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Promoting Healthy Worksites - The California Way - State of Wellness
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Promoting Healthy Worksites - The California Way - State of Wellness


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • 1. Promoting Healthy Worksites: The California WayPresented By:Chris Tompkins, MS, MBA – Marketing SpecialistJacqueline Cheung, MBA – Program ManagerNetwork for a Healthy California-Worksite Program
  • 2. Goal of Network for a Healthy California-Worksite Program To reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity by empowering low-income workers to eat the daily recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables and engage in physical activity every day.
  • 3. What makes California unique?California is diverse, racially and ethnically California NationalHispanic 37.0% 15.8%Asian American and 13.1% 4.8%Pacific IslandersAfrican Americans 6.6% 12.9%Non-Hispanic Whites 41.7% 65.1% 2009 U.S. Census Bureau
  • 4. Cost to California • 61% increase in obesity from 2001 – 2009 • Overweight and obesity – 41.2 billion – 21.0 billion • Physical inactivity – 20.2 billion – half comes from lost productivity • 5% reduction of overweight, obesity, and physical inactivity – 2.4 billion per year • 2009 California Dietary Practices Survey
  • 5. Belief of healthy lifestylesIn a survey polling 1248 Americans ages25-44, 8 of 10 Americans believe they livehealthy lifestyles.In the same group 3 of 10 Americans, areactually living healthy lifestyles by eating thedaily recommended amounts of fruits andvegetables and being physically active everyday.American Stroke Association
  • 6. Why Implement Worksite Programs?• 3/5 working-age Californians are currently employed – Worksites are a viable place to promote fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity
  • 7. Worksite Program Funding and Target Population  Network for a Healthy California – Worksite Program is funded from USDA SNAP, known in California as CalFresh (formerly Food Stamps)  CalFresh provides assistance to low-income households and can help buy nutritious foods for better health  CalFresh information, call 1-877-847-3663  Important nutrition information, visit
  • 8. Worksite Program target industries• Agricultural Industry – Packing Plants – Farming – Equipment Manufacturers• Retail Industry – Ex. Cardenas Market, Northgate Market• Hotel Industry – Ex. Hilton, Pinnacle, Doubletree• Non Profit/For Profit Companies – Ex. Goodwill Industries, Corcoran YMCA
  • 9. Regional Map
  • 10. California Fit Business Kit• Based on sound research•10 Free Tools•
  • 11. Why the California Fit Business Kit? Comprehensive program that offers nutrition and physical activity education 10 tools to help employers and their employees create sustainable environmental changes Improve employee health, productivity, and morale while reducing absenteeism
  • 12. Sell-in Brochure• Informational brochure – Benefits of worksite wellness programs – Aspects of the California Fit Business Kit – Success stories – Common questions and answers – How to get started
  • 13. Check for Health– Evaluating the culture of health in your organization • Workforce characteristics • Insurance • Health promotion programs and services • Food environment • Physical activity • Policies and incentives • Administrative support • Health forms and values • Individual characteristics
  • 14. Wellness Committee• Primary infrastructure sustaining long- term health promotion in worksites – Establishing a worksite wellness committee – Getting started: Identify and recruit members – First Meeting: Bring the committee together – Second Meeting: Review survey results – Third Meeting: Action plan & find funding – Fourth Meeting: Check your progress – Fifth Meeting: Check your progress – Sixth Meeting: Year end evaluation
  • 15. Healthy Meeting• Ideas for healthy food options at meetings – Snacks during meetings • Fresh fruits and vegetables • 100% fruit and vegetable juices • Water and tea • Vegetable spreads – Hummus and pesto • Whole grain products – Breads, bagels, rolls, muffins, brown rice, whole grain cereals – Meals during meetings • Fresh variety of colorful vegetables and fruits • Sandwiches – Sliced low fat cheeses, Lean meats, Low fat spreads • Side dishes – Tasty beans, Peas, Lentils
  • 16. Healthy Vending• Food Standards – Mandatory Nutrition Standards – Recommended Nutrition Standards – Mandatory Pricing/Placement Standards• Beverage Standards – Mandatory Nutrition Standards – Mandatory Pricing/Placement Standards
  • 17. Healthy Dining• Healthy dining entrée guidelines – Calories – Fat – Cholesterol – Sodium• Healthy dining guidelines for – Side dishes – Appetizers – Desserts
  • 18. Take Action! • 10 week, web-based program – Employees set their own goals for fruit and vegetable consumption or physical activity • Planning phase • Promotion phase • Activity phase • Evaluation phase
  • 19. Produce Deliveries or Fruit Club• Encourages employers to increase employee access to healthy food options at work – Step by step instructions on how to order fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers
  • 20. Physical Activity Club • Suggestions for offering physical activity to accommodate the needs of all your employees – Step by step instructions for starting, maintaining and evaluating physical activity clubs
  • 21. Healthy Stairwells • Suggests how to introduce physical activity by including stairwell use at the worksite – Stairwell basics – Creating attractive and inviting stairwells – Encouraging stairwell use – Safety – Additional resources
  • 22. Farmers’ Market• Guide to set up and maintain a farmers’ market at or near your worksite
  • 23. Worksite WellnessResource Directory • Lists all the regional worksite wellness resources that can be used to develop a worksite wellness program within the specific region
  • 24. Network for a Healthy California Cookbooks
  • 25. Healthy Eating Posters
  • 26. Physical Activity Posters
  • 27. Future Ideas to Evolve the Worksite Program• Developing new/current partnerships• Training regional staff for industry specific sell-ins• Restructuring/Changing the California Fit Business Kit Tools – Expanding the PA component • Tool and Packet – Working w/ other campaigns & programs, revising current tools, developing new tools
  • 28. Resources• California Fit Business Kit: tools.asp• Take Action! :• Worksite Program: Program.aspx• Champions for Change website:
  • 29. For More Information Contact: Chris Tompkins, Marketing Specialist Network for a Healthy California – Worksite Program (916) 449-5438 Or Jacqueline Cheung, Program Manager Network for a Healthy California – Worksite Program (916)