Boeing & HP Application Management
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Boeing & HP Application Management

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An overview of how HP Application Management (APM) was successfully implemented at Boeing

An overview of how HP Application Management (APM) was successfully implemented at Boeing

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  • 1. Session ID: BTOT-TH-1000/2
    Twitter hashtag #HPSWU
  • 2. Speaker Name: David Cornette
    Date: December 2, 2010
    Session ID: BTOT-TH-1000/3
    Real Success Quantified with HP Application Management (APM)
  • 3. 3
    HP Confidential
    Design, assemble and support global jetliners, defense systems, satellites and launch vehicles
    Industry leader, largest provider in many markets
    • Over $168 billion in annual revenue for 2009, in 90+ countries with 157,000 employees
    • 4. 24 hour network with facilities around the globe
  • 4
    HP Confidential
    Reality and Initial Challenges
    Unacceptable Availability
    • Technology
    • 5. Major Application Performance and Availability Problems
    • 6. Isolated, diverse data points and management tools
    • 7. Process
    • 8. Reactive, slow to determine root cause
    • 9. Existing support process incapable of dealing with complex applications
    • 10. People
    • 11. Unhappy customers and business stakeholders
    • 12. Blame Game
  • 5
    HP Confidential
    Creating an Effective APM Solution
    Service Goal: Ensure Applications meet customer expectations (SLAs/OLAs)
    • Strategic Requirement: Provide a comprehensive view of the application
    • 13. Expected Results
    • 14. Reduced Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) w/faster Root Cause analysis
    • 15. Improved Service Levels
    • 16. Reduced IT Costs
  • 6
    HP Confidential
    Implementing an Effective APM Solution
  • 17. 7
    HP Confidential
    Quantified APM Success
    • Comprehensive Approach Pays Off
    Mean Time To Repair Reduction
    Increased Availability
    Reduced End User Impact Hours
  • 18. Quantified APM Success
    Reclaiming time and effort for more valuable projects
    Copyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved.
  • 19. Quantified APM Success
    Reclaimed diagnosis time focused on Resolution
    Copyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved.
  • 20. Quantified APM Success
    Faster resolution with less effort
    Copyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved.
  • 21. Quantified APM Success
    Tremendous labor savings
    • Labor cost for incident resolution in 2009 is 1.8% of the cost in 2005
    Chart uses a Bureau of Labor Statistics average labor rate for an experienced Application Systems Engineer to give a sense of monetary scale, not a Boeing labor rate
    Copyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved.
  • 22. 12
    HP Confidential
    Business Service Overview
    Ensuring Scalable Support
    • BAC Application Management Service =
    Internal “Software As AService” provider
    • Partner with & train application support teams to develop monitoring solutions to meet their specific requirements
    • 23. Application teams develop & maintain maximum practical portion of their own monitoring solution
    • 24. Application teams’ control of their solution is only constrained by…
    • 25. Security or stability limitations
    • 26. Application teams’ desire to learn and/or allocate resources
    • 27. Cost considerations managed by BAC Service
    • 28. Bottom Line
    • 29. CAS saves money from centralized infrastructure/methodology /expertise
    • 30. Enjoys the benefits of diverse solutions that meet any and all application requirements
  • 13
    HP Confidential
    Business Service Overview
    Focus yields results, fosters independence
    • NOT a monitoring enforcement group working to push applications into a standardized NOC dashboard for Enterprise support or Executive reporting
    • 31. Customer applications on-boarded by request and word-of-mouth endorsement, not by directive
    • 32. Focus on enabling application teams to build & maintain tailored Application Management solutions that take advantage of shared BAC tool suite strengths
    • 33. Alerts/Reports flow directly to each Application Management team
    • 34. Removes enterprise process dependencies & puts control back in the application’s hands
    • 35. Application Management solutions work best when designed & maintained by
    • Success depends on users and others who benefit getting directly involved
  • 14
    HP Confidential
    Customer On-Boarding Process
    Kick-off Meeting
    Showcase toolset, Learn about the application to be monitored
    Requirements Developed
    Customer educated about the full toolset capabilities in developed requirement context
    BAC administrators build initial monitoring implementation
    Built on application requirements, Iterative refinement process follows change management process
    Application Management solution is transitioned
    As much as possible over time, empower application teams through training
  • 36. 15
    HP Confidential
    Customer Communications and Training
    Ongoing communications keeps teams fresh and working
    • Quarterly Hands-On BAC training
    • 37. 2-3 training classes held for each event
    • 38. 4-8 hours per training event
    • 39. 70 consumers attended the last training session
    • 40. Training manual with common BAC functionality
    • 41. Quarterly newsletter communicating BAC Application Management Service enhancements, updates, changes
  • Internal APM Service Offering
    • Provides a holistic view of the Application environment, from end users to infrastructure to code reviews
    • 42. Deliverables are created to the direct requirements of each individual Application Management team
    Copyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved.
  • 43. Continue the conversation with your peers at the HP Software Community