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Modern Plastics PlasticsToday Media Kit 2014 provides one of the largest marketing platforms to the global plastics market. 2014 will include a comprehensive digital marketing package and is a direct partner of UBM Canon's events and conference divisions (PLASTEC, MedTech Poymers, etc.) Webinars, daily weekly and monthly newsletters as well as targeted, custom digital media products round up the program.

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2014 UBM PlasticsToday Media Kit

  1. 1. The Global Community for Plastics Professionals 2014 Media • Events • Conferences plasticstoday.com NEXT with compliments: Hermann Plank, independent UBM Canon PlasticsToday representative tel: +1-480-452-5584 email: plasticstoday@tecnokal.com
  2. 2. GlobalPlasticsIndustry 28.7% North America 28.5%Europe 33.1% Asia/Pacific 5.2% Africa & Middle East 4.5% South America Current State of the Global Plastics Industry Source: IBIS World Global, Plastic Product & Packaging Manufacturing Industry Revenue by Region: 24% the amount plastics employment grew over the past 5 years, 3.1% over the next 5 years 14%of revenue comes from the production of plastic containers packaging products 70%less energy is needed to produce plastic products from recycled plastics Plastics industry revenue will grow 4% per year through 2017 to $941.4 billion NEXTBACK
  3. 3. AbouttheAudience UBM Canon’s Global Plastics Community The PlasticsToday portal, along with PLASTEC, Plast-Ex, and Expoplast events and conferences, combine to create the industry’s largest and most influential plastics community providing: ƒƒ Largest total email and website distribution in the plastics industry ƒƒ Commitment to digital media platforms with the PlasticsToday website and targeted e-newsletters ƒƒ An experienced team of industry experts and editors positioned around the world ƒƒ Events attracting industry leading exhibitors and attendees from the world’s premier advanced manufacturers ƒƒ Conferences featuring industry experts addressing current issues, the latest developments, and technological innovations Source: UBM Canon Master Audience File Data Audience Profile UBM Canon’s plastics community represents a diverse cross-section of the industry’s leading manufacturing professionals and suppliers. Geographic Location Decision Makers United States 75% Asia-Pacific 8% Europe 6% Canada 5% Central/South America the Caribbean 4% Africa Middle East 2% Total Unique Audience: 130,000* Product Design Development 30,003 Research Development 25,428 Production, Mfg, Process 31,990 Quality Control Assurance 15,958 Cost Estimating 14,051 Purchasing 14,059 Technical Service 15,222 Machine Setup Maintenance 10,270 Mold Maintenance Repair 10,045 Marketing Sales 13,823 Moldmaking Mold Design 13,784 Plant, General, Corporate Management 41,726 T o p S u b s c r i b i n g C o m p a n i e s : 3M Abbott Laboratories Apple Baxter BD Bemis Berry Plastics Boeing Boston Scientific Covidien Delphi Ford GE GM Honeywell HP IBM ITW JJ John Deere Johnson Controls Kraft Leviton Lockheed Martin Mattel Toys Medtronic Motorola Nypro Parker Hannifin Procter Gamble Rainbird Rexam Healthcare Sealed Air Silgan St. Jude Medical Tyco Unilever Whirlpool Xerox 87% of the audience says PlasticsToday.com provides information not found elsewhere NEXTBACK
  4. 4. AbouttheAudience Industry Concentration* Business Segment*First Choice to Hear about New Technologies, Products, or Companies§ Audience Says§ ‡ Including Primary Metal; Test, Scientific, or Other Instrumentation; and Textile Apparel *Source: UBM Canon Master Audience File § Annual PlasticsToday Audience Survey—December 2012 Processor: Injection Molding 74,581 Mold Die Making 29,555 Ancillary Products Services 23,088 Contract Mfg 21,284 Plastics Mfg 20,899 Medical, IVD, Biotech Mfg 16,676 Processor: Extrusion 16,230 Processor: Other 15,844 Processor: Thermoforming 8,420 Other Mfg 8,232 Processor: Blow Molding 7,948 Pharmaceutical Mfg 2,989 Food Beverage Mfg 1,039 Medical Devices Equipment 25% Packaging 25% Automotive Transportation 24% Electronics Medical 20% Other Mfg 19% Appliances 15% Household Products 15% Industrial Machinery 15% Building Construction 13% Aerospace, Aviation, Defense 11% Agriculture 11% Food Beverage 11% Computers Office Equipment 9% Telecommunications 9% Toys, Sporting Goods, Recreation 9% Furniture Fixtures 6% Pharmaceutical Nutraceutical 6% Chemical Allied Products 5% Cosmetics Personal Care 5% Marine 3% Paper Printing 2% Other‡ 3% Websites of Vendors/Suppliers Search Engines Trade Publications Email Delivered Media (e-newsletters) Other† Trade Shows/ Conferences Industry Websites The daily NewsFeed keeps me updated on what is happenin in the industry. PlasticsToday is very informative and useful to the Industry. It keeps us updated on latest happening in the plastics industry. Great to see such a tremendous effort. I enjoy reading PlasticsToday daily, especially the medical breakthrough(s) and how companies are finding solutions for problems. I enjoy reading the new articles to update me on industry changes which are occurring and see if these changes can benefit my company. † Blogs/White Papers. Online Supplier Directories. Print Supplier Directories. Social Media. Webcasts/Video 3% 5% 6% 8% 8% 13% 57% NEXTBACK
  5. 5. MediaGuide Powerful Reach to Plastics Processing Professionals Whether it is at events, online, via e-newsletters, webinars, or other digital media, our products inform, empower, and engage the plastics processing community—the connections that truly matter to your business. Partner with PlasticsToday and be seen as an industry thought-leader, educator, and topic expert. PlasticsToday is the leading global community for the plastics industry and provides plastics processing professionals with high quality editorial, vendor-supplied information, and user- generated content. PlasticsToday delivers timely, organized, and dynamic information to the global community of plastics processing professionals. Site Features: ƒƒ Community Forums—ask questions, get responses ƒƒ Articles—breaking news from the industry ƒƒ End Market Channels—focused channels for end users »» Medical »» Automotive Mobility »» Packaging ƒƒ Resin Pricing—current industry pricing ƒƒ Resources—educational tools to keep up-to-date »» Whitepapers »» Webinars »» Product Watch ƒƒ SourceBook—get listed and find suppliers ƒƒ Classifieds—jobs, auctions, equipment, and more ƒƒ Events—live events from around the industry Web Traffic by Region Web Traffic by Visits Web Traffic by Unique Visitors ■ USA 54% ■ Asia-Pacific 22% ■ Europe 14% ■ Canada 4% ■ Africa Middle East 3% ■ Central/South America the Caribbean 3% ■ USA 56% ■ Asia-Pacific 18% ■ Europe 15% ■ Africa Middle East 4% ■ Canada 4% ■ Central/South America the Caribbean 3% ■ USA 52% ■ Asia-Pacific 20% ■ Europe 17% ■ Africa Middle East 4% ■ Canada 4% ■ Central/South America the Caribbean 3% Online Reach ❯❯ Over 50,000* unique visitors a month! ❯❯ More than 1.5 million pages views July 2012–June 2013 ❯❯ More than 800,000 total visits July 2012–June 2013 NEXTBACK
  6. 6. SiteAdvertising For advertising opportunities, contact: Brand Director: John Guadagno john.guadagno@ubm.com 203.523.7091 Account Executive: Tony Marsh Western Region tony.marsh@ubm.com 310.445.3725 Account Executive: Beth Berner Classifieds beth.berner@ubm.com 440.209.1478 Account Executive: Hermann Plank Europe, Middle East, South America hp@tecnokal.com +1 480.452.5584 Premium Site Sponsorships ƒƒ Leaderboard/Rectangle exposure »» 728x90 and 300x250 rotating ad »» Banner will run for 12 months ƒƒ Logo on Homepage »» Your clickable logo included in the header of the website »» Logo will run for 12 months ƒƒ e-Postcards »» You will receive (2) customized e-postcards delivered to 15,000 preselected target prospects. ƒƒ Open Inventory Channel Programs »» Your ad used within the open positions in the Market Channel »» Ad may be used for up-to 12 months ƒƒ Sponsorship Mentions in Promotional Campaigns PlasticsToday offers eight premium sponsor positions on the plasticstoday.com website. Package may include the following options, please contact your Account Executive for more details and to discuss your customizable premier sponsorship plan. ClassifiedsToday Ad placement on ClassifiedsToday allows plastics professionals the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade products. Our online classifieds provide an easy-to-use platform for plastics professionals to browse a variety of ads in a number of categories including: ƒƒ Auctions ƒƒ Custom Molders ƒƒ Job Zone ƒƒ Machinery Parts ƒƒ Materials ƒƒ Moldmaking ƒƒ Services Ad listings run for 30 days. Basic Listing 75 words no images $160 net Enhance 300 words 3 images $465 net Premium 1000 words 10 images $775 net Job Zone by ClassifiedsToday Free Recruitment Listings! Support the Plastics Industry by taking advantage of this free, valuable online resource. Ad placement on ClassifiedsToday’s Job Zone will help drive job growth within the vast Plastics Industry, connecting plastics professionals with plastics manufacturing and design companies. There is no limit to how many recruitment ads you can post. Ad listings run for 30 days. Please contact Beth Berner at beth.berner@ubm.com for further information about ClassifiedsToday. Limited FREE Peel Back Ads are also available contact your Account Executive for more details. High Impact Banners (Interstitials) 640 x 480 pixels Linked to your website Weekly/Exclusive $1,900 Additional Site Sponsorship Options Premier Program………$36,050 NEXTBACK
  7. 7. MarketFocusedChannels Focused Content. Results-Oriented Programs. Market-focused channels deliver relevant, timely content directly to the markets you serve through their own webpage and newsletters. Sponsorship Opportunities Programs include a powerful mix of branding on the channel’s website, e-newsletters, and direct promotion opportunities. Limited to 6 companies per channel Each month you will receive:  728 x 90 or 300 x 250 banner  100 x 40 sponsorship logo  640 x 480 interstitial  4 runs (once per week in the channel newsletter)  125 x 125 image with 50 word text ad in the channel e-newsletter or a 30–50 word text ad with links Channel e-Product Showcase Each channel sponsor will be included in a monthly customized e-promotion delivered to targeted prospects within the communities. ƒƒ Circulation: 12,000 to 14,000 Market-Focused e-Newsletters Weekly newsletters delivered to subscribers in each of the market channels, based on end-user market focus. ƒƒ Circulation: 10,000 - 15,000 The programs are for one month and limited to 4 sponsors/channel. Total Program $3100 net per month 6-month Sponsorship $15,450 net total 12-month Sponsorship $24,720 net total MARKET-FOCUSED DIRECTORY 125x125 medallion ad and 50–75 word text ad with links 12 months $4,950 Message to your target market. Get results with the PlasticsToday Market-Focused Channel Program. Limited For advertising opportunities, contact: Brand Director: John Guadagno john.guadagno@ubm.com 203.523.7091 Account Executive: Tony Marsh Western Region tony.marsh@ubm.com 310.445.3725 Account Executive: Beth Berner Classifieds beth.berner@ubm.com 440.209.1478 Account Executive: Hermann Plank Europe, Middle East, South America hp@tecnokal.com +1 480.452.5584 NEXTBACK
  8. 8. e-Newsletters Daily Newsletters NewsFeed.............................................Circulation 35,000 Every morning, industry professionals keep up with the news by receiving NewsFeed. Start their day with a great impression of your company with a reason to click through to your website. Medallion with Text* Annual, 48 weekly insertions $16,225 Text Ad† Annual, once per week $9,950 Text Ad† 6 Months, once per week $6,950 Weekly Newsletters e-Shots................................................. Circulation 19,000 News recaps and new technology specific to injection molding is distributed to an exclusive injection molding audience. e-Weekly..............................................Circulation 20,000 A rundown of the biggest stories in plastics and resin pricing. The well-established e-Weekly is a familiar source of news for plastics industry professionals. ƒƒ 125 x 125 pixel rotating medallion with 50–70 words, multiple links ƒƒ 120 x 240 pixel rotating half skyscraper Medallion with Text* Annual, 48 weekly insertions $15,140 Half Skyscraper* Annual, 48 weekly insertions $10,800 Half Skyscraper* 24 weeks $8,100 Product e-Showcase Create interest in your products, drive traffic to your website, alert buyers to introductory offers, and invite prospects to events and demonstrations. Begin the sales conversation here! ƒƒ Delivered monthly to 25,000 potential customers ƒƒ 50–75 words of descriptive copy including headline ƒƒ Color image of your product at 100 x 100 pixels ƒƒ Direct link to the exact product location on your website— please provide URL for link 12 insertions $9,270 net 1 insertion $875 net Extrusion Update...................................Circulation 21,000 Delivers the latest extrusion news and technology to a targeted audience. Includes coverage of new technology, innovative applications, and related products. Moldmaking Monthly............................Circulation 14,000 Delivered to mold designers, moldmakers, and those responsible for mold maintenance and repair. ƒƒ 125 x 125 pixel rotating medallion with 50–70 words, multiple links ƒƒ 120 x 240 pixel rotating half skyscraper Medallion with Text* Top Position, 1 insertion $1,030 Medallion with Text* 2nd Position, 1 insertion $775 Medallion with Text* 3rd Position, 1 insertion $525 Half Skyscraper* Top Position, 1 insertion $875 Half Skyscraper* 2nd Position, 1 insertion $670 Half Skyscraper* 3rd Position, 1 insertion $465 Monthly Newsletters The PlasticsToday portfolio of e-newsletters deliver the latest breaking news; critical, technical and business information; and perspectives and analysis straight to the inboxes of plastics professionals throughout the world. ❯❯ 97% of plastics professionals utilize e-newsletters at least once a month to keep up-to-date on industry news ❯❯ 57% of plastics professionals hear about new technologies, products, and companies through email delivered media Newsletter Ad Descriptions: *Medallion with Text: 125 x 125-pixel rotating medallion with up to 50–70 words, multiple links *Skyscraper: 120 x 240-pixel rotating half skyscraper For advertising opportunities, contact: Brand Director: John Guadagno john.guadagno@ubm.com 203.523.7091 Account Executive: Tony Marsh Western Region tony.marsh@ubm.com 310.445.3725 Account Executive: Beth Berner Classifieds beth.berner@ubm.com 440.209.1478 Account Executive: Hermann Plank Europe, Middle East, South America hp@tecnokal.com +1 480.452.5584 NEXTBACK
  9. 9. GlobalPlasticsIssue Reach 100,000 plastics professionals worldwide ƒƒ Print Issue: 40,000 readers ƒƒ Digital Issue: 60,000 readers Schedule: October 2014 Rates: Full Page Ad $4,900 Half Page Ad $2,800 Quarter Page Ad $1,800 Directory Listings Rates: Global Plastics Issue Print OR Digital Directory $1,025 net BOTH Global Plastics Issue Print and Digital Directory Listings $1,800 net PlasticsToday produces the annual Global Plastics Issue in both digital and print formats. The Global Plastics Issue is the perfect way to reach leading decision makers using the latest in digital ad technology and trackability. ❯❯ Published with environmentally friendly printing techniques ❯❯ Digital Issue can be accessed from any device The Global Edition covers: ƒƒ Market Trends: What overriding factors are shaping the market? ƒƒ Design Trends: What are the overriding design trends, how are material suppliers reacting? ƒƒ Technology Trends: What are the machinery/process advances in the market? ƒƒ Management Trends: How do all of the above affect how plastics professionals run their businesses? For advertising opportunities, contact: Brand Director: John Guadagno john.guadagno@ubm.com 203.523.7091 Account Executive: Tony Marsh Western Region tony.marsh@ubm.com 310.445.3725 Account Executive: Beth Berner Classifieds beth.berner@ubm.com 440.209.1478 Account Executive: Hermann Plank Europe, Middle East, South America hp@tecnokal.com +1 480.452.5584 NEXTBACK
  10. 10. MarketingServices White Paper Programs ƒƒ White Papers provide quality content and education on your solutions answering reader’s problems and project needs ƒƒ Provide information in a non-sales format assisting the reader in making informed decisions on products and services ƒƒ Enables you to share quality content with a targeted audience and generate highly qualified leads ƒƒ Transform your white papers into a long-term lead generation engine with a white paper campaign Options: Enhanced Promotional Package........................ $4,900 net ƒƒ Promote your white paper to a pre-selected audience of up to 8,000 titles ƒƒ Your white paper gated to generate leads, report provided Custom White Paper Program...........................$7,500 net ƒƒ Our editors work with you to create a 2–3 page white paper ƒƒ You can repurpose on your website and in marketing campaigns ƒƒ Includes the White Paper Enhanced Promotion Package Research Surveys ƒƒ Conduct research surveys to take the pulse of your target audience before planning a marketing campaign, launching a new product, or to determine brand health ƒƒ Typical surveys can include questions around purchasing influencers, buying trends, brand preference, technology trends and areas of interest/focus of your client base Options: Client Survey.................................... $5,000–$12,000 net ƒƒ Conduct survey to pre-selected titles from UBM database of industry professionals (includes 8,000–15,000 titles, depending on investment and target audience ƒƒ UBM will work with you to edit and provide advice on writing questions ƒƒ The survey will be sent out anywhere from 2-3 times over 2–4 weeks Sponsored Survey.................................. Pricing per survey ƒƒ Sponsor an editorial survey and benefit from being co- branded with PlasticsToday and positioned as a thought- leader to readers Partner with UBM Canon’s Marketing Services Team Create marketing solutions that reach your selected, targeted audience and deliver your marketing goals including branding, increased awareness, qualified lead generation, lead nurturing, and content development. Learn how you can accelerate your sales cycle and extend your reach to our power audience of over 130,000 plastics processing professionals. ❯❯ Webinars ❯❯ White Paper Programs ❯❯ Custom e-Newsletter ❯❯ Content-Specific Microsites ❯❯ Face-to-Face Conferences/Events ❯❯ Research Custom Surveys ❯❯ ...and more! Get results from your marketing investment today. Contact us for a customized online marketing program targeting the plastics processing customer you need to reach. For advertising opportunities, contact: Brand Director: John Guadagno john.guadagno@ubm.com 203.523.7091 Account Executive: Tony Marsh Western Region tony.marsh@ubm.com 310.445.3725 Account Executive: Beth Berner Classifieds beth.berner@ubm.com 440.209.1478 Account Executive: Hermann Plank Europe, Middle East, South America hp@tecnokal.com +1 480.452.5584 NEXTBACK
  11. 11. MarketingServices Generate Highly Targeted Leads! ❯❯ Position your company as a knowledge provider ❯❯ Connect with your customers ❯❯ Introduce your company to prospects Extrusion Expert Series PlasticsToday and Modern Plastics Worldwide present the ever-popular Extrusion Expert webinar series covering topics, such as: ƒƒ Plastics Chemistry for Non-Chemists ƒƒ Ten Key Principles of Extrusion ƒƒ Go with the Flow—melt index and its variations, simple theology Injection Molding Series PlasticsToday and Injection Molding Monthly present the Injection Molding webbing series covering topics covering topics, such as: ƒƒ Quality in Molding ƒƒ Robust Processing ƒƒ Machines and Molds ƒƒ Troubleshooting e-Special Reports Sponsor targeted editorial content with targeted distribution through e-Special Reports. Supplied Content $5,100 net Editorial Produced $7,725 net ƒƒ Circulation: 10,000* *Plus $325 CPM per additional 1,000 names e-Postcards Exclusive e-postcards provide you with meaningful, targeted audiences providing a direct path to potential customers. ƒƒ 640x 480 pixels (advertiser supplied materials) 15,000 names $4,500 net 5,000 name minimum $335 CPM option ƒƒ Effective way to announce your latest products, services, and events where you will be exhibiting ƒƒ Drive website traffic ƒƒ Build brand awareness Webinar Sponsorships Introduce, educate, and place your products and services in front of an active, qualified audience. Webinars increase current and future customer-base knowledge around your offering and accelerate product adoption. Exclusive Sponsors of Live/Semi Live Webinar—Moderated by PlasticsToday editorial and live QA $10,300 Multiple Sponsorships (limit of 4) $4,250 net On-Demand Webinar (20 minutes)—Client to provide content and speaker $4,500 net Editorial Webinar—PlasticsToday Editorial team works with client to create custom content $15,450 For advertising opportunities, contact: Brand Director: John Guadagno john.guadagno@ubm.com 203.523.7091 Account Executive: Tony Marsh Western Region tony.marsh@ubm.com 310.445.3725 Account Executive: Beth Berner Classifieds beth.berner@ubm.com 440.209.1478 Account Executive: Hermann Plank Europe, Middle East, South America hp@tecnokal.com +1 480.452.5584 NEXTBACK
  12. 12. CustomMulti-ChannelPackages For advertising opportunities, contact: Brand Director, Media: John Guadagno john.guadagno@ubm.com 203.523.7091 Group Sales Manager, Events: Dino Pontonio Western Region dino.pontonio@ubm.com 203.523.7066 Sponsorship Sales Manager: Lysa Frankfort lysa.frankfort@ubm.com 310.445.4245 Contact your Account Executive for details and to discuss custom packages. PlasticsToday can create custom packages for you from the wide variety of opportunities in the Plastics Group Portfolio. Sample Package: Conference Lunch and Learn Sponsorship ƒƒ Host a custom catered educational lunch ƒƒ Up to 50 conference attendees you identify ƒƒ 30–45 minute presentation PLASTECWest 10x20 Booth ƒƒ The Largest Plastics Event on the West Coast ƒƒ 95% of attendees do not attend another plastic event ƒƒ Shell-scheme booth includes carpet, table, and two chairs, plus online link on the show website for company contacts PLASTEC Multi-Platform Pack ƒƒ Premier Directory Listing in the event directory ƒƒ Mobile Showroom featured listing in the mobile app ƒƒ Email Product Spotlight sent to attendees before the show ƒƒ Ad Poster on the show floor PlasticsToday NewsFeed Ad ƒƒ 48 weekly insertions ƒƒ Sent to more than 35,000 plastics professionals ƒƒ Linked to your website Packaged Price…$36,000 More than a 10% savings* NEXTBACK
  13. 13. UBM Canon’s Suite of Plastics Events EventsConferences Contact us to make your event plans now: US Events: Dino Pontonio dino.pontonio@ubm.com 203.523.7066 Canadian Events: Tom Sockett tom.sockett@ubm.com 416.572.7684 New 2015 Rotating Editions February 11–13, 2014 Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim, CA plastecwest.com March 26–27, 2014 Boston Convention Exhibition Center Boston, MA plastecnewengland.com April 15–16, 2014 Charlotte Convention Center Charlotte, NC plastecsouth.com May 7–8, 2014 Fort Worth Convention Center Fort Worth, TX plastectexas.com May 19–21, 2015 Toronto Congress Centre Toronto, Ontario plast-ex.org October 13–14, 2015 Reliant Center Houston, TX plastectexas.com November 18–19, 2015 Gaylord Palms Resort Convention Center Kissimmee, FL plastecsouth.com June 10–12, 2014 Jacob K. Javits Convention Center New York, NY plasteceast.com October 15–16, 2014 Schaumburg Convention Center Schaumburg (Chicago), IL plastecmidwest.com November 19–20, 2014 Palais des Congrès de Montréal Montreal, Québec expoplast.org UBM Canon plastics events are the perfect professional environment to showcase and demonstrate your innovative plastics technology, equipment, materials, and service solutions. Located in high-performing manufacturing regions, our plastics events enable you to meet new prospects, develop your brand, and engage in thought-leadership conversations. Co-located Model Creates More Opportunity UBM Canon’s co-located event model provides a large and diverse crossover audience under one roof, increased visibility for exhibiting companies, and access to more quality prospects in an expanded platform. On average, 60% of exhibitor meetings are with attendees registered for co-located event brands. 2014 Calendar NEXTBACK
  14. 14. 82% Anaheim California 80% Chicago Illinois Wisconsin Michigan Indiana 72% Orlando Florida 86% Toronto Ontario 86% Montreal Quebec 81% Boston Massachusetts New Hampshire Connecticut 73% Charlotte North Carolina South Carolina 71% Philadelphia Pennsylvania New Jersey New York Maryland 83% Fort Worth Texas EventsConferences Plastics Events Serve Key Regional Markets 80% of Show Attendees are Regionally Based Select Your Targeted Regions Maximize your event portfolio, and select your most important regions for face-to-face business opportunities. Whether at one event or all of them across North America, your company will benefit from targeted regional audience delivery. Attendee Marketing Campaign UBM Canon events deliver targeted leads through a variety of integrated channels. Plastic events are a natural face-to-face extension of the year round communities created with our leading media products. D i r e c t f r o m th e S h o w F l o o r “We have exhibited at this show for several years, and I consider it a very successful show for our company. The attendance has always been good and the contacts that we have made over the years have been excellent. Great show!” “Not only did we receive high-quality and very targeted leads, but we also had multiple staff attending to visit all the exhibits and find the latest technology available to continue to streamline our manufacturing, development, assembly, and packaging processes. “ “By the end of the first day, we had already generated more leads than I expected from the whole show.” “The leads we received were very qualified and worthy.” Direct Mail Email Social Media VIP Acquisition Association Partners Online Communities Print Digital Media Advertising Cross-Promotion NEXTBACK
  15. 15. EventsConferences For conference sponsorship opportunities, contact: Sponsorship Sales Manager: Lysa Frankfort lysa.frankfort@ubm.com 310.445.4245 Conference Director: Louise Challis louise.challis@ubm.com 310.445.3722 Conference Producer: Eric Dente eric.dente@ubm.com 310.445.8561 OPPOR T UNI T IE S FOR BECOMING A S PON S OR : Pre-Conference: ƒƒ Placement of corporate logo on all relevant conference materials ƒƒ Button ad on the conference website ƒƒ Distinctive branding on all promotional advertising placed in PlasticsToday event brochures ƒƒ PlasticsToday NewsFeed article feature/interview During Conference: ƒƒ Deliver presentation/sponsor a speaker* ƒƒ Placement of corporate logo and/or company name on conference signage agenda ƒƒ Exhibit area next to conference ƒƒ ½-full page ad in on-site event program ƒƒ Lunch/Reception ƒƒ Branding Materials—pens, magazines, lanyards, USB etc. *must fit theme and be approved by Conference Director Post-Conference: ƒƒ Attendee list available after the conference ƒƒ Corporate logo and/or company name in Post-conference acknowledgment thank you to attendees ƒƒ Inclusion in content library for extended attendee exposure We have a variety of options available which can be tailored to best meet your budget and current business needs. For each program space is limited. Reserve your spot now, select your needs and ensure your place in the forefront of your industry. The Global Food Beverage Packaging Summit draws decision makers from leading brands, packaging suppliers, converters and material suppliers offering exclusive networking and education on adapting materials, technology and design to cost effectively deliver consumer-driven packaging. July 16-17th, 2014 | Chicago, IL fbpackaging.com Conference sponsorship gives you unrivalled access to an audience of senior executives from a variety of functions. AutoPlastics is the technology driven meeting for auto OEMs and the entire autoplastic supply chain to identify and evaluate advances in materials to better deliver lightweight and fuel efficient vehicles. Fall 2014 | Detroit, Michigan Area lightweightautoplastics.com MedTech Polymers is a key annual event, gathering polymer suppliers and medical device manufacturers in a unique forum designed to promote collaboration and true innovation throughout the polymer-medical device value chain. Fall 2014 medtechpolymers.com For more than 15 years MDM Conferences have been global must attend events for the medical device industry and foster advances in medical device development through discussion and discovery of the latest capabilities in technology, manufacturing and new materials. Anaheim | New York Chicago | Minneapolis Pricing………………$3,500–$15,000 Multiple event sponsorship discount: 10% for 2 sponsorships, 20% for 3 or more NEXTBACK
  16. 16. @plasticstoday PlasticsToday facebook.com/plasticstoday Get Social UBM Canon is the leading B-to-B event producer, publisher, and digital media company for the world’s $3 trillion advanced, technology-based manufacturing industry. Our print and electronic products deliver trusted information to the advanced manufacturing market and leverage our proprietary 1.3 million name database to connect suppliers with buyers and purchase influencers. We produce more than 50 events and conferences in a dozen countries, connecting manufacturing professionals from around the globe. UBM Canon 2901 28th Street, Suite 100 Santa Monica, CA 90405 USA Phone: 310.445-4200 Fax: 310.996-9499plasticstoday.com 26822_PT14 HOMEBACK with compliments: Hermann Plank independent UBM Canon PlasticsToday representation tel: +1-480-452-5584 email: plasticstoday@tecnokal.com