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04_hp cloud_services_enablement
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04_hp cloud_services_enablement


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HP Cloud Services Enablement

HP Cloud Services Enablement

Published in: Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. TRANSFORM: HP Cloud Services Enablement Services-on-demand for SMB clients HP Cloud Services Enablement for Communications Services Providers Roberto Sanchez WW Business Development Manager, CMS September 9, 2010
    • 2. HP Cloud Services Enablement for CSP Addressing SMB Market HP Aggregation Platform for SaaS Compute services Communications as a Service Conclusion
    • 3. Targeting SMB Users Empowering communication Introduce innovation in the service providers to expand sourcing relationship to their offering to their business increase efficiency and reduce customers while leveraging costs cloud computing 3
    • 4. SMB Sector Is a Natural Market for Cloud-based Solutions Source : Frost & Sullivan Traditionally underserved by vendors High service Limited availability capital not a priority resources Limited More predictable SMB internal IT Segment /Telecom costs resources Flexible on- Can scale demand up as they Eager to purchase grow employ model advanced tools 4
    • 5. Benefits to the 'Cloud'/On-demand Model Pay only for what you use 77.9% Easy/fast to deploy to end-users 77.7% Monthly payments 75.3% Encourages standard systems 68.5% Requires less in-house IT staff, costs 67.0% Always offers latest functionality 64.6% Sharing systems with partners simpler 63.9% Seems like the way of the future 54.0% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% (Scale: 1 = Not at all important 5 = Very Important) 5 Source: IDC Enterprise Panel, 3Q09, n = 263, September 2009
    • 6. Adoption Areas Collaboration applications 67.3% Web applications/Web serving 66.9% Data Back-up or Archive services 59.4% Business apps (CRM, HR, ERP) 55.6% Personal productivity apps 55.1% Data/Content Distribution services 54.8% Storage capacity on demand 52.9% IT Management software 51.3% Server capacity on demand 50.6% Business Intelligence/Analytics 49.8% Application dev/test/deploy platform 49.1% IT/Information Security 48.6% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% (Scale: 1 = Very Unlikely 5 = Very Likely) 6 Source: IDC Enterprise Panel, 3Q09, n = 263, September 2009
    • 7. SMBs Enjoy Low Risk, Low-cost Cloud Services More rapid access to state-of-the-art technology services and time-to-production and lower set up costs Predictability of Opex costs over time Shift in focus to core business management, rather than on the internal IT and communications environment Greater ability to scale IT and communications as business needs change Reliable access to business applications and data, anywhere, anytime 7
    • 8. HP Cloud Services Enablement for CSP Services-on-demand for SMB clients Business Applications as a Service External SaaS providers: ERP, CRM, HR Device Management as a Service HP Mobile Device Management 3rd party solutions: Mobile and PC Data Back-Up Communications as a Service HP Interactive Voice Response 3rd party solutions: IP Contact Center, UC Infrastructure as a Service Compute Services 8
    • 9. HP Cloud Services Enablement for CSP Addressing SMB Market HP Aggregation Platform for SaaS Compute services Communications as a Service Conclusion 9
    • 10. Current SMB Service Provision is Complex SaaS SMB client Provider SMB client SMB client SaaS Provider SMB client SMB client SaaS Provider SMB client SMB client SaaS SMB client Provider SMB client SaaS Provider SMB client Advertise Discover Invoice and Collect Provision each provider 10
    • 11. Solving Operational Challenges Takes time to deploy/ integrate new end-user services Difficult to leverage SaaS services and hosted services provided by ISV Difficult to easily offer a large portfolio of end-user services to customers Integration of hosted/SaaS services in the current network operator environment is complex 11
    • 12. A Hub for End-user Services Service provider SMB client SaaS environment Provider SMB client SMB client SaaS Provider Hosted SMB client Services SaaS Provider Aggregation SMB client SaaS Platform for SaaS HP Aggregation Platform Provider for SaaS SMB client SMB client SaaS OSS BSS Provider SMB client BB Fixed Wireless SaaS Provider Pay one invoice Unique client for Give employee Increase Security experience for IT and Comm. details once ordering services Services Quality Assurance 12
    • 13. HP Aggregation Platform for SaaS Acts as a central interaction point that streamlines operations for both SPs and SMBs by automating key processes to deliver SaaS services Provides a set of pre-integrated revenue generating services to be readily offered to clients Leverages a reference architecture that accommodates other SaaS/hosted services through a reseller model 13
    • 14. HP Aggregation Platform for SaaS Four stages (1) SaaS (2) Definition Service of product Management offers to be and Integration proposed to Services Service clients Product Ingestion Offering Service SP-enabled Introduction SaaS Operations, Process Product Business Consumption Support (3) (4) Operations, System Sell product offers to billing, and clients through settlement functions a web portal 14
    • 15. HP Aggregation Platform for SaaS – Benefits – Service providers have sought value- added applications for their networks from outside sources – Service providers will enjoy additional revenues from both software and network sales – Service providers will remain solidly placed in the e-commerce value chain – Service providers regain some level of client intimacy – Service providers are looking at SaaS as a way to trim IT costs for application consumption 15
    • 16. HP Cloud Services Enablement for CSP Addressing SMB Market HP Aggregation Platform for SaaS Compute services Communications as a Service Conclusion 16
    • 17. HP Cloud Services Enablement for Infrastructure as a Service • Addresses the requirement for a hybrid cloud (private and public) with an Infrastructure as a Service offering, next to the previously announced Communications as a Service solutions • Enables communication service providers to provide small and medium enterprises with Compute Services such as processing power, networking, and other related software resources on a service-on-demand basis. 17
    • 18. Compute Services – Private Cloud Storage Servers Power and cooling Network 18 Infrastructure Management
    • 19. Compute Services – Public Cloud Storage Servers Bundle Automatic Provisioning Small and Mediation Medium Business Power and cooling Self Service client Network Portal Billing 19 Infrastructure Management
    • 20. Setting up Public Clouds Service Consumer 4 orders Service 3 Publish through Market Portal in self-service format Market Place Portal 5 Automatically provision 2 and mediate services on demand using resource Design standard, pools. Flexible up/down repeatable service as required templates 6 Consolidate and virtualize Continuous 1 infrastructure into shared reporting and resource pools usage billing Fully Integrated into Business and IT Service Management tools and processes 20
    • 21. Compute Services Components HP Aggregation Platform for SaaS Acts as a central interaction point that streamlines operations for both SPs and SMBs by automating key Public Cloud processes to deliver IaaS services HP Cloud Service Automation HP Cloud Service Automation is a new suite from HP Software & Solutions, designed to provide a specific Cloud set of products/services to help enterprise clients Governance implement the management and automation required for a private cloud environment HP BladeSystem Matrix Cloud Converged infrastructure foundation for private cloud Resources enabling provisioning in minutes, not months 21
    • 22. SFR Business Team French Telecom Leading First french alternative telecom operator generating new revenue by extending the advantages of cloud computing to its business clients. Quickly bring to market a complete cloud services platform PROBLEM designed to enable SFR Business Team to offer IT infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with utility-based pricing to French companies HP BladeSystem Matrix as the foundation for private cloud, SOLUTION integrated with HP Cloud Service Automation software and the HP Aggregation Platform for SaaS software SFR Business Team business clients can take advantage of a wide selection of service on demand and state-of-the-art IT RESULT technology with predictable operating costs, less capital investment and decreased risk in new technology adoption. Providing cloud-based infrastructure to accelerate SFR Business Team growth in its enterprise business that already serves 150,000 French companies 22
    • 23. “Cloud services represent a major opportunity for both SFR and our business customers. HP‟s cloud expertise and proven technology will help SFR become the trusted provider for a wide range of „as a service‟ offerings.” Paul Corbel, General Manager, SFR Business Team 23
    • 24. HP Cloud Services Enablement for CSP Addressing SMB Market HP Aggregation Platform for SaaS Compute services Communications as a Service Conclusion 24
    • 25. Communications as a Service Communications as a Service • Is a business-ready set of HP and third party communications and IT solutions • Delivered by service providers on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis • Provides service providers with a leadership offering and significant SMB revenue streams – Hardware, software, services, and support offerings – Designed for one-to-many delivery over the Internet – clients share the same public infrastructure 25
    • 26. The SMB CaaS Market Is Ripe with Opportunity Over half of your SMB clients want an as-a-Service offering SMB demand for CaaS is red-hot: A $12.2b market at 28% CAGR in 2014 9 out of 10 firms want some type of bundle with their as-a-Service The greatest opportunity is with SMBs with 100+employees SMBs are price sensitive: They want the service; but at low prices Service Providers do have permission to play HP as a partner increases likelihood for SMB to buy for two-thirds of firms 26 CONFIDENTIAL , Source: HP and Forrester Study, Key Findings, September 2009
    • 27. HP Interactive Voice Response HP Aggregation Platform for SaaS Auto Virtual Call Automatic Call Self Attendant Receptionist Recording Distribution Service HP Network IVR HP OpenCall Media Platform Network layer – 7x24, reliable automated telephone-based self service for many requests such as transactions, general company information, product information – Answer and route calls from clients, suppliers, employees, etc. – Reduction of management overhead for IVR platform and networking Delivered in a multi-tenancy architecture – Price-per-minute business model 27
    • 28. Tier 1 Western Europe – Communications as a Service Challenges Approach • Set of rich SMB bundles • A platform software developed by HP targeting up to two million to offer hosted and managed ICT users and millions of hosted service instances bundles to its business clients. • Service offerings • A portfolio of “ready-to-use “ vertical • Web Collaboration applications • Desktop Backup • A set of differentiating adapters for • Desktop Antivirus Microsoft Hosted Messaging and • Mail server and web on-site Collaboration Platform • Simultaneous integration of on- site and external partners in “the cloud” technology. 28
    • 29. HP Cloud Services Enablement for CSP Addressing SMB Market HP Aggregation Platform for SaaS Compute services Communications as a Service Conclusion 29
    • 30. HP Cloud Services Enablement Value Proposition Generate new Decrease time to Simplify adoption revenue market • Keep and attract • Deliver quickly SaaS business customers and hosted services • Leverage the growing through IT/Network through a marketplace momentum of “as a service bundles – one Service” portal stop shop for any services • Centralize the • Grow the portfolio of management functions end-user services • Create attractive quickly with 3rd party on a dedicated platform packages/bundles for SaaS provider portfolio various market segments 30
    • 31. Providing Operational Excellence Properly address Value sourcing Compelling client concerns Bundles – Security – multi tenancy – TCO winner – not just – App store for on-line threats, data in the cloud the headline number services • Cloud Security Alliance • includes all cost • pre defined bundles – Availability (% per – SLA fit for business • optional add -ons for bundles day/week/month) and critical applications resilience (time to restore) – One bill • no short cuts with a weak SLA • an SLA for business users • not just a simple percentage – One throat to choke for a – Guarantees – my data is with partial refund group of related services safe from others and you – SLA for not business • broadband, servers, and will not lose it critical applications storage – Performance – it works OK – Excellence in delivery • voice (fixed and mobile), messaging , e-mail services and – Legal – legislation & • cost of service delivery is best collaboration litigation in the industry • no need to pay breakdown – Simplicity - resolve – Service termination compensation complexity – One throat to choke – One throat to choke • easy to buy • easy to use 31
    • 32. Outcomes that matter. 32