Hc clark resources gulf coast green 2010
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Hc clark resources gulf coast green 2010 Hc clark resources gulf coast green 2010 Document Transcript

  • H.C. Clark, April, 2010, Gulf Coast Green <br />hcclark@rice.edu<br />Resources<br />http://growingproduce.com/news Large scale vegetable growing.<br />http://www.growingformarket.com/ Small scale vegetable growing.<br />http://www.rodaleinstitute.org/ Original organic folks.<br />http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/commercial/ Texas mega-resource.<br />http://overton.tamu.edu/ Nearby A&M broad based experiment station. <br />http://animalscience.tamu.edu/ansc/BCSC/index.html Aggie cow college, an August tradition.<br />http://attra.ncat.org/ Sustainable agriculture ideas.<br />Creekstone Farms http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/24/dining/24beef.html<br />http://www.benwheelertx.com/ Ben Wheeler, a case study.<br />http://www.eco-ology.org/ Eco-ology, KPFT 90.1, Pat Greer, Cath Conlon, H.C. Clark<br />Local farms and enterprises: Blackwood, Gunderman, Animal, Reed, Hanka, Atkinson, Pat, <br />http://www.isacattleco.com/Beefmasters/nolanryan.html Branding example, Huntsville.<br />http://www.gotexanwine.org/findwinesandwineries/ Map of vineyard locations in Texas.<br />http://www.lowellfarms.com/ Organic rice, El Campo-read their story.<br />http://www.texasangus.com/findabull.html Example of " visit-able" ranches.<br />http://www.grist.org/article/2009-11-20-Whole-Foods-chicken-farms/ Portable processor.<br />http://www.grist.org/article/2010-03-26-silicon-valley-investorsvcs-ready-to-make-bets-on-sustainable-ag/ Grist, check out Tom Philpott here regularly.<br />sustainable.tamu.edu/slidesets/sustainable.ppt Marty Baker, retired, TAMU Overton<br />http://www.ipmcenters.org/cropprofiles/docs/txsweetpotatoes.html typical profile<br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfU_w03VeM8 BIG precision agriculture<br />http://www.grandin.com/design/design.html Temple Grandin, pen design—Take a look at her stuff in general, fascinating.<br />http://www.slowfood.com/ Folks who are thinking and talking about food.<br />http://cropmob.org/about Instant apprenticeship—there's one in Austin, and Houston has The Last Organic Outpost HYPERLINK " http://www.lastorganicoutpost.com/" http://www.lastorganicoutpost.com/ <br />http://www.responsibletechnology.org/utility/showArticle/?objectID=2626 non-gmo soybeans<br />http://www.polyfacefarms.com/ Joel Salatin, outspoken and interesting—Watch him in Food Inc.<br />http://www.stockmangrassfarmer.net/ Alan Nation and news of grassfed farming.<br />http://www.texasdancehall.org/ Example of " out of box" historic preservation idea.<br />http://www.hgac.com/community/waste/management/recycling/documents/organics_waste_best_management_practices_study.pdf Houston area study presentation—large scale food waste potential, Nature's Way, Living Earth<br />http://www.compostadvisorycouncil.com/camp.html Compost course including Texas regulations.<br />http://www.magicsoil.com/ Commercial compost discussion.<br />http://www.soil.ncsu.edu/publications/Soilfacts/AG-439-05/ Poultry manure [not compost] as fertilizer.<br />http://www.lib.utexas.edu/geo/maps.html Bureau of Economic Geology, geologic atlas for detailed maps.<br />http://www.twdb.state.tx.us/publications/publications.asp Texas Water Development Board-note groundwater resources by county list. Also, TWDB WIID is source of individual well information.<br />http://www.tnris.state.tx.us/datadownload/download.jsp Maps and air photo coverage.<br />Mapquest, USGS, Google Earth: Resources for maps, photos and data.<br />http://www.newseedadvisors.com/agenda/ Venture capital conference, Palo Alto.<br />http://earthsci.org/education/fieldsk/container/container.html A house, one example.<br />People: Jim Bundscho google homestead services, Jacquie Miller, Bayou City Farmers' Market farmers [see Urban Harvest Webpage], Pam Walker and Linda Walsh, Bill Adams<br />Tons of free farm trade journals. [Once your on, you couldn't unsubscribe if you tried!]<br />ATTRA = sustainable ag newsletter<br />Anything Michael Pollan writes<br />