Financial Wellness: Clearing Messages from Childhood Blocking Your Success with Joan Sotkin

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With the information gained during this webinar, you can significantly improve your relationship with money and your earning potential.

With the information gained during this webinar, you can significantly improve your relationship with money and your earning potential.

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  • 1. Clearing the Messages fromChildhood Blocking YourFinancial SuccessA Webinar withJoan Sotkin
  • 2. Joan SotkinProsperityPlace.comCopyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 3. Here’s what’s possible if you follow through:Bottom Line: your finances will improveFeel better physically and emotionallyYou’ll stop behaviors that hurt rather than help youThe adult, responsible part of you can take overCopyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 4. This information that can help you if…You consistently have trouble earningenough to cover your basic expensesYour finances are like a roller coasterYou are doing work you don’t enjoyYour money is a messIt’s difficult to satisfy your craving for moneyYou have a dissatisfaction habitCopyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 5. Today You Will Learn About:Childhood experiences that most oftenaffect finances and the feelings theystimulateHow to recognize when the messages arein playHow to shift your mindset so the messagesno longer affect your financesThe one thing that will keep you frommoving forwardCopyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 6. What’s at the core?Copyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 7. Our emotions are thecreative force behindour life storiesCopyright © 2012 by Joan SotkinBasic Theory…
  • 8. My Latest AHAsCraving money is the same feeling ascraving loveCopyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 9. What Causes the Craving for Love?Copyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 10. What Does this Feel Like?Copyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 11. My Latest AHAsCraving money is the same feeling ascraving loveAny kind of abuse or neglect generatesemotions that are often acted out throughyour financesCopyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 12. What Are the Feelings and How AreThey Acted Out Through Finances?AlonenessShameDeprivationAngerTrappedCopyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 13. What Can I do About It?Copyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 14. The Basics:RecognizeReleaseReplaceCopyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 15. Recognize:What you are feeling in your body/mind –in the momentThe thoughts you have in various situationsCopyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 16. Especially when you are dealingwith your finances!Copyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 17. Ask yourself…When did I feelthese feelings earlierin my life?Copyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 18. Release:Write the storyTell the storyDraw the storyCopyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 19. Copyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 20. Copyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 21. Release:Allow yourself to fully feel the feelings!Copyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 22. Dialogue with your Inner ChildCopyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 23. Use Energy Psychology TechniquesThe Power Word TechniqueBe Set Free FastEmotional Freedom TechniquesCopyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 24. Replace…Copyright © 2012 by Joan SotkinChange your thinking!Develop new emotional responses.Alter your behaviors.
  • 25. The one thing that will keep youfrom moving forward is…Copyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 26. Don’t try to do this by yourself!Copyright © 2012 by Joan Sotkin
  • 27. Where You Can Get SupportCodependents Anonymous (CODA)Debtors Anonymous (DA)ProsperityPlace.comPeace of Mind & Prosperity Program( © 2012 by Joan Sotkin