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03 hp cloud_services
03 hp cloud_services
03 hp cloud_services
03 hp cloud_services
03 hp cloud_services
03 hp cloud_services
03 hp cloud_services
03 hp cloud_services
03 hp cloud_services
03 hp cloud_services
03 hp cloud_services
03 hp cloud_services
03 hp cloud_services
03 hp cloud_services
03 hp cloud_services
03 hp cloud_services
03 hp cloud_services
03 hp cloud_services
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03 hp cloud_services


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HP Cloud Consulting Services

HP Cloud Consulting Services

Published in: Technology
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    HP Cloud Services
    Marc Wilkinson
    Director, Cloud Global Practice,
    HP Enterprise Business
    Ewald Comhaire
    CTO, Infrastructure Consulting, Technology Services
    September 9, 2010
  • 2. No Matter Where You Are, a Cloud Journey Requires...
    A structured, service lifecycle approach
    Capability model and roadmap that addresses people, process and technology
    A flexible design you can evolve for tomorrow’s cloud model
    Solution architecture blueprints that provide customization to protect key investments already made
    Solid Implementation plan built on real life projects
  • 3. Service-centric
    IT as a BUSINESS innovation enabler or cloud service provider
    IT as a COST center
    IT as Internal Service Providerusing a Shared Service Center Model
    IT as aServices Broker and Internal “Cloud” ServiceProvider
    Evolutionary Path to Cloud for Enterprise Organizations
    Transitional benefitsof moving to private cloud
  • 4. HP Cloud Consulting Services
  • 5. HP Cloud Consulting and Support Services
    Cloud Consulting Services
    • HP Cloud Discovery Workshop
    • 6. HP Cloud Roadmap Service
    • 7. HP Cloud Design Service
    • 8. HP Cloud Security Service
    • 9. HP CloudStart Solution (NEW)
  • HP Cloud Discovery Workshop
    Create common cloud understanding
    • Mobilize teams for fast decision-making
    • 10. Evaluate cloud opportunity, risks
    • 11. Share cloud best practices
    • 12. Identify strategic cloud related initiatives
    • 13. Explore HP Converged Infrastructure Architecture and technologies
    • 14. Layout next steps
    Discovery Workshop
    • Duration: 1/2 to 1 days
    • 15. Availability: Global
    • 16. Attendees: C-level decision makers, CTOs, chief architects
  • HP Cloud Roadmap Service
    • Identify desired target state built on your cloud strategy
    • 17. IT organization takes the leadership role via an internally driven program
    • 18. Determine current capabilities across main domains such as service management, technical architecture, culture and staff, governance etc.
    • 19. Create a roadmap of projects to achieve the desired state
    • 20. Develop a solid, facts-based business case for fast investment decision-making and CFO buy-in
    Roadmap Service
    • Duration: 4 to 6 weeks (small), 8 to12 weeks (large)
    • 21. Availability: Global
    • 22. Module I: Future state definition
    • 23. Module II: Program plan development
    • 24. Module III: Business case development
  • Cloud Capability Model and Roadmap
    Where do you want to be?
    What are your current capabilities ?
    Based on the gaps, what is my roadmap ?
  • 25. HP Cloud Design Service
    • Detailed and flexible cloud design
    • 26. Comprehensive HP reference architecture for different sourcing and cloud types
    • 27. ITIL v3 interpretation for cloud
    • 28. Full mapping of HP and partner technologies for cloud
    Cloud Portfolio architectural analysis
    2. Detailed Design Development
    3. Implementation Plan
    Design Service
    • Duration: 6 to 8 weeks
    • 29. Availability: Global
    • 30. Delivery: Delivered by experienced HP consultants, architects and technologists
  • Focused on Delivering Service-centric ITFunctional Reference Architecture
    Service Portfolio Mgmt.
    Demand, sourcing, finance
    Service Offering Catalog
    Service Catalog and Portal Layer
    Service Health
    SLA Dashboard, reporting
    Service Request Mgmt
    Service Desk
    Notification, collaboration, kb
    Service UsageConsumption statistics
    Revenue Settlement
    Order Mgmt.
    User Mgmt
    Identity, access, roles
    Service Configuration
    and Activation
    Orchestration, scheduling, optimization
    Delivery Assurance
    Availability, performance, continuity, compliance
    Service Management
    Service Governance
    Resource Management
    Allocation, optimization, utilization, policies, performance monitoring, usage metering
    Resource Provisioning and Configuration
    Source and integrate resources
    Resources (Infrastructure, Platform, Software, Information or Business)
  • 31. HP Cloud Security Analysis Service
    New addition to HP Security Services Portfolio
    • Identify desired target state built on your cloud strategy
    • 32. IT organization takes the leadership role via an internally driven program
    • 33. Determine current capabilities across main domains such as service management, technical architecture, culture and staff, governance etc.
    • 34. Create a roadmap of projects to achieve the desirReview of compliance/security personnel, policies, procedures, products
    • 35. On-site review of cloud security controls and practices
    • 36. Complete analysis of the cloud security domains
    • 37. Determine cloud security control maturity and compliance state
    • 38. Understand cloud computing protection technologies and controls
    • 39. Cloud computing security and compliance remediation roadmap
    Security Analysis Service
    Duration: 3 weeks
    • Assessment report
    • 40. Assessment detail matrix
    • 41. Presentation of findings
  • HP CloudStart: an Integrated Solution
    Delivered by HP experts
    Implementation services with common cloud functionality:
    • Planning and service definition
    • 42. Compute service implementation
    • 43. Tiered backup policies
    • 44. Security policies
    • 45. Chargeback and reporting
    Fixed price for up to 4 computer services
    Application lifecycle: Cloud Service Automation for Matrix*
    • Application provisioning
    • 46. Application monitoring
    Infrastructure: BladeSystem Matrix
    • Self-service portal
    • 47. Infrastructure provisioning
    • 48. Capacity optimization
    • 49. Integrated by design
    * For additional fee
  • 50. Service Strategy
    Service Portfolio and Governance
    Service Lifecycle Management
    Business Service Management
    Service Catalog
    Service Management Consulting for Cloud
    • Develop the right service strategy for designing and sourcing services from internal and cloud service providers
    • 51. Identify and control services available through the Cloud, as-a-Service and external providers to ensure they align with IT governance and the service portfolio
    • 52. Ensure self-service delivery and availability of cloud and IT services using a service catalog and self-service portal
    • 53. Drives standardization of services regardless of source to a guaranteed service-level of the service consumer (in-house or external
    • 54. Manage service level performance and availability of business services from the Cloud and in-house sources
    • 55. Define and manage services sourced from the cloud or deployed via private cloud from strategy through operations and continual improvement
    • 56. Plan, design and implement BTO Software as an automation foundation for IaaS, SaaS, PaaS for private cloud and service providers using Cloud Service Automation
    BTO Services for Cloud Infrastructure
  • 57. Client Examples
  • 58. HP/GS1 Product Recall Cloud ServiceCloud-based Recall Service
    Traces and removes potentially harmful food products from the supply chain
    Standardizes the recall form and process improving speed, accuracy, effectiveness and compliance
    Ensures only authorized and approved recalls are issued
    Real-time messaging & look up of current status
    Provides self registration/payment for receivers
    Subscription based model for users
  • 59. DISA“ Pentagon: Our cloud is better than Google's” *
    Private cloud in production since 2008
    Provide faster and cost efficient infrastructure for hundreds of military applications including command and control systems, convoy control systems, and satellite programs so that they can be developed and tested rapidly.
    HP helped design the RACE (Rapid Access Computing Environment) Solution, DISA’s private cloud while providing hardware and software for the solution.
    • Acquisition time reduced from Six months to a 24 hours (test & dev)
    • 60. Future production deployment SLA will be 72 hours.
    • 61. Services are offered via a self service portal and are charged on a pay per use basis.
    • 62. 5 9s Uptime
    • 63. Security accreditation process reduced from 80 days to 40 days due to information assurance controls.
  • 64. Complete cloud consulting services
  • 65. Outcomes that