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Reducing effort and risk using SAP end-to-end testing solutions

Reducing effort and risk using SAP end-to-end testing solutions

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  • 1. Session ID: BTOT-WE-1000/8 Twitter hashtag #HPSWU©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice
  • 2. Testing the SAP wayReducing effort and risk using SAP end-to-endtesting solutionsSpeaker Name: Benjamin Alloul, SAPDate: 01/12/2010Session ID: BTOT-WE-1000/8©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice
  • 3. SAP as Business Innovation Platform Transforming software change control into business change control – company-wide, across SAP and non-sap landscapes – How do I identify opportunities to improve my processes? Change Events Business drivers • When a new process becomes available, how quickly can I integrate the process into my  Changed business processes business and begin realizing benefits from it  M&A re-organizations  New products, vendors… • How can I decrease the time required to implement system changes and events? Compliance drivers • How can I proactively determine if our end-users are executing in the SAP application as  Governance  Risk management designed and tested?  Compliance • How do I improve implementation performance, mitigate risks, leverage accelerators, and Technology drivers  New functionality measure adoption?  Upgradesh …establish a quality platform to minimize time/cost of change event efforts New Processes Discrete Change Events Effort Consolidation Upgrades Hot Packs Custom Ongoing Custom New Dev. Dev. Custom Change Support Support Dev. Events Implementation Pack Pack Time3 BTOT-WE-1000/8 : Testing the SAP way
  • 4. ―Quality & Testing‖ - Biggest pain point of upgrades Major Cost and Time Factors during Upgrade or Implementation, % Customers QA & Testing 75% Testing and coverage is the #1 stated pain point for all Change Mgmt. 30% customers Over 86% of customers Planning 16% In the 83% are concerned about risks Process of due to lack of upgrading Training & Doc. 12% comprehensive testing Complexity and project Resource Mgmt. 7% schedule are rated much lower compared to the rest Not Complexity 5% upgrading 17% % Members Project schedule 0% n=52 Source: ASUG Test influence council member survey4 BTOT-WE-1000/8 : Testing the SAP way
  • 5. SAP Solution ManagerThe SAP Platform for Application LifecycleManagement
  • 6. ALM Processes enabled with SAP Solution Manager Upgrade Management Solution Documentation • Comprehensive project support • Central documentation of processes, system landscape, for release transitions custom code, partner applications, … Maintenance Management Innovation Management • Management of corrective software packages • Discover and realize enhanced Require- business functionality ments • Avoid disruption of business Business Process Operations • Ensure business continuity Optimize Design • Provide Business KPIs Template Management SAP • Standardize configuration across • Business process benchmarking Solution multiple projects Manager Build & Operate Technical Operations Test • Central monitoring & alerting infrastructure Test Management • Unique End-User Experience monitoring Deploy • Change impact analysis • Central administration tools • End-to-end test management Application Incident Management Change Control Management • Integrated service desk • Integrated quality management • Involvement of partners in problem resolution • Synchronized transports of various components • Provide root-cause analysis for complex • Controlled and documented adjustment of business landscapes with diverse technology stacks processes incl. approval process6 BTOT-WE-1000/8 : Testing the SAP way
  • 7. SAP Quality PlatformEnd to End Test Management for SAP Solutions
  • 8. The SAP Quality Platform Complete solution of products and professional services Plan Execute Evaluate SAP Solution Manager SAP Quality Center by SAP Test Acceleration SAP LoadRunner bySAP Solution Manager Adapter HP & Optimization (TAO) HP End-to-end project  Closed loop from  Detailed test planning  Further time and cost  Performance test and road-mapping and blueprint to test results and management savings via drag-and- tune SAP and non- blueprinting like status, incidents, drop test case creation SAP applications  Test case and defects SAP enterprise management  Unique SAP offering  Comprehensive business process  Bi-directional enabled by SAP core performance  Visibility into the modeling integration between business process dashboards overall testing process Solution Manager and expertise  Deep diagnostics for Quality Center for role-  Comprehensive SAP Business Suite based usage dashboards and SAP NetWeaver  Test data migration server SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS)  Create consistent and small QA and development environments  Test Center Implementation Service  Performance Automation QuickStart SAP Professional Services  Functional Implementation Quickstart  ...
  • 9. E2E Integration Testing of SAP Solutions (Functional)Type of change Test Scope Identification New SAP Business Blueprint Solution Test Planning Apply changes to Test Execution Test Systems Preparation productive system SAP Solution Change Impact Analysis UpdateSAP Quality Center by HP & SAP Test Acceleration & Optimization (TAO) Solution Manager HP Quality Center  Requirements Risk Based Testing Business Blueprint HP Quality Center  Test Set Execution  Setup of business process catalog  Test Requirements  Business Process Testing (Execution)  Business requirements  Test Planning  Business Process Test Automation Tools Solution Manager Testing (Design) SAP TAO - Test Acceleration & Optimization Business Process Change Analyzer  Test Components Generation  Identification of process affected by SAP TDMS  Test Components Maintenance code/customizing changes Test Data Migration Server HP Quick Test Professional  Setup of test data in  UI Based Testing QA systems  Business Process Components Testing
  • 10. ASAP Methodology v7.0 Define how to use HP Quality Center and SAP Test Acceleration & Optimization (TAO) with SAP Solution Manager11 BTOT-WE-1000/8 : Testing the SAP way
  • 11. Test Process ManagementKeeping the alignment between the SAP Project Teamand the Quality Team
  • 12. SAP Solution Manager Project What is in a SAP Solution Manager Project and where do we link to the Quality Center project 1 - Solution Manager Project 2 - Business Blueprint 3 - Configuration Scope  Template and Roadmap selection Project requirements Project Implementation  Industry selection  SAP Documentation  Customizing activities  Country selection  Customer-specific process  Assignment of test cases to documentation business process and transaction Project Team  Transactions System Landscape  Requirements for SAP Quality  Including location of test cases Center by HP Milestones Organizational Units Project Standards Link to SAP Quality Center by HP13 BTOT-WE-1000/8 : Testing the SAP way
  • 13. SAP Solution Manager Adapter for HP Quality Center Full & integrated traceability from Business Process to Test Requirements, Test Cases, Test Results and Defects Business Blueprint Test Results Manager Solution Project Solution Manager Service Desk Requirement document Sync Collect Report Quality Center Project Reporting & Test Requirements Tests Results Defects Dashboard14 BTOT-WE-1000/8 : Testing the SAP way
  • 14. SAP Test Acceleration & OptimizationSemi automated approach for accelerated Test CaseComposition & maintenance
  • 15. SAP Test Automation The Evolution of Testing – Stages of Testing Test Acceleration  Test Component generation based on metadata from program sources  Predefined library of reusable standard components  Ongoing maintenance simplified by scanning of transactions and automated updating of components Business Process Testing  Componentized testing by the enablement of composition of test cases by Drag&Drop  Still requires maintenance and automation scripting support in the background Record and Replay  Unattended rapid repetitive execution  Capacity to test many more conditions  Scripts creation and maintenance requires skilled automation engineers Manual Testing  Highly time-intensive. No capacity for re-use17 BTOT-WE-1000/8 : Testing the SAP way
  • 16. Automated testing the SAP way with SAP TAO Type of change Test Scope Identification SAP Solution Apply changes to Change Impact Analysis Test Planning Test Execution productive system Update SAP Test Acceleration & Optimization (TAO) HP Quality Center  Test Set Execution SAP Solution Manager BPCA  Business Process Testing Components HP Business Process Testing Test Automation Tools HP QuickTest Professional SAP Test Acceleration & Optimization  Test Components Generation  Test Components Maintenance Solution Manager Business Process Change Analyzer  Identification of process affected by HP Quick Test Professional code/customizing changes  Business Process Components Execution18 BTOT-WE-1000/8 : Testing the SAP way
  • 17. Test Automation with SAP TAO Approach for Test Case Composition 1 - Test Case Composition 2 - HP Quality Center 3 - Test Case Execution TAO Component Library Business Analyst TAO Test Components library SAP TAO created for each SAPGUI sub-screens QC BPT Test Case SAP TAO - Process Flow Analyzer with parameters for all fields. are assigned to Components use QTP Test Sets Scripting Technology HP QuickTest BPT Test Case Professional composed out of Test executes the Test Generation Components with Cases parameters for all input fields SAP TAO triggered execution of Excel File with Test QC Test Case SAP Business Process by Business Data for each input Results Reporting User to create Test Components, parameter Test Case and Test Data structure20 BTOT-WE-1000/8 : Testing the SAP way
  • 18. SAP Test Acceleration & Optimization A few screenshots21 BTOT-WE-1000/8 : Testing the SAP way
  • 19. SAP Test Acceleration & Optimization Key Features Automatic generation of test components and test case for SAP business processes Composition/Modification of automated test cases via standard functionality of HP Quality Center22 BTOT-WE-1000/8 : Testing the SAP way
  • 20. SAP TAO Integration with BPCA* Accelerated repair of damaged TAO test components and test cases Tightly controled deployment of software changes to SAP Solution Development System 1 BPCA: Change Impact Analysis of software changes on (critical) business process 2 SAP TAO: BPCA-Analysis result triggers re-generation of damaged test components 3 SAP TAO: Maitenance of affected test components and test cases 4 SAP TAO: Risk-based recommendation for regression tests based on BPCA analysis23 BTOT-WE-1000/8 : Testing the SAP way * BPCA : Business Process Change Analyzer is a functionality of SAP Solution Manager
  • 21. SAP Test Acceleration & Optimization with BPCA A few screenshots24 BTOT-WE-1000/8 : Testing the SAP way
  • 22. SAP TAO integration with BPCA Key Features Precise identification of impacted business processes and test cases Accelerated repair of damaged test cases Risk-based recommendation for regression tests Integration into SAP Solution Manager standard functionalities25 BTOT-WE-1000/8 : Testing the SAP way
  • 23. SAP TAO : Cost–effective automated testing 900 Manual Typically 3 Test Cycles 800 within an Upgrade Traditional 700 Automation SAP Solution Manager Aggregated Effort (hours) 600 Test Acceleration & Optimization SAP TAO (TAO) 500 400 300 HP Quality Center 200 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 # of Test Cycles SAP TAO ROI within 2 test cycles Traditional Automation Total Effort Per Approach (Hours) ROI within 5 test cycles (Assumption: 35 Business Processes)26 BTOT-WE-1000/8 : Testing the SAP way
  • 24. Case StudyHow does ―testing the SAP way‖ enable our client todeliver applications and changes on time and with muchhigher quality
  • 25. Client Solutions SAP Test Acceleration & Optimization (TAO) HP Quality Center SAP Solution Manager Adapter28 BTOT-WE-1000/8 : Testing the SAP way
  • 26. ―There are two ways to write error-free programs; only the third one works.‖— Alan J. Perlis
  • 27. Continue the conversation with your peers at the HP Software Communityhp.com/go/swcommunity