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Quicker time-to-test using HP’s new Test Data Management
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Quicker time-to-test using HP’s new Test Data Management


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QA teams can spend upwards of 50% of their time preparing test data. Not only is data management tedious and time consuming, it’s error prone and a security risk when working with sensitive customer …

QA teams can spend upwards of 50% of their time preparing test data. Not only is data management tedious and time consuming, it’s error prone and a security risk when working with sensitive customer information like Social Security and account numbers. Also, linking data to tests is a lengthy manual effort and provides no visibility into requirements coverage.

What if you could cut your data prep time in half?

You can, with HP’s Test Data Management. Come see how HP TDM attacks this problem area by:

- Automating the extraction of production data by utilizing reusable extraction rules
- Editing and properly masking data
- Automatically populating target environments

Then see how HP TDM integrates with HP Quality Center and HP Performance Center to provide data-driven test execution and analysis, and industry-leading requirements coverage.

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  • 1. Quicker time-to-test using HP's new Test Data Management Speaker: Durga Sammeta Speaker: Sr. Marketing Manager ©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice
  • 2. Needs and Challenges Realistic data is needed to test multiple scenarios. Where is the data? In production or backup systems. NEEDS CHALLENGES — Access to meaningful — Limited or no access to data to test production systems — Extract relevant subset — Extracting subset of data of data and refresh from distributed databases is iteratively time consuming — Reduce security — Unauthorized users compliance violations accessing sensitive data puts business at risk — Reduce time to prepare test data — Unable to reuse data in different testing environments 2
  • 3. Did you know? How much time does IT spend on maintenance vs. innovation? Over 70% 3
  • 4. Did you know? If you spend $100 on 1TB storage disk, how much does it cost to maintain it? Over $700 4
  • 5. Did you know? If an outsider data theft costs around over $50,000, how much does the insider attack costs the company? Over $2.5 Million 5
  • 6. Research “With internal theft accounting for more than 70% of all data theft, test and development environments are often soft targets.” Forrester “An insider attack against a large company causes an average of $2.7 million US in damages, where the average outside attack costs only $57,000 (Almost 50 times as costly).” Ernst & Young “Administrative costs for 1 TB of storage are five to seven times higher than the storage costs.” Dataquest/Gartner 6
  • 7. HP Test Data Management (TDM) 7
  • 8. Break the test data log jam with HP TDM Ensure ready availability of test data Data Preparation Phase Connect Extract Load Design Manipulate Reset Iterate Analyze Test Report Consume 8 Data-driven Testing Phase
  • 9. How can we accelerate testing with TDM? Data Preparation Testing Reduce preparation time With Time Saved Testing Automated Data TDM Preparation Accelerate the testing process 9 by almost 50%
  • 10. HP TDM methodology Source Target Quality Apply Rules Extract and Upload Center XML/ DATA CSV MASKING QTP LoadRunner TDM Service Test 10
  • 11. HP Test Data Management Benefits for QA Greater agility through accelerated application testing Streamlines data preparation phase prior to testing and provides a subset of realistic, de-identified, re-useable data for testing Maintain compliance and assure security for test data Supports custom data-masking functions for any data type, enabling compliance with corporate data security policies Reduce costs for storage and data administration Reduces the footprint and administrative cost of data storage for databases used in testing environments 11
  • 12. TDM Features 12
  • 13. Configure Production Databases 13
  • 14. Design Extraction Rules Using TDM Designer 14
  • 15. Define Masking Policies 15
  • 16. Scheduling Extraction Jobs 16
  • 17. Exporting Data Into Flat Files 17
  • 18. Data Driven Testing – Quality Center 18
  • 19. Reuse Test Data 19
  • 20. Q&A 20
  • 21. To learn more on this topic, and to connect with your peers after the conference, visit the HP Software Solutions Community: 21 ©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
  • 22. 22