Critical evaluation 2


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Critical evaluation 2

  1. 1. DETAINEE 238<br />Critical Evaluation <br />Habiba Parvin 13A4<br />Candidate Number: 4871<br />Centre Number: 10508<br />
  2. 2. How effective is the main product<br />and ancillary texts?<br />DETAINEE 238 <br />
  3. 3. Posters: <br />Three products which we created were:<br />Poster<br />Radio Trailer<br />Film<br />All these three link together, as they all contain the same information. <br />These three all support one another as a lot of thought and consideration has been taken in account. <br />To make the poster powerful we included: the main actor and his two kids to advertise the film.<br />The reason for this was because it will give a visual sense of what the film is about without having to see the film. By being able to succeed on this, it will automatically target our audience. <br />DETAINEE 238 <br />
  4. 4. Colours:<br />It was crucial for us to keep the colours consistent throughout – reason for this was to make aware of the storyline.<br />The specific colours used were:<br />Black <br />Grey<br />White<br />Orange <br />We wanted to go for simple colours but also bold to represent the themes. This was important for us to define the colours to make close links. <br />We chose black and grey to show the sense of darkness around our main actor’s life and how he is trapped and empty. <br />The colour white represents his mixed emotions and how everything is now blank, as there is no hope. <br />The main colour which was used was orange and the reason for this was to make links with other detainees in Guantanamo Bay. This reflects real life situation, where these detainees are desperate for help. <br />DETAINEE 238 <br />
  5. 5. Putting the posters together:<br />To put the poster together, we put a variety of different images put together in a montage, which have been edited online on two different software’s called ‘Picasa 3’ and ‘Photo Filtre’.<br />The poster contains pictures of our main actors, the detainee and his two kids<br />Reason for this was because our film focuses on them throughout and we wanted the central focus to be also on them, to emphasise the link.<br />Just by looking at the poster the audience can make links, without having to hear the trailer of the film. <br />All three posters are similar to one another however they all convey different meanings.<br />We put up all three as we could not decide between the three as we thought they were all powerful in their own way. <br />We also asked for feedback from other groups and teachers and they have also suggested the same.<br />DETAINEE 238 <br />
  6. 6. First Poster:<br />This is the first poster which was created.<br />The poster contains a lot of images which have been put together in a montage sequence of the detainee.<br />It has a lot going on.<br />We thought this was powerful as it shows the detainee doing different actions.<br />By viewing the poster the audience can automatically distinguish the link. <br />DETAINEE 238 <br />
  7. 7. Second Poster:<br />This is the second poster which was created.<br /> It is similar to the First poster as it contains images of the detainee.<br />We also thought this one was powerful as mentioned in the pervious slide, you can see different positions of the detainee. <br />DETAINEE 238 <br />
  8. 8. Third Poster:<br />This is the third and the most powerful poster which has been created.<br /> The central focus is on the detainee and his two kids.<br />The poster is simple but conveys a lot of information<br />It leaves the audience with a rhetorical question – leaves them hanging.<br />DETAINEE 238 <br />
  9. 9. Radio Trailer:<br />To produce our trailer we have worked in a studio<br />We used many software’s in order to produce our trailer. The main software and hardware we used were:<br />Logic Pro<br />Microphone<br />iMovie was another software that was used – this was used to find and choose audio clips for our trailer.<br />Sounddog was a website which I used to find audio clips that were free and had no copyright issues.<br />We included a voice over in our trailer to create suspense and add realism as all trailers include voice overs.<br />We also included background music to help attract the audience more to draw their attention – this is effective as the music within itself conveys a lot of meaning and hidden messages. <br />DETAINEE 238 <br />
  10. 10. Overall all the ancillary texts and the main product are all effective<br />This is because they all convey powerful meaning and messages<br />They all help bring excitement and suspense by adding realism, to help attract the target audience.<br />DETAINEE 238 <br />