasingly hybrid world – which requires a degree of up-to-the second insight and automation not previously required. MobilityBy 2015, mobile projects are expected to outnumber PC projects by 4 to 1. Mobile interaction is the new model of engagement. Customers now expect apps that will empower them to perform their tasks in the context of the moment – with whatever device they choose to use. [2 POINTS TO UNDERSCORE THE IMPACT AND NEED FOR GREATER AGILITY]Users upgrade to new Operating Systems as soon as they are available. IT no longer has the luxury of long cycles to vet, test and then decide they are ready to provide support for it, thay have to do so immediately.App store reviews and ratings mean your defects are no longer a private list – they are there for the entire world to see. They required a much more rapid reaction. All of this all adds up to more pressure on IT to deliver with greater speed without compromising quality. Agility and DevOps [NOTE: THIS IS THE PIVOT TO THE DEVOPS DISCUSSION]The last data point is also related to greater speed and increased agility. Gartner estimates that by 2016, 40% of organizations will have initiatives around continuous delivery and simplifying release management.This represents a significant change in how we have always done things. What is driving this change?
  • These are the results from Forrester’s very first survey on release management performed last year. This question asks how long it would take to push a change to a single line of code into production – essentially measuring the overhead associated with the release process. More than 80% of respondents indicated it would take more than a day. And 44% – if you total up the bottom four categories - said it would take longer than a week, with some of these at the bottom being a month or greater
  • [NOTE: THE MAIN POINT FOR THIS SLIDE IS CULTURAL/MINDSET MISMATCH BETWEEN THE TWO GROUPS. THE PHRASES IN QUOTES CHANGE ON THE NEXT SLIDE]Delivery and operations look at things from a different perspective:Delivery’s focus is working directly with the business and doing everything they can to provide new features and functionality as quickly as they are able to.By contrast, the traditional mindset of Operations is that change brings the risk of issues and outages. Their whole life has been about how to avoid change, to keep things as stable as absolutely possible. They are typically measured on the availability and stability of their systems. – so it’s perfectly natural for them to view “change as evil”These are two very contradictory perspectives. It ultimately creates friction, adds risk, and slows down IT in its goal of delivering value for the business.How do you reconcile these views?
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    • 1. HP Discover PerformanceTourRegister TODAY!Dissolve the boundaries between your development andoperations teamsSeptember 13 , 2012 – October 19, 2012© Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.
    • 2. When DevOps meets Traditional I.T. Q412 AMS HP Software Marketing
    • 3. Modern Application DeliveryA time of significant change and acceleration By 2016, By 2016, integration By 2015, mobile organizations with projects that include application joint App Dev and on-premises development projects Ops initiatives for applications and will outnumber native continuous delivery cloud services PC projects and simplified release management 50% 4 to 1 40%Source: Gartner Q412 AMS HP Software Marketing
    • 4. Release process is too long Source: Forrester Research Inc., “Five Ways To Streamline Release Management”, February 2011 Q412 AMS HP Software Marketing
    • 5. Relations between Dev & Ops are generally poor How would you describe the relations between your Application Development and IT Operations organizations? Source: Gartner., “Catalysts Signal the Growth of DevOps”, February 2011 Q412 AMS HP Software Marketing
    • 6. DevOps: An Unnatural Act? Q412 AMS HP Software Marketing
    • 7. Worlds colliding? Agile Delivery IT Operations How do we bridge the gap? “Be more agile - “Change is evil” deliver faster” Q412 AMS HP Software Marketing
    • 8. Thrive in aborderless world
    • 9. Thur., Sep 13 Sheraton RestonTop 5 reason to attend Thur., Sep 20 W New York Tues., Sep 25 Hyatt Regency Cambridge Hear from customers like McKesson, Vistaprint and St. Andrews Club & Conference AIG on their steps to achieving agility Tues, Sep 25 Center - Toronto Discuss with both peers from both Dev and Ops about Thur., Sep 27 Wyndham Grand - Minneapolis improving collaboration Thur., Sep 27 Hilton Austin See how HP’s DevOps solutions accelerate release Thur., Sep 27 Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver times, eliminate manual handoffs, and reduce errors Tues., Oct 2 W Atlanta Downtown Be the first on your team to get in front of the emerging Wed., Oct 10 Arizona Biltmore –Phoenix trends of DevOps and continuous delivery Fri., Oct 19 Montreal Walk away with a plan towards unifying your dev and Hilton Cincinnati Netherland TBA ops teams PlazaQ412 AMS HP Software Marketing TBA Ritz Carlton Denver TBA Hyatt Regency Santa Clara
    • 10. REGISTER