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Webinar 15 july Daniela Opp


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  • A program with a firm foundation (see achievements)The program builds on a solid foundation across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific RegionThe program builds on 3 years of best practices and experience in curriculum development and blended entrepreneurship education innovation targeting culturally diverse audiences across mature as well as emerging marketsThe program builds on strong partnerships (e.g. MEA-I, UNIDO, EDC, ORT) and a strong, existing network
  • Innovative Curriculum, a unique, modular technology-for-business curriculumthatcovers the entire lifecycle of entrepreneurship(see above).Online Training of Trainers, a modular online course for future LIFE trainers, covering all theory components of the LIFE curriculum, built through animations, videos, and interactive quizzes.Serious Games, state-of-the-art interactive serious games on entrepreneurship and technology for entrepreneurship, with one new game released every quarter.Online “City”, an interactive online entrepreneurship portal, containing all entrepreneurship education resources (training and advice) currently available in Knowledge City and GET-IT City, as well regular LIFE serious games updates.Monitoring and Evaluation System (Smart Tool), an online database of LIFE centers, LIFE trainers, and students who attending LIFE courses, with an integrated and automated branded certification system. This system will be the source for success stories and impact measurement.Marketing, strong focus on online/offline promotion as well as communication through social media. Creation of partnership profiles, online networking opportunities, competitions and awards for centers and students to obtain success stories (supported by authentic video material, case studies, podcasts etc.) Re-branding of program including production of on-brand promotional Toolkit material, and Global Certification Conference (tbc pending budget) (previously Networking Conference).Technology, state- of-the-artHP and potentially HP partner technology as well as cash component. Global Collaboration Platform, global content collaboration platform, engaging students and educators in continuous and dynamic LIFE curriculum development through Content Development Toolkit, crowd sourcing, webinars, and other online networking opportunities and awards.
  • RegionalDeployment means:Key roleExtended arm in central program teamDeploying the global program with maximal local impactFeeding back to the global team on the regional requirementsSuggest innovative new ideas for the program developmentWork together to make global tools regionally as relevant as possibleYou are on the ground, you tell us the requirements/needsHelp shape the program for max impactSee R&R
  • In brief:Bringing 3 regional e-skills programs under 1 umbrella.One global e-skills flagship program. Builds on previous successes of GET-IT, MAP and HELP. 100.000 students benefited from the program already.Hands-on business and IT skills trainings in a blended online/offline approachfor students, entrepreneurs, future innovators and marginalized groups globallySupport strong existing networks in Asia Pacific and EMEA, introducing new centers in new markets USA/Brazil Deployed through strong partnerships with change makers in education (key NGO´s, formal /informal education institutions, governments)Leadership grant opportunities to reward excellence and engagement for students and centers in selected marketsInnovative online tools to also enable distance learning and to support training in classroomTechnology solutions and innovative curriculum/train-the-trainer
  • Transcript

    • 1. DrivingSocial Innovation IN Entrepreneurship education
      Daniela Opp
      HP Office of Global Social Innovation
      Manager, Entrepreneurship Education
    • 2. First HP life webinar - agenda
      HP Education - HP LIFE Program presentation – Daniela Opp, HP
      LIFE Curriculum - Ana Barfield, MEA-I
      Online TOT - Ana Barfield, MEA-I
      Smart Tool - Munir Ahmad, MEA-I
    • 3. Social Innovation in education
      We imagine a world where educational opportunity has not limits – a world where students, educators, and future entrepreneurs innovatively address society´s most pressing challenges. A world where global collaboration and technology unleash remarkable social innovation
      HP improves lives by enabling tomorrow’s business and social solutions today through our people, assets and partnerships
      What is social innovation?
      Social innovation: The development of innovative solutionsto global challenges in key areas, including healthcare and education. These solutions, created by HP, HP partners or other social innovators, provideaccessto solutions that improve peoples’ lives. Collaboration and employee engagement are key enablers of social innovation at HP.
    • 4. Office of Global Social InnovationsEducation Initiatives
      Innovations in Education
      Entrepreneurship Education
      Responsible Business
      Catalyst Grant
      HP LIFE
      HP EdTech
      Innovators Award
      Support social innovation in entre-preneurship education through awards, social innovation camps etc.
      Partners: Junior Achievement with global network of 10M students
      Reputation Showcase
      Collaborative STEM education ventures between higher ed, secondary ed, gov’ts, and NGOs… creating a global network of consortia
      Partners: (tbc)
      UNESCO, other leading education institutions, ministries
      Recognition award for outstanding innovators in education
      Partners: New Media Consortium & others
      200+ training centers globally for 500,000+ students with innovative online & offline learning
      Partners:MEA-I, EDC, UNIDO, ORT, othersHP SolutionShowcase
      Thought Leadership Engagement & Employee Engagement
    • 5. HP Entrepreneurship Education until 2010
      Huge potential in leveraging previous investments accross the globe.
      Millions of students and SMEs could be reached through consistent
      online and offline training!
      PSG EMEA*
      SI APJ
      SI EMEA
      50 centers
      100 centers
      > 50 centers
      Knowledge city
      GET-IT city
      Existing online trainings platforms
      *Business led activity
    • 6. Welcome to the new program Network
    • 7. Program objectives
      Collaborate with strong partners to improve educational opportunity and quality to address the real-world challenges faced in local markets.
      Enable students, aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners around the world to use IT and business skills to create opportunities to transform their lives, and the lives of others in their community.
      Expand the program into new countries (US and Brazil)
      Invest in new online and offline training tools to increase the program’s reach and efficiency.
      Reach 500.000+ students by the end of 2010 and at least one million students by 2012.
    • 8. GLOBAL Program Components
      Innovative curriculum, a unique, modular technology-for-business curriculum
      Online Training of Trainers, a modular online course for future LIFE trainers, covering all theory components of the LIFE curriculum, built through animations, videos, and interactive quizzes.
      Serious Games, interactive serious games on entrepreneurship and technology
      Interactive online entrepreneurship portal, containing all entrepreneurship education resources for all target audiences
      Monitoring and Evaluation System (Smart Tool), an online database of engaged training centers, trainers, and students who attending the courses, with an integrated and automated branded certification system.
      State- of-the-art HP technology as well as cash component.
    • 9. Strong Collaborative Ventures
      Global program owner
      +technology+cash grants, marketing&comms
      OGSI, PSG (EMEA)
      Global training+curriculum+certification, global online tools incl community building, CoE Europe
      CoE in Asia Pacific Region and North America
      CoE for Africa, the Middle East, Latin America
      Networking Partner in China and India
      CoE in Russia+CIS
      Local training centers
      200 collaborative ventures – formal/informal education centers
      Integrated in JA-YE entrepreneurship programs
    • 10. Deployment
      Regional centers of Excellence
      Train the trainer session,
      Training Centers
    • 11. New Investments in 2010
      New Investments in 2010
      Brazil, China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Kenya, Russia, South Africa, UK, USA
      Online Tools available for all markets
      Online and offline curriculum and trainings
      Online community – LIFE city
      Online and offline networking opportunities
      More online resources for students and educators
      Impact measurement and focus on best practice sharing
    • 12. WHAT CAN’T A DOER DO?
      Technology has the power to put people within reach of their dreams. In Nigeria, a joint program between HP, UNIDO, and other partners to educate entrepreneurs on IT skills gave Rachel Odii the tech support and training she needed to get her business started despite the economic obstacles she faced.
      Today Bridge Farm is a source of healthy food and job opportunities for a community that badly needs both. More than that, it is an inspiration to all of us.
      As a supporter of doers everywhere, we at HP are proud to be a part of this story.
      But it would not have happened without one woman’s drive and determination. Here’s to you Rachel. Keep on doing.
    • 13. Next Steps & Your engagement
      Regular webinars/refreshers for trainers
      Newsletters and updates on websites
      New games available for your students
      New TOTs in selected markets
      Finalize the RFP in the selected focus markets
      Participate in networking opportunities
      Share your and your students great success stories with us
      Use and promote the program tools such as the games
      Sign up on HP LIFE facebook fanpage
      Stay engaged and tell your CoE, if you need anything
    • 14.
    • 15. Thank you for your attention and welcome to the HP LIFE network