Uncovering the Impact Story of Open Research
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Uncovering the Impact Story of Open Research

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UBC OAweek 2012 presentation by Heather Piwowar. Covers research impact tracking, altmetrics, data sharing, ImpactStory, and more.

UBC OAweek 2012 presentation by Heather Piwowar. Covers research impact tracking, altmetrics, data sharing, ImpactStory, and more.

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  • 1. Uncovering the Impact Story of Open Research Heather  Piwowar  @researchremix   Postdoc  with  NESCent  and  Dryad,  at  Duke  and  UBCsome photos NC, SA UBC  2012  
  • 2. Research evaluation matters
  • 3. who gets hired who gets grants which journals succeed which journal innovations succeed whether we publish in journals at all whether we actually write articlesthe whole structure of scientific communication
  • 4. right now, impact factor
  • 5. problems! run-away hitsdecision of 4 anonymous people only one type of impact favours the established
  • 6. let me tell you something that isgoing to start changing the game
  • 7. A few weeks ago, on Oct 4,NSF announced it is going to change its Biosketch Template to call for “Products” instead of “Publications”
  • 8. Big deal. So it is a new title.
  • 9. Whole lot more than that.
  • 10. 1.A major science funder believes status quo isnt the onlyway to disseminate research, and traditional peer-reviewedarticles in high impact journals are not all that matters.Other research products can be consideredfirst-class research products.
  • 11. 2.It signals this to all the researchers who apply to the NSF.This is a big deal, because it moves the discussionaway from just OA advocates and open data tweepsto all scientists. All scientists now get to think,"hrmm, did I release a dataset that is as good as my papers?"
  • 12. 3.It necessitates a move away from journal impact factors.The quality and impact of data and software cant beevaluated with the journal impact factor.Item level metrics and altmetrics are going to be totallynecessary for grant reviewers to know whether thesealternative products have made a difference.
  • 13. 4.Once we are in the grant review door with item-level metrics,watch out!Alternative metrics are empowering for innovations inpublishing. All the new journal experiments that arespringing up... eLife, Peerj, F1000 Research, PLoSCurrents.... are invited to compete, invited to help authorsmake the case that the articles published in those containerswere impactful.Very empowering for innovative journals, most of which areOA. And empowering for dismantling the "article" yet furtherinto its component parts.
  • 14. 5.It demonstrates a willingness on the part of funders torefine what they consider evaluation-worthy criteria.Transformation is going to happen as major fundersencourage their applicants to brag about their openness,and the impact that their openness has enabled.
  • 15. what can the world look like
  • 16. Beyond theImpact Factor
  • 17. Beyond the Article
  • 18. QualityImpact
  • 19. A Single NumberMultiple Dimensions
  • 20. Multiple Flavours CC-BY-NC by maniacyak on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/maniacyak/3432589472
  • 21. Open
  • 22. Context
  • 23. Agileexperimentation
  • 24. Tell the full story of research impact.
  • 25. altmetrics.org/tools Altmetric.com ImpactStory PLOS article-level metrics Plum Analytics Reader Meter Science Card
  • 26. http://www.flickr.com/photos/pixscapes/4331070047
  • 27. born as total-impactHackathon!incorporating as nonprofitBoard: Cameron Neylon, John Wilbanks
  • 28. http://orcid.org
  • 29. what can the world look like
  • 30. Beyond theImpact Factor
  • 31. Beyond the Article
  • 32. datasets!software! slides!preprints! blogs!
  • 33. context
  • 34. type of engagement type of audience
  • 35. comparisons, reference sets
  • 36. not just one number
  • 37. not just one flavour
  • 38. open!
  • 39. rOpenSci PlumUbiquity Press PeerEv dissertationsIR experiments ...
  • 40. barrier-based $$$
  • 41. http://www.flickr.com/photos/quinnanya/2055471833
  • 42. http://flickr.com/photos/nieve44/2152712789/
  • 43. Changes are happening inscholarly communication. http://www.flickr.com/photos/myklroventine/892446624/
  • 44. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jo-h/2688026447/
  • 45. Build great things.Reward impactful work. Tell the full story of our research impact.
  • 46. thank you!Jason Priem: cofounder of ImpactStoryAlso: Todd Vision, Mike Whitlock, the open science community, and those who release their articles, datasets and photos openly. blog.ImpactStory.org team@ImpactStory.org @ImpactStory ImpactStory.org